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The Class of 1963 has officially entered our 50th Class Reunion Campaign (CRC) for The Citadel!

By now, you’ve either witnessed or heard about the check presentations that take place on the football field during halftime of the Homecoming football game. If you have no clue what I’m referring to, this incredible event is the result of several classes stepping up to raise a considerable amount of money for The Citadel during a major milestone reunion.This is a highly publicized event that has received national recognition, and now it's our time to shine. This is our opportunity to leave a legacy at The Citadel. 

A huge THANK YOU to our classmates who are volunteering their time for this very important effort:

Eli Wishart, CRC Class Chairman

Committee: Terry Ahearn (Annual Giving Class Chairman), Rod Clark, Ross Cowan, Fred Ducker, Bill Hartzog, Ben Hill, Ed Newton and Mackay Salley

Company Represenatives: Earle Mauldin (A), Ward Britt (B), Mackay Salley (Band), Rodger Tarr (C), Frank Wade (D), Rod Clark (E), Joe Turbeville (F), Don Crysler (G), Tony Kyzer (H), vacant (I), John Bacot (K), Joe Bowers (L), Bill Sickels (M), Julian Stoudemire and Ed Gould (N), Dick Oesterling (O), Clyde Marsh and Max Westmoreland (R) and Charlie Brendle (T)


Class of 1963’s 50th Reunion Campaign Overview


Overall Goal: $2,000,000


The Class of 1963 50th Reunion Funds


The Senior Leadership Integration Experience – with a cash goal of $1,250,000, from which earnings will support the program, this primary project to be named for our class is a professional development experience during which cadets reflect upon the value of their moral character and the leadership lessons learned at The Citadel.  Further, cadets engage with facilitators to discuss how they will apply their learning toward being effective principled leaders as they transition to the next phase of their lives.  Finally, cadets consider their duty as Citadel representatives to leave positive legacies wherever they serve in the future.  Written reflections produced during the seminar become part of each cadet’s eLeadership Portfolio and a personal vision statement is collected and held for redistribution to each cadet one year after graduation.  Completion of this programis a graduation requirement.

Gay and Bill Krause ’63, with the Krause Foundation, have generously agreed to offer a $500,000 challenge grant for the Class of 1963 in support of the 50th Class Reunion Campaign to endow the Senior Leadership Integration Experience.

The Krause Challenge Grant: If the Class of 1963 raises $750,000 directed to the Senior Leadership Integration Experience in return the Krause Foundation will directly contribute    $500,000, equaling a $1.25 million program endowment.

  • All cash gifts and pledges directed to support the Senior Leadership Integration Experience beginning January 1, 2011 and ending December 31, 2013 are eligible for the challenge. You have through December 31, 2016 to honor all pledges.
  • Gifts can be made in the form of cash, check, credit/debit cards, recurring gifts, stock gifts and pledges.

 The Summerall Chapel Organ Restoration – the goal of $350,000 is to start the rebuilding of the original pipe organ which our class heard when we went to chapel services. The pipe organ has not been playable for over 25 years. The present organ is an electronic organ that has been used, and needs to be replaced. Our class project will start the rebuilding process with the building of the organ cabinet. This is the first part of rebuilding the pipe organ. The cabinet will have all of the registers and stops built in for future installation of pipes. There is interest in rebuilding the pipe organ, but is difficult to raise funds for until this basic function is accomplished. Our class could make major headway for this project and as a result affect everyday cadet life.

The Citadel Fund - The Citadel has an ongoing (and growing) need for unrestricted support.  Contributions to The Citadel Fund ensure immediate annual dollars available for use by The Citadel.


  • Qualifying Gifts
    -          Cash
    -          Pledges
    -          Stock
    -          Real Estate,
    -          Deferred/Planned gifts
  • All gifts made to The Citadel Foundation, The Citadel Brigadier Foundation, or The Citadel Alumni Association from classmates during the campaign period will count as total dollars raised during the CRC for representation on the class check presented during Homecoming

  • Only gifts designated to the “Class of 1963 50th Reunion Fund” will count toward the designated $1,350,000 project goals. HOWEVER a donor can direct his/her support to any fund or area on campus if the projects don’t coincide with the donor’s interests and that gift will still be counted towards the $2M goal.

  • Planned/Deferred gifts do count toward the classes overall goal, but do not count toward either project goal as they require cash and pledges.

  • Gifts made via alumni, widows, and matching company contributions count.

  • To make your gifts online:
  • Development Officer Laura Jordan with The Citadel Foundation is available to assist you so please feel free to contact her directly at 843-953-9078 or via email at



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Overall Goal:

Interim Goals:

August 2012          $750,000
November 2012    $1,000,000
  (1 year to Reunion)
January 2013        $1,250,000
August 2013          $1,750,000
  (3 months to Reunion)
November 2013    $2,000,000
  (50th Reunion)