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A message for Foundation Class Co-Chairs Will Culbreath and Eric Wooten:

Thank you for your continued generous support of The Citadel.  In 2015, our class donated $113,586.92 from 118 donors.  In addition, some of our classmates made very generous gifts through the use of planned giving by remembering The Citadel in their estate planning.  Your gifts make it possible for The Citadel to continue to develop principled leaders prepared to serve and lead.

In recognition of our upcoming 175th anniversary, The Citadel recently announced the Foundation for Leadership campaign with the goal of raising $175 million by the end of 2018.  Through your generosity, we are well on our way to achieving this milestone well before the deadline!  Click on the following link to watch the campaign video!

During our last Reunion we established a Class Athletic Scholarship.  While we should be proud of our accomplishment, we now need to work towards fully endowing the scholarship.  Earnings on this fund are restricted to only fund scholarships.  The money can not be used to pay other athletic cost such as equipment or salaries.  If you would like to help, click on the following link at 


Thanks for your help!!

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Also, visit our class web site at  That site gets updated regularly as classmates send in their news and pictures.  "Old Corps" pictures are awesome!  Look through that old shoebox, scan in your pictures and send 'em in.  Any commentary is always welcome so Woot doesn't have as much stuff to make up!!!  We have a tab for each company that has sent something in.

Just email you stuff to Woot and he'll post it!


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