Class Reunion Campaigns

Reunion Campaign History
Beginning in 2008, Citadel classes celebrating special designated reunions have been invited to take part in an elevated class fundraising effort known as the "Citadel Class Reunion Campaign."

The need for significant reunion fundraising efforts, similar to those found at other schools with passionate alumni bases, had been recognized as The Citadel Foundation investigated best practices and models in higher education. Meanwhile, two Citadel classes (1973 and 1968) stepped up with a desire to make a large impact in their 35th and 40th reunion years. Each class chose to take on a first-ever goal by aiming for a $1 Million reunion gift.

At Homecoming 2008, both classes took the field to present giant checks to Citadel President General John W. Rosa, each in the sum of over $1.3 Million. A total of $3.5 Million in reunion giving was presented at Homecoming 2008 from the classes of 1958, 1968, 1973, 1978, and 1988.

The Road Ahead
Going forward, TCF will work with classes in the 10th, 25th, 40th, and 50thclass reunion cycles to develop elevated Class Reunion Campaigns. These special class efforts pertain only to the fundraising element of class reunions; of course, our Citadel alumni will continue to celebrate class reunions every five years, as is the tradition of Citadel Homecoming.

The strong class loyalty of Citadel alumni lends itself to successful class reunion fundraising. By offering each class an opportunity to leave a legacy and make a significant impact upon the future of our Citadel, we also achieve success in funding many of the school’s top priorities and specific needs.

The New Landscape

The Citadel has long enjoyed the generous support of the state of South Carolina. However, in today’s economic climate, state appropriations are quickly drying up. Student fees and state funding are simply not enough to sustain the proud traditions and future promise of the college. That’s where you come in. Alumni support has never been more crucial to the survival and continued success of The Citadel.

In recent years, approximately one-fifth of the college’s annual operating budget has come from current gifts and income from previously endowed contributions. State funds, in comparison, represented approximately the same amount, or only 18.5% in Fiscal Year 2008, and have since been reduced to nearly half that amount. In stark contrast, just fifteen years ago The Citadel was able to count on state appropriations to fund approximately 40% of the college’s annual operating budget. Clearly, the landscape of funding higher education has changed dramatically.

To maintain our existing programs and enhance The Citadel experience for future cadets, the Long Gray Line must step forward to fill this gap. Citadel alumni are loyal to the core, and eternally loyal to the Corps. Currently, however, fewer than 35% of Corps alumni act on their Citadel pride by making an annual gift to the college. Your reunion year is the perfect time to join your classmates in solidarity and support of The Citadel.

As you prepare to march through these gates, step back onto campus, and stand proudly as a Class to present a check at Homecoming, you have the opportunity to play a profound role in the college’s future. Regardless of the amount of your financial support, your simple participation in your class’s effort will advance the forward march of progress on The Citadel campus.

Will you stand in line with your classmates for this important formation?

How to Participate
 1)  Plan to participate in your Class Reunion in a meaningful way. This includes both participation during the reunion weekend (Homecoming) and by contributing to the Class Reunion Campaign. All gifts count, and your gift will both aid in the overall effort and add to the percentage of participation.
2)  Communicate with your family, your financial advisor, and your class reunion committee in an effort to make the right contribution for you.
3)  Contact your Reunion Gift Chairman or a committee member (or Citadel Foundation staff member) for answers to any of your questions.
4)  Spread the word! Talk up the reunion effort to any classmates you encounter and challenge their participation.

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Thank you!

Your Reunion Committee and The Citadel Foundation thank you for your support. We look forward to welcoming you back to campus for your reunion and celebrating your campaign’s success!

The Citadel Class of 1955
The Citadel Class of 1955