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This portion of The Citadel Foundation's website will become a place for you to stay informed, keep in touch with your classmates, and hear more frequently from your Class Reunion Committee. 

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August 2014

Greetings Class of 1974, 

We are just three short months away from our 40th reunion at Homecoming 2014!  I hope to see all of you there – and you know we will have a time for the ages.  I’m going to have to workout during these three months so that I don’t get a white slip for “gross personal appearance.”

To date, we have raised $1,424,302 of our $3,000,000 goal during our campaign period of 2012-2014.  Of the  384 members of our class, 137 have contributed to our Class Reunion Campaign.  We will have an opportunity to recognize our most generous donors at the reunion.  I am confident that we will grow these numbers in the closing months of the campaign!  

The priority project that our Class Reunion Committee has chosen to support is The Citadel War Memorial Fund.  

  • Of our $500,000 goal, we have raised $243,944 thus far.  
  • The Citadel War Memorial will become a gathering place of honor and reverence on campus for visitors and alumni. All gifts designated to The War Memorial will channel 80% to The Citadel Fund and 20% to the Athletic Enhancement Fund.
  • These are the priorities of the college that were given to us – and that we wholeheartedly support.

A ‘Class of 1974’ wall engraving will be among the alumni class dedications on this new campus Memorial.  We have special reasons to be there for all time.

Classmates can also donate to “The Class of 1974 TCBF Memorial Scholarship” in honor of our class campaign. Award preference will be given to a cadet athlete who is a descendant of a member of the Class of 1974, if possible, or to a deserving athlete if a Class of 1974 descendant is not eligible.

We’re a little less than halfway there—we need another $256,056 given to the The Citadel War Memorial project to make it a reality.  I should remind you, a pledge made today can be paid in one lump sum or in installments through December 31st, 2017. I believe that each and every one of us can make a contribution at a level that is significant to them.  It may be $50 or it may be $50,000!  Citing the priority of our Class Reunion Co-Chairs, Oren Wood and Jim Roberts, we would like to see our current participation level of 37% rise to 100%, regardless of the contribution amount.   

Everybody needs to be a part of the success.  There is only one 40th Reunion!

To those of you who have already given—THANK YOU!  To those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to support our Class Reunion Campaign, there is still plenty of time.  Simply complete the enclosed contribution card or you can make your gift online through our safe and secure website here by October 31st, 2014.

If you have any questions about our Class Reunion Campaign, please contact or Josephine Rex with The Citadel Foundation at 843-953-6716 or via e-mail at

The Logistics of the 40th Reunion
So far, I have over 70 that have confirmed that they will be there for the 40th reunion.  We’ll likely have about 120 – if statistics hold true. 

Rod Moseley & I have put together a Commandant’s Cup Gathering.  The Holiday Inn Historic (on Meeting Street) sold out of rooms.  So, there is an overflow hotel – Hampton Inn Mt. Pleasant (843) 881-3300, that is giving us a special rate of $159/night.  Ask for the ‘Class of 1974’ rate. 

We will man a registration and reception room (Field Marshall Rick Kellahan and Crew] at the Holiday Inn for the weekend.  Be sure to check in before 6:00pm because Donna Kellahan is taking Rick to the StrayDog Jamboree at 6:30.  You’ll get your 40th Gift Bag, football tickets, and StrayDog Jamboree tickets.   If you haven’t experienced this live band, heavy hors d’ouevres, and free bar, it would be impossible to describe here. It is two blocks walking from the hotel, so many of you hooligans will not need a designated driver!  Our class will have a separate tent area with tables & chairs – a perfect setting to ‘catch up’ and unravel the portfolio of grandchildren. 

Saturday morning will feature an open barracks, Summerall Guard performance, and a special service by the most impressive assemblage of ministerial talent of any class that ever graduated from El Cid – all Reverends – Mike Chastain, Doc Mitchell, Greg Ericson, Skip Dusenbury and Greg Duncan.  We will honor all of our deceased classmates who meant so much to us.  This is the most meaningful event we will have all weekend.

