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Welcome to the Class of 1964 Homepage!

 Eason Chapman here.  I am your new class rep and look forward to keeping you informed on what’s going on at our school. I follow Buzz Marxen and Bruce Thackston who did a great job during their tenure. Looking back, we have done a lot for the school to be proud of.

1.    We raised $750,000 of fund the new digital scoreboard at McAlister Field House.

2.   Our class raised $5,000,000 as our 50th reunion gift to the school. Our budget was $2,000,000 and thanks to all who helped us more than double it.

3.   Our Class Scholarship to help financially strapped keeps growing and helping many cadets.  This fund stands at $700,000 and we have given 19 cadets so far $70,000.  Our goal is to get it to $1,000,000 before we all expire.  Thanks to Ed Stone for getting this all started…..what a great gift that will keep on giving forever!

We, in Charleston, have become very sociable.  The guys have lunch the 1st Thursday of every month, the ladies meet the 1st Wednesday for lunch, and couples have dinner the 3rd Thursday.  This is year around and you are invited to join us the next time you are in Charleston. Call Bruce Thackson(843-469-6189) or me(843-260-3050) if you can join us. We also Tailgate behind Alumni Hall at all home football games.  Sam Robinson dues a great job and all we ask is that you bring a dish of food….like a covered dish supper.  Wine and liquid refreshments are provided.  Some of us watch the games live in Alumni Hall, just a few steps away from our tailgate….Come join us!

Lots going on at our school.  Good News………..President John Rosa will be our leader until 2018.  The Board of Visiters extended his contract for 2 more years.

I am working on our class roster and need your help to keep it current.  If you have a change of address or phone number please send if to me…  I plan to send out a current class roster.  Please look it over.  We still have many missing classmates we’re looking for.  Help if you can.

Class of 64 Forever,


Check back for future announcement