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Citadel alumni have served in every national conflict since the Mexican War, and to date many have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country. To the Citadel patriot dead who have immortalized their alma mater’s core values by performing their DUTY, serving with HONOR, and sacrificing their lives, we owe our eternal RESPECT.  
In recognition of its 50th reunion and in collaboration with The Citadel’s administration and The Citadel Foundation, The Citadel Class of 1967 has envisioned and provided funding for the construction and maintenance of a memorial to honor these fallen heroes.     


Fittingly situated in front of the Thomas D. Howie Memorial Bell Tower and Columbarium, and adjacent to Summerall Chapel and General Mark W. Clark’s gravesite, The Citadel War Memorial will offer a solemn gathering place for students, alumni, and visitors to honor and pay respect to Citadel lives sacrificed.

The design concept calls for wrought iron gates leading visitors to an interior courtyard, where black granite walls bear contextual descriptions of The Citadel’s involvement in wars and conflicts since 1846.  Names of The Citadel fallen will be etched under each conflict as appropriate.  Flagpoles bearing the colors of the United States, the State of South Carolina, and The Citadel standard, are front and center.   Other features include benches for quiet contemplation, subdued yet beautiful landscaping, and vistas of other iconic Citadel structures, inspiring remembrance, reverence, and reflection.

The Citadel War Memorial will become a gathering place of honor and reverence on campus for visitors and alumni.

What You Can Do

The construction and dedication of the War Memorial are planned to coincide with The Citadel’s 175th Anniversary in2017.  The five-year fundraising drive is being coordinated to coincide with the Class of 1967’s 45th and 50th reunions.

Now is the time to ensure this memorial becomes a reality to appropriately honor those Citadel alumni who paid the ultimate price in defense of our nation.

As a member of the Class of 1967, and in honor of the 10 classmates we lost in Vietnam, you are asked to consider making a major commitment to this project. The class fundraising goal for this project is $1 million. We are well on our way toward reaching this goal, but we will need all of our classmates to step up and participate in this worthy endeavor.

We can all give some to honor those who gave all.


Memorial inscription crafted by Class of 1967 members Mr. John C. Warley, Jr.

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