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A message from your Class Reunion Campaign Committee. . . .

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 48 years since we put on our Citadel uniforms for the last time, crossed the stage and shook General Clark’s hand, and then received our coveted diplomas. In a little over a year from now, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of that incredible milestone in our lives and careers. 

At our 45th Class Reunion in 2007, those of us in attendance held an informal meeting to discuss how we might commemorate the 50th anniversary of our graduation. Subsequent to this meeting, The Citadel Foundation (TCF) initiated the Class Reunion Campaign (CRC) program, which is an elevated class fundraising effort for classes celebrating designated reunions (see Reunion Q&A Guide for more information).

Over the past year, several noteworthy things have taken place:

1.)       We have set a monetary goal for the campaign - $3 million. Our class has already raised over $1.7 million in cash, pledges, and planned gifts!!

2.)       Our class has become better organized to facilitate the “hands on” aspects of this campaign. We have formed a CRC Committee complete with Battalion and Company Representatives. The Company Representatives provide the critical one-on-one link between the Committee and the approximate 300 surviving members and widows of the Class of 1962.

3.)       The Committee has chosen the following to be our areas of focus and support during our Reunion Campaign:

·        Class of 1962 Plaza at Johnson-Hagood Stadium – This highly-visible naming opportunity will honor the Class of 1962 and allow The Citadel to fund its top priorites as determined by General Rosa (goal of $1.5 million).

·        The Citadel Fund General Rosa has stressed the need for “unrestricted” funds to be available for critical needs and projects.  South Carolina, like most states, is experiencing extreme budget pressures, and financial support to institutions of higher learning, including The Citadel, is being cut at an alarming rate. This 2011-2012 academic year, state support will account for just 8.5% of the school’s operating budget. For this reason, The Citadel must look to its alumni and friends as never before if the college is to continue as a distinguished academic institution. Therefore, all funds raised above and beyond the costs of our naming opportunity will be directed toward The Citadel Fund.

Many of you have supported other Citadel projects and activities in the past. We encourage you to continue to support these projects as you regularly do, as all such contributions will still count toward our overall Class Reunion Campaign goal. However, in addition to the support that you already provide, we would like for you to consider giving above and beyond what you normally give with a contribution to the Class of 1962 Project Fund. As our late classmate, Art Salerno, said so succinctly, “Now’s the time to step up and return something to The Citadel.” Whether you have been a regular supporter or not, now is the time to start giving back to our alma mater. 

In the coming months, your Cadet Company Representative will be contacting you.  He has become familiar with the needs and financial pressures at The Citadel, he is convinced that our class can make a difference in how the future needs of the Corps of Cadets are met, and he is anxious to share with you the opportunity to participate in this campaign. In addition, The Citadel Foundation Development Officer Jessica King-Bernard (843-953-5389 or is available to assist you so please feel free to contact her directly.

We thank you in advance for your consideration and support of the Class of 1962 Reunion Campaign.


David Anderson & Jon Shebel

Reunion Committee Members:

Art Baiden                 Earl Seay
Buddy Register        Bill Skilton
Joe Sanders             Benny Varn

1st Battalion - Joe Sanders (C)


3rd Battalion - Earl Seay (K)

A Co - William Schupp


I Co - Joe Piper

B Co - Calvin Clay


K Co - Harlee Pearce

C Co - Cal Cunningham


L Co - David Maxwell

D Co - Buddy Register


M Co - Jimmy Haddle




2nd Battalion


4th Battalion - Benny Varn (O)

E Co - Jim Pocsik


N Co - Bobby Crouch

E Co - Brad Snyder


O Co - Art Baiden

F Co - Skipper Brawley


O Co - Roy Collar

F Co - Chris Vaughan


R Co - Warren Jennings

G Co - Tim Meyer


T Co - Craig Musick

H Co - Joe Clary



Band Co - John Warlick






Class of 1962 Reunion Fundraising Update

As of July 31, 2011:

  • 39.66% class participation
  • $1.7 million raised toward overall goal ($3 million)
  • $763,029 raised toward project goal ($1.5 million)


Class of 1962 Reunion Fundraising Update

As of July 31, 2011:

  • 39.66% class participation
  • $1.7 million raised toward overall goal ($3 million)
  • $763,029 raised toward project goal ($1.5 million)



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