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A message from your Class Reunion Campaign Committee. . . .

Many of you were able to make it back to Charleston for Homecoming 2010, where you watched seven classes celebrate the successes of having collectively raised $9.9 million!  The Class of 1960, who just celebrated their 50th Reunion, raised a total of $769,259.  Folks, our class is nearly one month away from celebrating our 50th reunion at Homecoming 2011—let’s blow the Class of 1960 out of the water!  As of 8/31/11, we have raised a little over $2 million, greatly surpassing our $1 million goal during our reunion campaign period of 2009-2011.  Approximately $325,085 has been raised toward our selected reunion projects.  As a reminder, the projects our class has chosen to support are:

  • Class of 1961 Scholarship With a goal of $350,000, this priority project will receive funding first in order to bring immediate life to the project and ensure fulfillment.  Preference will be given to genealogical descendents of the Class of 1961.

  • The Citadel Fund – The Citadel has an ongoing (and growing) need for unrestricted support.  Contributions to The Citadel Fund ensure immediate annual dollars available for use by The Citadel.  It is essential that every Class Reunion Campaign provide support to The Citadel Fund.

It is important that you review the Q&A guide for clear insight into the workings of the Class Reunion Campaign.  Any gift you make during our reunion campaign counting window will help our overall effort.  However, we ask that in addition to any annual support you already contribute to The Citadel; you will also consider the most meaningful way in which you can support our Class of 1961 Reunion Campaign.  If you haven’t been an annual contributor ~ now is the time to start giving back to our alma mater.  Our reunion year is the perfect time for the Class of 1961 to make a financial commitment to ensure our legacy at The Citadel.  If you have not yet had the opportunity to support our Class Reunion Campaign, please click here make your gift on our safe and secure giving website.  As state funding continues to drop, there has never been a better time to give back to our alma mater.  State support to The Citadel is projected to be just 8.5% of the school’s 2011-2012 operations budget.

If you have any questions about our Class Reunion Campaign, please contact Development Officer Elliott Cooper with The Citadel Foundation at 843-953-4961 or via e-mail at

We hope you will take part in this exciting opportunity to leave a class legacy at The Citadel.  Many thanks for your consideration and financial support of our Class Reunion Campaign.


Class of 1961 Reunion Committee

Herb Koger, Co-Chairman               Cantey Higdon, Co-Chairman
Dick Fulmer                                         Don Hawley
Billy Hughes                                        Jim Rembert
John Rivers



Class Reunion Campaign Results

As of August 31, 2011:

  • 48.28% class participation
  • $2 million raised overall
  • $325,085 raised toward class projects

Thank you for your continued support of our reunion fundraising and participation efforts. If you haven't done so yet, please take this opportunity to Donate Now!


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