The Citadel Legacy Society

Bequests and Other Planned Gifts

Citadel Legacy Society
The Citadel Legacy Society recognizes alumni and friends who support The Citadel with planned gifts such as will bequests, charitable giving  annuities, and other estate gifts. Through their generosity and foresight, Legacy donors help to secure the future of the institution through a variety of estate planning tools. The Citadel Legacy Society is open to individuals who have included The Citadel in their estate planning and who provide the college with documentation of their gift.

The Citadel Legacy Society
Results: (1 - 50) of 357
Primary AddresseeClass ofCadet Co
CAPT and Mrs. Tony L. Albano1979Band Company
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alessandro1968F Company
LTC and Mrs. James M. Allen1969L Company
Lt Col and Mrs. William H. Allen, Jr.1970N Company
Mrs. Dana Alton Krow
Mr. Wesley H. Amick2000T Company
Mr. and Mrs. H. Walter Anderson1961N Company
Mrs. Martha M. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Aughtry1975B Company
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Aughtry, III1971G Company
Rev. and Mrs. David L. Austell19721st BN. Staff
Dr. H. Phillip Bacon1944B Company
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah M. Bacon, III1968M Company
Col. Anthony L. Baggiano and Dr. Faye S. Baggiano1961F Company
MG and Mrs. Arthur H. Baiden, III1962O Company
Mrs. Katherine R. Baker
Mr. E. Todd Barker1983N Company
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Barry, Jr.1969L Company
Dr. Barry G. Bartow1963E Company
Reverend and Mrs. Robert D. Bates, Jr.1989I Company
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald V. Baysden1971T Company
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Bearden, III1965M Company
Mr. and Mrs. M. Reid Beebe, III1989N Company
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Bell1971L Company
Mr. Gustavous H. Bell, III1959T Company
Mrs. Jaclyn S. Berlinsky1977
LTC and Mrs. David P. Beshlin1982O Company
Mr. and Mrs. L. Dean Best1993L Company
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Bienstock1948A Company
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Black, Jr.1953Band Company
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Blackmon1970O Company
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Blakely, Jr.1964Band Company
LTC and Mrs. Wesley K. Blanchard, VI1955Band Company
Dr. Ralph N. Bloch, M.D.1951M Company
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Booth, Jr.1973A Company
Dr. Marion Sutherland Boss
Mrs. Grace D. Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Bradshaw1972O Company
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Brandes1981G Company
Mr. and Mrs. Dalton K. Brasington, Jr.1962O Company
LTC and Mrs. Albert G. Brauer, II1972A Company
Dr. and Mrs. Wallace W. Brawley, Jr.1962F Company
Dr. and Mrs. Edward W. Bray, III1965A Company
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Brevard1990T Company
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Brines1962A Company
Mr. and Mrs. T. Furman Brodie, II1969C Company
Judge and Mrs. Brooke1953I Company
Dr. Carroll S. Brown1964A Company
Dr. and Mrs. George R. Bruce1962T Company
Mrs. Diane A. Bruton
Results: (1 - 50) of 357