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Members of the Class of 2003: 

Our 10th Year Reunion was a resounding success. Thank you for coming home, sharing a weekend and your families with all of us.

And special thanks are due to those generous classmates that helped to make The Class of 2003 the largest-donating 10th Year Reunion Class ever. With your support, over $174,005.06 was given to The Class of 2003 Scholarship campaign, The Citadel War Memorial, and The Citadel Foundation (and many more campus-based organizations).


For more regular updates over the next several years, please see the official class website

The Reunion Campaign may be over, but we are continuing our efforts to donate $100,000 to the Citadel War Memorial as a class. As of January 2014, we are still $62,422.35 shy of this goal.

For more information please see The Citadel War Memorial page. 






>>Company Reps<<


A- Will Murray

B- Talmadge Pinson

C- Steve Maloney

D- Robbie Raybon

E- Brent Meyers

F- TJ McDonald

G- Dave Hebert

H- Nick Sinclair

Band- Matt Seel

I- Dwight Cathcart

K- Dan Brown

L- Bill Casey and Terrence McIntyre

M- Brad Sines

N- Randy Wolfe

O- Rutledge Vaughan

R- Rob Wilson and John Alexander

T- Kevin Olecki

PB- Frank Llaneza