The Class of 1993's 25th Reunion Campaign - Join Us! 

The Citadel Foundation is working hand-in-hand with each class to create a reunion model that competes with our peer schools and academics. Through this new tradition, known as Class Reunion Campaigns (CRC), those classes celebrating significant reunions will have an opportunity to rally together in support of The Citadel and its greatest needs. Please join the class in leaving a legacy at The Citadel.

In November 2018, the Class of 1993 will return to The Citadel to celebrate a 25th Reunion. To mark this momentous occasion the class has set a goal of $930,000 for The Citadel which includes support for a project on campus. 

 Class of 1993 Class Reunion Campaign

Overall Goal: $930,000

Class of 1993 Project

The Brian C. Martin Memorial Scholarship


The John C. Velotta Armed Forces Scholarship
Goal: $250,000

Brian C. Martin                         John A. Velotta

                                                                                                                                                                         Brian C. Martin                                                                 John A. Velotta


Dear Gentlemen and 1993 Classmates,

It may be hard to believe but the planning for our 25th reunion is underway. That means we really are part of the “Old Corps”.  I would like to express thanks for your ongoing support of The Citadel.  I am writing to introduce our Class Reunion Committee and share the project and goals we have established. Your participation will be crucial in order to secure our place as The Greatest Class of All Time. 

The continuing national and state budgetary pressures seem to be more extreme here in South Carolina and I think that you may be surprised to learn that state support to the school was approximately only 9% of the school’s 2016-2017 total operating budget. The good news here is that Citadel friends and alumni lead the national average when it comes to financial support. 

Earlier this year our committee met for two days on campus and worked out the details of what we believe will be challenging but attainable goals that will further cement our long and distinguished history as the pillar class of the 1990’s. 

Project Goal: $250,000 for the Brian C. Martin Memorial Scholarship

This year marks the 22nd year of the golf tournament for this event and the Class Reunion Committee felt it would be a fitting tribute to our Classmate if we could reach $250,000 funding for this scholarship on our 25th reunion.  If we raise money in excess of that needed to fully fund the Brian C. Martin Memorial Scholarship we will direct those extra dollars to help fund the John C. Velotta Military Scholarship. What better way to honor our classmates than to leave a permanent legacy at the school that brought us all together?

 Overall Class Reunion Campaign Goal: $930,000

I know what you just said to yourself. “What?” I realize we are all still in the building wealth phase of our lives and our careers. I know we are paying for kids in college right now. I know opportunity and cash flow can be hard to come by at 45ish.  The Class Reunion Committee has created a multi-pronged 5-year plan that will get our class to this goal. However, it will require greater commitment and participation as a class than in past years. There will be a lot of information sent to you about each aspect of the plan but I will summarize it below. We have several opportunities to help reach the Class of 1993 goal and each of you can decide what fits best for where you are in life.

 Here are a few things to note as we move forward:

  • A campaign gift is intended to be something meaningful, above and beyond your annual support.  Please continue to support those areas of the college that depend on your annual donation.  Remember, ALL GIFTS COUNT toward the overall $930,000 goal.
  • The class project requires cash and pledges to meet the $250,000 project goal. The class has until December 31st, 2018 to make a commitment of a pledge or gift, and pledge fulfilment can be extended through December 31st, 2021.
    • 93 Five Year Pledge: We need at least 75 Classmates to agree to auto-draft $93/month for 5 years. This level of commitment will raise about $418k!
    • 93 Quarterly 5 Year Pledge: We need 100 classmates to agree to auto-draft $93/quarter for 5 years. This level of commitment will raise $186K!
  • Legacy gifts will only count towards the overall $930,000 goal.
    • Legacy Gift: The biggest bang for your buck. We need 15 Classmates to step up and do a life insurance policy with The Citadel as beneficiary.  Roughly a $100k-face amount will cost about (there is underwriting) $50-80/month. That entire $100k-face amount counts towards our overall goal. For a lifetime commitment of roughly 22-30K (roughly 40 years of premiums) you can gift 100k to The Citadel!

 If you haven’t been an annual contributor - now is the time to commit to start paying it forward.  Our 25th reunion year is the perfect opportunity for us to make that financial contribution to ensure our Class of ’93 legacy at The Citadel.

 These are great goals and I believe we can do what we have always done. Set the standard by which the rest of the Corps must be measured.  Your Class Reunion Committee is honored to serve you, and we value your thoughts and ideas. Please reach out to any of us if we can answer questions or direct your efforts for the Class of 93. The committee is being assisted by the Foundation’s Class Reunion Campaign Team, Chris Murray ‘07 is assigned to our class, and he can be reached at 843-953-5839 or via e-mail at chris.murray@citadel.edu. Additionally, you can reach out to me, or any of the committee members with your, questions, comments or concerns.


Jay Thompson
Class of 1993 Reunion Campaign Committee Chairman

Class of 1993 Donations
$ 10,000.00
$ 5,000.00
$ 2,500.00
$ 1,000.00
$ 500.00
$ 250.00
$ 100.00


The Citadel is thankful for the generous commitment of the Class of 1993.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to your class Development Officer: 

Whitney Metz
Development Officer, 
Class Reunion Campaigns
(843) 953-0745