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December 2014

Greetings Classmates:

Homecoming 2014 has come and gone – only one year until our 40th Homecoming Reunion!  You will recall that the Class Reunion Campaign (CRC) Committee set an ambitious overall goal of $2 million which includes cash, pledges, stock transfers and planned gifts. Within this goal, the committee has chosen two important projects, which will honor the courage and sacrifice of the family of our classmate Duane Wittman, whose son, Aaron (Class of ’07) died heroically in Afghanistan:

  • The Class of ‘75/Aaron X. Wittman, ’07 Medal of Honor Recipient Speaker Series ($345,000)
  • The Citadel War Memorial, Sponsoring Class ($100,000)

Your generosity and support for this Campaign has been outstanding.  We are well on our way to meeting these goals.  Currently, we have over $1.2 million in the total donations and contributions.  Of that amount, $204,768 is in the form of cash contributions and will go directly to the $445,000 needed to fund our class projects.

But, with only one more year to go, we badly need help from more of our class.  The Class of ‘74 had a participation rate of over 47%.  Inexplicably, our class only has a participation rate of approximately 25%.  I say “inexplicably” because we all know how much more loyal, appreciative, intelligent, good looking, and in all ways superior the Class of ’75 is to the Class of ’74!

Won’t you please help The Citadel by making a generous donation or pledge before the end of the year? As the State of South Carolina continues to reduce support to all of its colleges and universities, The Citadel has never needed its loyal alumni more.

Direct contributions of cash, real estate, or stocks are, of course, most welcome.  The Citadel Foundation also has an array of flexible programs you can choose from to support The Citadel and the Class of ’75 Reunion Campaign.  For example: 

  • Donation of life insurance policies – one of our classmates has already converted a term policy to a $500,000 whole life policy with The Citadel as the beneficiary.  There are great tax advantages to this approach.
  • Will bequest – any amount specified in your Will for the benefit of The Citadel will count toward our class campaign goal.
  • Donations of IRA’s or 401K’s remainder interest – make The Citadel a beneficiary of some or all of the remainder interest in a retirement plan.
  • Pledges – the full amount of any pledge will be credited to the class campaign goal, even though you can take up to five (5) years to fulfill the pledge.

Please complete and return the enclosed contribution form with your gift or you can make your gift on our safe and secure website:

If you would like more information or if you have any questions about how you can contribute, please do not hesitate to contact any of the committee members below. You may also contact Veronica Vereen, Development Officer with The Citadel Foundation, who will be assisting the committee and our class fundraising efforts. Please contact her with any questions you have may have regarding our Class Reunion Campaign at:

The Citadel Foundation
ATTN: Veronica Vereen
171 Moultrie StreetCharleston, SC  29409
(843) 953-1861

Thank you, again, for your consideration.  I look forward to seeing you all at Homecoming 2015!  Go Dogs!

Dwight J. Davis
Class Reunion Campaign Chairman
(678) 516-3601

David Aughtry
Vice Chair

John Chase
Vice Chair
Fred Price
Vice Chair
Jim Curtis
1st Bn Representative
Henry Johnson
2nd Bn Representative
Johnny Cleveland
3rd Bn Representative
Burrow Hill
4th Bn Representative
Rick Crosby
Reunion Chair
David Phillips
D Company Representative






Class of 1975


March 2014

Dear Classmates,

It’s hard to believe we are less than two years away from our 40th class reunion.  To help celebrate this milestone reunion, The Citadel Foundation has asked our class to mount a Class of 1975 Reunion Campaign.  To organize the effort, the below signed have agreed to serve on the Reunion Campaign Committee.

As we prepare for our 40th reunion, it is important to recognize that The Citadel has experienced many successes and accomplishments over the years and continues to be recognized as a leader in education.  Enrollment in the Corps is at an all-time high. There are now 20 companies and over 2,200 Cadets!  It should not come as a surprise to you, however, that The Citadel is in an increasingly challenging financial situation. The State of South Carolina is experiencing budgetary pressures more extreme than many states, and financial support to The Citadel is being cut at an alarming rate.  State support to The Citadel covers 9% of the school’s 2013-2014 operations budget and the need for significant fundraising efforts has never been greater.

