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A word from your CGC Chairman...

My name is Gary Leonard and I'm your new Graduate College Classmate Chairman. Not only am I new to this role but I'm the first one. I'm sure you are wondering what my responsibilities are and why would anyone accept this volunteer task.

As your chairman, I will provide information to you about events and activities regarding The Citadel,The Citadel Graduate College and The Citadel Foundation. I will answer your questions or find out from staff the appropriate response. It is my intent to update you on what is happening with fellow classmates. Like myself, you have seen the importance and value in giving back monetarily to The Citadel Foundation. I can help you in directing your dollars to support your intent. While this is a summary of my tasks, I believe my major goal is to harness the power of you and our classmates to insure the quality of graduate programs at The Citadel in the future.

I accepted this position for many reasons but there were three that were my call to action. My advanced degrees from The Citadel prepared me to be successful in my positions of educational leadership. Secondly, The Citadel has changed in how it has valued the graduate student, The Citadel Graduate College and its advanced degree programs and certificates. This change has been continuous and positive in my experiences as a graduate student, adjunct professor and committee member for dean searches, accreditation, and strategic planning. Just look at the items that are related to graduate programs in The Citadel's 2009-2012 Strategic Plan. My last reason is that no other college or university has had or will have more impact on the future of the Low Country than the graduate programs at The Citadel. They will provide the home grown principled leaders of tomorrow.

As the need arises, please feel free to call me at 843-571-3949 or send me an email at I look forward to working with you in the future.


Gary O. Leonard, Ed.D

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