The Class of 1978's 40th Reunion Campaign - Join Us!


 The Citadel Foundation is working hand-in-hand with each class to create a reunion model that competes with our peer schools and academies.  Through this new tradition, known as Class Reunion Campaigns (CRC), those classes celebrating significant reunions will have an opportunity to rally together in support of The Citadel and its greatest needs. Please join the class in leaving a legacy at The Citadel!

In November 2018, the Class of 1978 will return to The Citadel to celebrate their 40th Reunion. To mark this momentous occasion the class has set a goal to raise $1,750,000 for The Citadel.  This includes support for two important projects on campus.  The Citadel is so thankful for the generous commitment of the Class of 1978!

Class of 1978 40th Reunion Campaign
Overall Goal: $1,750,000 

Class of 1978 Reunion Projects

The Class of 1978 Academic Scholarship
Goal: $400,000

The Class of 1978 Athletic Memorial Scholarship
Goal: $350,000



April 2016

On behalf of our Class of 1978 Reunion Campaign Committee, we are hoping this letter finds you happy and healthy!  As of February 2016 we have pledges and gifts totaling $1,270,194 towards our $1,750,000 goal.  That is very good, but considering the time remaining (33 months) and the amount remaining to be raised ($479,806), we still have some work to do.  

Did you know that only TWO members of our class have made legacy gifts to The Citadel?  These gifts alone add up to over $100,000!  

Did you know that many alumni have provided for The Citadel in their estate plans but just haven’t shared this with anyone?  Are you someone who deserves recognition and credit during your lifetime for a gift that will become your legacy?

Did you know that you too can make a significant impact towards reaching our reunion goals through a gift that might cost nothing during your lifetime or by using gifts that will actually improve your tax position or cash flow? 

There are many financial strategies available and it is a priority of The Citadel’s leadership to educate alumni on what those are.  We need to combat the weakening state support with stronger, more permeant alumni support and legacy giving is one of our biggest opportunities to do this.  Here are just a few ways to integrate your charitable goals for The Citadel with your financial and estate planning:

Will Bequest

- Include The Citadel in your estate plan via a specific or residual bequest
- Retain lifelong ownership of and control over your assets 

Life Insurance Policy

- Add The Citadel as a full or partial beneficiary to an existing policy.
- Transfer ownership of an existing policy
- Income tax deduction for cash value and premium payments

 Beneficiary Designation for Deferred Compensation (IRA, 401k, 403b, etc.)

- Designate to The Citadel Foundation instead of heirs to avoid double taxation
- Reduce estate tax exposure

Transferring ownership of securities or real estate to The Citadel Foundation

- Receive an income tax charitable deduction
- Bypass tax on any capital gain
- Proceeds can be used to fund a Charitable Gift Annuity or Remainder Trust

Charitable Gift Annuity

- Convert cash or appreciated assets to a guaranteed lifetime income
- Part gift to charity; part annuity

Charitable Remainder Trust

- Leverage appreciated assets into increased income for yourself and/or others
- Bypass tax on capital gain, increase income, and take a current income tax deduction
- Provide income for the education of children or grandchildren

You can learn more about these options and others at  Please consider contacting your own financial advisor or insurance agent for details on which one of these gifting strategies might work best for your family and your philanthropic goals for The Citadel.  

So, I will leave you with two simple questions:  Did the degree you earned at The Citadel at the very least allow you to begin your journey into the “real world” with somewhat confident steps?  Is there a possibility to give back at some level during this campaign that reflects the value you place on your Citadel diploma?

Class of 1978 Reunion Campaign Committee 
Chip Seignious, Buddy Brand, Don Campbell, Patrick Johnson, Dan Kohl, Lloyd Mahaffey, Leon Melissas, Steve Peper 

Class of 1978 Reunion Campaign Company Representatives
Lewis Cauthen – A Company Representative
Chris Hingle – B Company Representative
C Company Representative 
Leon Melissas, Ed Ward – Band Company Representatives
Bill Thomas – D Company Representative
Ritchie McQueeney – E Company Representative
Bob Tillman – F Company Representative
G Company Representative
Craig English – H Company Representative
Andy Orander – I and L Company Representative
Buddy Black – K Company Representative
Paul Oswald - M Company Representative
Joe Detyens - N Company Representative
John Dunham – O Company Representative
Bill Lehew, Tom O’Brien – R Company Representatives
Buddy Brand, Chip Seignious – T Company Representatives 
C, G – Vacant (contact Chip to help!) 

Important Items of note:
•The Class of 1978 is striving to become the first class to have two fully endowed scholarships – both academic and athletic.  However, we are still less than half way to reaching that goal.  We are $413,685 short of what it will take to accomplish this!

•All gifts between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2018 are counted towards the overall goal.  Make your gift today and you will have until 12/31/18 to honor those pledges.

•Please continue to make annual gifts to The Citadel.  A campaign gift by definition is above and beyond annual giving.  We do not want the areas on campus that depend on your generous donations to suffer due to this special effort.  All gifts made by the class are counted towards the overall $1.75M campaign goal. 

•For those classmates in the Charleston area we are hosting a breakfast on Wednesday, April 13th that you are invited to attend. To learn more please visit

•For any questions about our Reunion Campaign or Legacy Giving please contact myself, your Company Representative, or Josephine Rex at The Citadel Foundation, (843) 953-6716 or

Thank you for all those of you already contributing and to those who will soon be joining our ranks for this awesome campaign!
Go Bulldogs!!
George M. Seignious III ’78
40th Reunion Campaign Chairman 
T Company Representative; (843) 906-6294

Class of 1978 Donations
$ 10,000.00
$ 5,000.00
$ 2,500.00
$ 1,000.00
$ 500.00
$ 250.00
Class of 1978 Volunteers
Results: (1 - 22) of 22
NicknameLast NameCadet Co
Kilo Company
Tango Company
Delta Company
Alpha Company
November Company
Oscar Company
Hotel Company
Bravo Company
Romeo Company
Romeo Company
Romeo Company
Regimental Staff
Echo Company
Band Company
Romeo Company
Lima Company
Mike Company
Delta Company
Tango Company
Delta Company
Foxtrot Company
Band Company
Results: (1 - 22) of 22




Class of 1978 Reunion Campaign Projects

The Class of 1978 Reunion Campaign Committee has chosen to fully endow two scholarships for the 40th Class Reunion Campaign.  Upon completion, the Class of 1978 will be the only class to have accomplished such an impactful feat! 

Class of 1978 Academic Scholarship
$100,000 has already been raised for this scholarship, so an additional $400,000 will annually provide, in perpetuity, the full cost of tuition for a deserving cadet.

Recipients must be prospective upper-class students who demonstrate the qualities of leadership, academic achievement, self-discipline and service. Descendants of members of the Class of 1978 who meet the selection criteria will receive preference. 

Class of 1978 Athletic Memorial Scholarship
$50,000 has already been raised for this scholarship, so an additional $350,000 will annually provide, in perpetuity, the full cost of tuition for a deserving cadet-athlete.

Recipients must be prospective upper-class students who demonstrate the qualities of leadership, academic, achievement, self-discipline and service.  Descendants of members of the Class of 1978 who meet the selection criteria will receive preference when the scholarship is awarded. 



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Class of 1978 Contribution Form

The CItadel is thankful for the generous commitment of the Class of 1978.

If you have questions, please reach out to your class Development Officer:

Rex, Josephine

Josephine Rex
Assistant Director of Class Reunion Campaigns
(843) 953-6716