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Spring 2013


Dear 99 Classmates,


I hope this letter finds you doing well and enjoying this wonderful spring season!  The Citadel just finished celebrating its 170thbirthday with Corps Day weekend this past month and for the sixth year in a row, our freshman class surpassed 700 students with 779 reporting this past August, however, with this great news, our state funding is down to 8.8% of The Citadel’s operating budget.  This equates to the state appropriations only covering us for 33 days, just over one month of the fiscal year.  With these challenges, The Citadel continues to excel by posting the highest 4-year graduation rate in South Carolina, with 60%.


Classmates, we have made huge strides with the percentage of classmates giving back to our beloved institution with 6.71% in 2010 to 11.08% in 2011, however, in 2012, we went backwards to post a 9.44%, we should all be quite embarrassed by this percentage of giving, this was the lowest of any class in the decade of the 90s and the Class of 2000 and 2001 both posted percentage amounts of over 22%!


We had great success with 37 of our classmates who raised over $10,000 to reach our 2011 goal to fund the Radio Booth at Johnson Hagood Stadium.  Now it is time to rally our classmates and set our goal on our 2013 Class Project which is to raise $15,000 towards the Krause Center for Leadership and Ethics, which is being led by Col. Joe Trez.  The mission of this center is to coordinate, promote, and enhance the development of curricular and co-curricular programs in leadership and ethics that support The Citadel’s vision to lead in the development of principled leaders.  We feel that this is the core foundation of what The Citadel is founded on and hope you feel the same way and make a contribution towards our class project.  You can read more about the Krause Center at,


It is very easy to set this up and it can be completed online

You can also contact Lori Tuttle, Director of Annual Giving, at (843) 953-6079 or to help you set up your gift.


Also, while you’re online, make sure that you visit our class website at  If you would like to view your personal giving history or be able to update your contact information with The Citadel, this link is an easy way to do that, and since The Citadel Foundation’s database is shared with the Alumni Association and The Brigadier Foundation, you are automatically updated in their systems as well.  You can also view the Class of 1999 2013 Donor Honor Roll at,


Finally, I’d like to remind you with a few quotes from some of our classmates on “Why they give back to The Citadel.”  This was published in our Spring Letter last year, however, I thought it was appropriate to include again in this letter.


“While we all took different things from our Citadel experience, there is one common theme – we got a great education that has enabled us to start families and careers, giving back to the school will help continue that tradition.”               

 Mike Wyman


“I owe this school for the business clients I currently have and will have in the future ALL because I finished this school.”                

Chandler Griffith


“When people ask me if I would send my boys to El Cid, the answer is a resounding yes. Not as much for the education, but for the people I’ve met, the friends we have made, the unique experiences we have shared.”
Brien Dubois


“For me, it’s pretty simple, I learned more about “real life” than any of my peers that went to other schools.  Sure, things change, but the basic tenets of a Citadel education are timeless.  A small gift has a huge impact on preserving those ideals for those who come after us.”

Reed Wilson


“I think it is important to give back to The Citadel, so that the school can continue to grow its initiatives.”

Billy McQueeney


“For less than the cost of two Chick Fil A meals at the canteen per month you can ensure future generations of leaders at The Citadel will continue having a greater impact on our country than graduates of most other schools combined.”

David Black


“I found The Citadel through football and my life changed forever, so I personally donate as much as possible to the Brigadier Foundation.”

Deren Wilcox


“I want to be able to give back to The Citadel to make my husband proud. Giving back will allow the opportunity for other men and women to become disciplined, successful, and respectful adults that this world needs. The Citadel is a place my husband loved and adored and I want my son to have the same love and affection.”

Meredith Stading, wife of our deceased classmate, Mark Stading


Thank you in advance for your consideration, generosity, and continued commitment to The Citadel.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me at (843) 442-1559 or or Sam Cullum at (843) 532-8481 or




Will Jenkinson

Co-Class Chairman, Class of 1999

Class of 1999, 2012 Annual Giving Update

As of December 31, 2012

  • 9.44% class participation
  • $9,675.69 funds raised in cash

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