In addition, the Reunion Campaign will give us an opportunity to honor the family of one of our classmates who has already given more than any of us can ever imagine.  As you know, our classmate, Duane Wittman, lost his son, Aaron Wittman (Class of 2007) in combat in Afghanistan in 2012.  We will honor the Wittman family by dedicating the proceeds of our Reunion Campaign in a way which will be a lasting tribute to Aaron and the Wittman family.

After consultation with The Citadel Foundation and thorough consideration, the Committee has set the Class of 1975’s overall goal at $2 Million.  While ambitious, this goal is achievable if we all pitch in.  We have a total of two years to raise this money in cash, pledges and deferred gifts, ending in the year of our reunion. The Committee has selected two projects that the Reunion Campaign will fund including the Class of 1975/Aaron X. Wittman ’07 Medal of Honor Recipient Speaker Series and The Citadel War Memorial (detailed fund descriptions on back). These projects were selected based on our class interests and the overall development plan for The Citadel.  You can, however, direct your support to any fund or area on campus if these projects don’t coincide with your philanthropic interests as all charitable contributions to The Citadel will count towards the overall class gift.

A Campaign by definition means above and beyond annual giving.  It is most important during this class campaign to understand the difference between this special effort and annual giving. If you make annual gifts to The Citadel, for example to The Citadel Fund, you should continue to do so. We do not want the areas on campus that depend on your generous annual support to suffer due to this special effort.

Thank you in advance for considering ways to support our Reunion Campaign, and thus our Citadel.  Remember, it is not how much you give, but the fact that you choose to participate at the most meaningful level possible.  We look forward to seeing you in Charleston during Homecoming 2015 at our 40th reunion where our gifts will be honored all weekend.

Go Dogs!
Dwight J. Davis, Chair                   

Henry Johnson, 2nd Bn Representative
David Aughtry, Vice Chair         

Johnny Cleveland, 3rd Bn Representative
John Chase, Vice Chair                   

Burrow Hill, 4th Bn Representative
Fred Price, Vice Chair                   

Ricky Crosby, Reunion Chair
Jim Curtis, 1st Bn Representative

Fund Descriptions:

Class of 1975/Aaron X. Wittman ’07 Medal of Honor Recipient Speaker Series:  $345,000

The Class of 1975 will endow two annual visits by a Medal of Honor winner to meet with groups of cadets and lecture on the importance of leadership on the battlefield and in society in general.  The speaker series has already been in place for two years and is enormously popular in the Corps.  Our funding will ensure the program will continue in perpetuity and serve as a lasting tribute to the Wittman family.  A $345,000 endowment will provide $15,000 annually to cover the costs of the program.

Citadel War Memorial:  $100,000

Plans and funding are already in place to construct and erect a memorial, between Mark Clark Hall and the Chapel (in front of the Bell Tower), to all of The Citadel graduates who have given the supreme sacrifice for this country.  The Class of 1975 will be a sponsoring class of the memorial.  This donation has the added benefit that the entire donation will go into an unrestricted fund to be used for the greatest needs of the college.  Please visit for more information and short video explaining the history and vision of this campus wide project.

Important Notes:

•    Our campaign gift documentation period is from Jan. 1, 2013 to Dec. 31, 2015.  To date, the class has already raised over $800,000 in cash and deferred gifts (these gifts have not been directed to either project). The class has until 12/31/15 to make a pledge or gift. All pledges must be honored by 12/31/18.

•    Our campaign project goals total $445,000. The overall campaign goal is $2 million. The $1.55 million portion of this goal accounts for annual and deferred gifts.

•    Development Officer Veronica Vereen with The Citadel Foundation is available to assist and explain a variety of creative ways you can contribute so please feel free to contact her directly at 843-953-1861, or via email at


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