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Beginning January 1, 2014, The Class of 1966 entered their Class Reunion Campaign (CRC). The purpose of the CRC Program is to fulfill an immediate need on campus while increasing class participation.  This is encouraged by setting an overall goal that will count all gifts made by members of the Class of 1966  and by picking a project that will inspire alumni support while meeting the strategic needs of The Citadel.

This portion of The Citadel Foundation's website is specifically for the Class of 1966 and will become a place for you to stay informed, keep in touch with your classmates, and hear more frequently from your Class Chairman.

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July 2015

To the Class of 1966,
It’s hard to believe we are less than 2 years away from our 50th class reunion.  At this time 48 years ago, we were contemplating our future as Citadel alumni.  Many of our class went on to serve our country in uniform and many fought in Vietnam. The world has changed dramatically since that time and so have we.  However, we will always be bound together by that singular experience as members of the Corps of Cadets.  Now it is our time again—our time to step forward on behalf of the institution that helped build our character and our values; that helped us become “Citadel Men.”  
As the years have marched by, we have sadly had to say farewell to many of our classmates, but now it seems that all too frequently we are being notified about another one of our brothers passing on. That is why this reunion, our 50th, will be such a special one. Some of us have not missed a reunion, but some of us have never been back. We cannot miss this one. As we enter the Gold Corps in November 2016, we need to celebrate this special milestone in the completion of our cadet journey. We need to march into Johnson Hagood Stadium together, once again! 
 The Citadel Foundation is working hand-in-hand with each class to create a reunion model that competes with our peer schools and the academies. Through this new tradition, known as Class Reunion Campaigns (CRC), those classes celebrating significant milestone reunions will have an opportunity to rally together in support of The Citadel and its greatest needs. No reunion is more significant than a 50th, and no 50th reunion could be more significant than that of the Class of 1966.
That is why we have established “The Class of 1966 Reunion Campaign”. Our Reunion Committee has selected two great projects; The Citadel War Memorial and The Class of 1966 Athletic Memorial Scholarship.  They are detailed on the next page. Last year, 54% of our class made an annual gift. This reunion is for all of our class, not just “54%”. I am asking you to please donate to the 50th Reunion Campaign Fund to help us reach our goal. I would be proud if we could make it so, wouldn’t you?


Class of 1966 Reunion Campaign Committee

Ed Carter,  Class Reunion Campaign Chairman

Reunion Campaign Committee

Jack Daniel  Dale Green  Hal Holmes  

Charlie Leath  Jimmy Reed  Dudley Saleeby 



Class of 1966 Reunion Campaign Goals
and Project Information

Overall Campaign Goal: $3,000,000 in cash, pledges and deferred gifts. 
Within this goal are two projects. Class members are encouraged to give to one or both of the projects depending on their interest in supporting certain aspects of campus.

1st Project: $500,000 to become a Founding Class of The Citadel War Memorial
•The Citadel War Memorial design is one of remembrance, reverence, and reflection. The memorial will be appropriately located on an elevated piece of ground adjacent to Summerall Chapel and in front of the Thomas D. Howie Memorial Bell Tower and Columbarium, adjacent to the Mark Clark gravesite. The walls will be black marble with etchings for each conflict. The etchings will provide context for the sacrifice of Citadel lives and list the names of those who have fallen in combat. Those classes that support this effort with a gift of $500,000 will be recognized as a founding class with an inscription on the War Memorial in a tasteful location that does not diminish the monument’s focus on the names of those Citadel graduates who have given their lives for their country.
•Funding for the construction and maintenance of The Citadel War Memorial has been provided by the Class of 1967.   The Citadel War Memorial Fund enables donors to honor the memory of fallen classmates, family, and friends in a meaningful way, while supporting the greatest needs of the college.  In honor of our 50th reunion, The Class of 1966 has an opportunity to participate in this meaningful addition to campus.  All gifts designated to The Citadel War Memorial Fund will be directed to support The Citadel LEAD Plan 2018, which serves the greatest and most current academic and athletic needs of the college through the support of The Citadel’s strategic plan.

2nd Project: $400,000 to fully endow The Class of 1966 Athletic Memorial Scholarship
•Once endowed, this scholarship will be awarded to a deserving cadet athlete.

Important Notes:
•The $2.1 million portion of our goal that is not directed towards our two projects is to account for annual gifts and deferred gifts as ALL GIFTS COUNT. Please remember to continue to support the areas of the college that depend on your annual donation. A campaign gift is above and beyond your annual support.
•Gifts since January 1, 2014 are counted towards the overall total. To date, the class has already committed close to $1,471,000 in cash and deferred gifts (these gifts have not been directed to either project).
•The class has until 12/31/16 to make a pledge or gift. All pledges must be honored by 12/31/19.
•The class projects require cash and pledges and cannot be fulfilled with deferred gifts. Deferred gifts do count towards the overall $3M goal.
•Josephine Rex with The Citadel Foundation is available to assist and explain a variety of creative ways you can contribute so please feel free to contact her directly at (843) 953-6716, or via email at 


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