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Class of 1995, 2012 Annual Giving Update

Number of donors-  59

total dollars-  $59,283

Note that we have 497 eligible classmates and 59 participating givers.  Please be sure to participate.  Your $10 WILL be appreciated and benefit our class.

Thank you for your continued support of our class' annual fundraising and participation efforts. If you haven't done so yet, please take this opportunity to Donate Now!


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Thanks to those of you who gave to The Citadel on behalf of our class.  It is important but PAINFUL to note that our class is averaging 12% participation.  Our percentage of participation is one-third of the average for all classes.  We need to step up.  Again, this is not about dollars, but about participation.  I can't imagine that $10-20 yearly is too much of a stretch for anyone.  Please help us get to a respectable rate of participation!


Phil Ousley