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November 2013

 Dear Classmates:

On behalf of our Class of 1978 Reunion Campaign Committee, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support of The Citadel.  It was wonderful seeing so many of our classmates back on campus for our 35th reunion. It is only with the support and dedication of alumni and friends that the college continues to excel as a distinguished institution.

It is important to recognize that The Citadel has experienced many successes and accomplishments over the years and continues to be recognized as a leader in education.  However, it should not come as a surprise to you that The Citadel is in an increasingly challenging financial situation. State support to The Citadel is projected to be 9% of the school’s 2013-2014 operations budget and the need for significant fundraising efforts has been recognized as these issues in funding continue. Now it is our time to step forward on behalf of the institution that helped build our character and our values. This is why we have established “The Class of 1978 Reunion Campaign.”

The Citadel Foundation is working hand-in-hand with each class to create a reunion model that competes with our peer schools and academies.  Through this new tradition, known as Class Reunion Campaigns (CRC), those classes celebrating significant reunions will have an opportunity to rally together in support of The Citadel and its greatest needs.  More importantly, the campaign offers us a vehicle to reach out to classmates and maintain some of the most formative and important relationships we have known. A fundraising campaign by definition means above and beyond annual support. During this period, our Annual Giving Class Chairman, Buddy Brand will work closely with the Class Reunion Campaign Chairman, Chip Seignious and the CRC volunteers (listed on back).

After thorough consideration, the Class of 1978’s overall goal will be $1,750,000 (including deferred or planned gifts).  The class has through our 40th reunion to meet this goal and we have already been raising money through the silent phase of this campaign.  So far, donations total $250,000!  Going forward, the project funds listed on the back will be our areas of focus and support during our Reunion Campaign.  These projects were selected based on our class’s interests and The Citadel’s greatest needs.  However, you can direct your support to any fund or area on campus if these projects don’t coincide with your philanthropic interests as all gifts count towards the overall goal. If you haven’t been an annual contributor ~ now is the time to start giving back to our alma mater.  Our reunion is the perfect time for the Class of 1978 to make a financial commitment to ensure our legacy at The Citadel.

In the coming months, a Reunion Campaign Volunteer will be contacting you to ask for your consideration to make an outright gift, a pledge, and/or a planned gift to meet the goals of our Class Reunion Campaign.  The committee will be assisted by TCF Contact, Laura Jordan with The Citadel Foundation.  Please contact her with any questions you may have regarding our Class Reunion Campaign at 843-953-9078 or via e-mail at Many thanks for your consideration and financial support of The Citadel.



George M. Seignious III, 40th Reunion Campaign Chairman
T Company Representative

Class of 1978 Reunion Campaign Volunteers

Buddy Black – K Company Representative

Buddy Brand – TCF Class Chairman and T Company Representative

Don Campbell

Lewis Cauthen – A Company Representative

Joe Detyens – N Company Representative

John Dunham – O Company Representative

Ronnie Easterby – G Company Representative

Craig English – H Company Representative

John Falkenbury – M Company Representative

Chris Hingle – B Company Representative

Patrick Johnson

Dan Kohl

Bill Lehew – R Company Representative

Lloyd Mahaffey

Ritchie McQueeney – E Company Representative

Leon Melissas – Band Company Representative

Tom O’Brien – R Company Representative

Steve Peper

Marty Potash – H Company Representative

Bill Stafford

Bill Thomas – D Company Representative

Bob Tillman – F Company Representative

Ed Ward – Band Company Representative

C – Vacant (contact Chip to help)

I – Vacant (contact Chip to help)

L - Vacant (contact Chip to help)

Reunion Fund Descriptions


The Class of 1978 Scholarship: Goal of $400,000 (w/in overall goal)


  • Recipients must be prospective upper-class students who demonstrate the qualities of leadership, academic achievement, self-discipline and service. Sons/Daughters as well as grandsons/granddaughters of members of the Class of 1978 who meet the selection criteria will receive preference.
  • $100,000 has already been raised for this scholarship, so an additional $400,000 will provide the full cost of tuition for a deserving cadet. 


The Class of 1978 Memorial Scholarship: Goal of $350,000 (w/in overall goal)


  • The purpose of this endowed athletic scholarship is to provide a scholarship to a student who has demonstrated the qualities of leadership, academic, achievement, self-discipline and service qualities that will enable him/her to excel in The Citadel’s unique military environment.  Descendents of members of the Class of 1978 who meet the selection criteria will receive preference when the scholarship is awarded.  Students who are recipients one year are eligible for consideration in any other year; however, they must again comply with the selection criteria.
  • $50,000 has already been raised for this scholarship, so an additional $350,000 will provide the full cost of tuition for a deserving cadet-athlete.


Important Items of note:


  • If you make annual gifts to The Citadel, for example to The Citadel Fund, you should continue to do so. A campaign gift by definition is above and beyond annual giving. We do not want the areas on campus that depend on your generous donations to suffer due to this special effort. All gifts made by the class are counted towards the overall $1.75M campaign goal.
  • The combined project goal of $750,000 is absorbed into the $1.75M overall goal. The additional $1,000,000 of the overall goal is to account for annual gifts directed to other campus funds and deferred gifts.
  • All gifts between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2018 are counted towards the overall goal. The class has until 12/31/18 to make a gift. All pledges must be honored by 12/31/18.
  • The above referenced projects require cash and pledges and cannot be fulfilled with planned or deferred gifts. Planned gifts do count towards the overall $1.75M goal.


Class of 1978, 2014 Annual Giving Update

As of May 31st:

  • 23.08% class participation
  • $519,210.00 funds raised

Thank you for your continued support of our class' annual fundraising and participation efforts. If you haven't done so yet, please take this opportunity to Donate Now!


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