Rod Moseley and Mac Jenkinson will have a buffet lunch and libations set up on the terrace at the stadium.  Our football tickets will be together below – so access during the game will also be unrestricted.  Mike Willis and Chip Dellinger have guaranteed the win for the new-look triple option Bulldogs.  Dinner on Saturday evening will be ‘lady’s choice.’   You just go where she tells you!  I would recommend ‘hooking up’ before the reunion with special classmates that you want to see and getting dinner reservations for the night of November 8th well in advance.  Surf the Internet for ‘Charleston SC Top Restaurants’ to find something memorable and tasty.  Even the four star places are spectacular.

Whatever your plans are for Sunday morning, we will have the Hospitality Room open until 12:00.   We will have a few treats for you there, as well.  It will be the ‘Sunday Sendoff,’ aspirin included.

Click here for the registration form. Please print and send by mail: 

1974 Citadel Reunion c/o Tommy McQueeney
1105 Mazy Lane
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

We hope to see many of you during Homecoming this year.  Again, many thanks for your consideration and financial support of our Class Reunion Campaign.


Tommy McQueeney

Thanks also from:

Jim Roberts Oren Wood 

Class Reunion Campaign Co-Chairman

Keith Coln Louie Costa
Billy Crowe Sandy Gibson
Rick Kellahan  Rod Moseley
Rod Moseley Rick Raybon
Charlie Perberdy Ralph Tice 

The Class of 1974 Reunion Campaign Committee


Class of 1974, 2014 Class Reunion Update

March 2012

Dear ’74 Classmates, this is not your standard request from The Citadel Foundation!

We are the Class that:

·         Saved the original “Big Red” our Regimental “dog”;

·         Bailed out our Furman Raiders (I’ve recently been told they made money on the deal so we expect greater contributions from them);

·         Originated 10,000 “war stories” for our children and grandchildren (when they’re old enough).

~ Now let’s be the Class that creates another legacy ~

We are less than 3 years away from our 40th class reunion. Over the last 37 years we have lost classmates to events beyond our control: our prayers are constantly with them and their families. We’ve also lost classmates due to events within our control. Let’s change that - life’s too short not to do so! Priority 1 is to get everyone together in 2014! Priority 2 is to consider “The Class of 1974 Reunion Campaign.” 

The Citadel Foundation is working hand-in-hand with each class to create a reunion model that competes with our peer schools and academies. Through this new tradition, known as Class Reunion Campaigns (CRC), those classes celebrating significant reunions will have an opportunity to rally together in support of The Citadel and its greatest needs. More importantly, the campaign offers us a vehicle to reach out to classmates and maintain some of the most formative and important relationships we have known.

A Campaign by definition means above and beyond annual giving. During this period, we will work together (Annual Giving Class Chairman, Tommy McQueeney; Class Reunion Campaign Chairman, Billy Crowe) in conjunction with the CRC committee to ensure you understand the difference between this special effort and annual giving:

·         If you make annual gifts to The Citadel, for example to The Citadel Fund, you should continue to do so. A campaign gift by definition is above and beyond annual giving. We do not want the areas on campus that depend on your generous donations to suffer due to this special effort and all gifts made by the class are counted towards the campaign goal.

·         Our campaign gift documentation period is from Jan. 1, 2012 to Dec. 31, 2014. More information about the goals and objectives of our Class of 1974 Reunion Campaign will be forthcoming. 

·         You can also keep up to date with our CRC efforts on our class page at

In the coming months, members of the CRC committee will be contacting you. Additionally, Development Officer Laura Faulders with The Citadel Foundation is available to assist you so please feel free to contact her directly at 843-953-6716, or via email at

Thank you in advance for considering ways to support our reunion campaign, and thus our Citadel. We look forward to seeing you in Charleston during Homecoming 2014 and at our 40th reunion.

Go Dogs!

Tommy McQueeney, Annual Giving Class Chairman

Bill Crowe, Class Reunion Campaign Chairman


Thank you for your continued support of our class' annual fundraising and participation efforts. If you haven't done so yet, please take this opportunity to Donate Now!


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