Alumni Class Pages

The Reunion Campaign may be over, but we are continuing our efforts to donate $100,000 to the Citadel War Memorial as a class. As of January 2014, we are still $62,422.35 shy of this goal.

For more information please see The Citadel War Memorial page. 






>>Company Reps<<


A- Will Murray

B- Talmadge Pinson

C- Steve Maloney

D- Robbie Raybon

E- Brent Meyers

F- TJ McDonald

G- Dave Hebert

H- Nick Sinclair

Band- Matt Seel

I- Dwight Cathcart

K- Dan Brown

L- Bill Casey and Terrence McIntyre

M- Brad Sines

N- Randy Wolfe

O- Rutledge Vaughan

R- Rob Wilson and John Alexander

T- Kevin Olecki

PB- Frank Llaneza