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 Welcome Members of the Class of 1992!

Class of 1992 20th Reunion Fundraising Update

As of January 2012:

  • $357,089 raised overall
  • $84,604 funds raised towards the Class of 1992 Scholarship
  • 25.84% class participation




Thank you for your continued support of our class reunion campaign. If you haven't done so yet, please take this opportunity to Donate Now!

To the Men of the Class of 1992:

In celebration of our upcoming 20th Reunion, we have formed a Reunion Campaign Committee in partnership with The Citadel Foundation to promote and oversee a major fundraising effort for The Citadel.  The state budgetary cutbacks have been harsh and The Citadel has not been spared by them.  State support of The Citadel’s operational budget was 43% in 1992, 13% in 2009, and less than 10% for 2010.  Particularly now, The Citadel needs our support.

After careful consideration, the committee set a goal of $1 million with 100% class participation.  We realize the ambitiousness of these numbers but would not have selected them if we did not believe it attainable.  Last year during Homecoming, the Class of 1959 raised over $6 million and the Class of 1969 raised over $4 million.  Ours is a realistic goal.

The Committee has selected the following to be our campaign projects:

$           Class of 1992 Scholarship (goal of $500,000) – Preference for the scholarship, after endowment, will be to provide a full scholarship to a cadet who is a genealogical descendant of a member of the Class of 1992. 

$           The Citadel Fund – After the scholarship goal is met, gifts designated for the Class of 1992 Reunion Fund will be allocated to The Citadel Fund.  Contributions to this unrestricted fund ensure there are immediate annual dollars available for use by the school today.

We ask that you review the Question & Answer Guide available here to understand the Class Reunion Campaign.  ANY gift or pledge you make to the school during our reunion campaign (1/1/2010 through 12/31/2012) will help our overall effort.  You then have until 12/31/2015 to fulfill your pledge.  Please consider your support of the Class of 1992 Reunion Fund—it can be by outright gift, a multi-year pledge, a company match, or a planned gift.  This mini-campaign operates like any fundraising campaign you may have been a part of and asks you to give above and beyond what you normally donate to the school.  Please begin to think about how you can support these efforts.  You will be personally contacted by a member of the committee in the near future.

So far, the level of giving and participation by our class is not indicative of what we are capable.  We distinguished ourselves as a class and have done so in our professional endeavors.  This campaign is an opportunity to distinguish ourselves once again – our alma mater is counting on us.

The Reunion Committee is being assisted by Development Officer Laura Faulders with The Citadel Foundation.  We are fortunate to have an individual so capable associated with us in this campaign.  Laura is available to answer questions regarding the Class Reunion Campaign and can be reached at or (843) 953-9078.

We look forward to the challenge ahead.


The Class of 1992 Reunion Committee

Joe Coffey, Reunion Chairman
Dave Atkins                 Mark Little
Ken Britt                       David Morelli
Hal Cobb                     Andy Reynolds
Jack Douglas              Paul Riddle
Hunter Garrett             Mark Williamson






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Upcoming Class of 1992 Events:

Tuesday, March 27th 

South Carolina at The Citadel

Charleston, SC

Tuesday, April 10th

The Citadel at South Carolina

 Columbia, SC    

Wednesday, May 23rd through Sunday, May 27th

 The Southern Conference Baseball Tournament will be held at Flour Field in Greenville, S.C. We will have a reunion meeting Friday morning.