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A Message from your Class Chairman . . .

Members of the Class of 2006,

I am in slight disbelief as I write to you all that we are approaching 10 years since becoming Citadel graduates.  I do hope that the years since being a cadet have been good to you.  I’m sure our experiences have been diverse in this relatively short time as some have started families, made homes, gone to war, lived abroad, built businesses, etc.  This letter is not only a well wish from me, but a request for your participation in our “Class of 2006 10th Reunion Campaign”. 

The Citadel Foundation has been working hand-in-hand with classes approaching a significant reunion year to raise funds for the greatest needs of the school.  Of late, this vehicle of fundraising has been of growing importance as the school receives less and less state funding, currently only 9.8% of the total operating budget. 

As Class Reunion Campaign (CRC) Chairman, I will work closely with our Annual Giving Class Chairmen, Chris Swett and John Brand, as well as the CRC Committee.   The Committee has decided that the Class of 2006 will adopt a goal of $100,000.  Any gift you make during our reunion campaign period of 2014-2016 will help our overall effort.  Within that overall goal, we have committed to raising $50,000 to replace and maintain the flagpole in Johnson Hagood Stadium.  During a recent campus tour, we learned that the pole is in such disrepair, that the garrison flag cannot be flown during football games.  Whether we fall short or exceed our goal, it will be “The Class of 2006” that does so.

It is important during a reunion campaign to understand the difference between this special effort and annual giving:

  • A campaign by definition means above and beyond annual giving.  Please continue to make an annual gift to The Citadel.  We do not want the school to lose those needed funds, and all gifts made by members of the Class of 2006 are counted towards the campaign goal.
  • Our campaign runs from January 2014 through December 2016.  All donation commitments must be made by 12/31/2016, however you will be able to break up payments into smaller increments through December 2019. 
  • You will hear from Company Representatives who will serve as a resource for you throughout this period.  You might also receive a call from Josephine Rex, our Class Liaison with The Citadel Foundation, who is helping us achieve our goal.
  • Take the time to keep up to date with the CRC efforts on our class page at

The Class of 2006’s giving participation has been low since graduation.  To be honest with you, I have not been good about giving back myself.  But I will give in support of this campaign because I truly believe it to be worthy.  I hope you will too.  The Citadel is still a very special place with cadets much the same as it is for The Class of 2006.  They will benefit from the school and the relationships they make there.  I consider it a responsibility of ours, as graduates, to help ensure that will always continue.   

I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter, but more so you giving to our class’ campaign.   Feel free to contact any of us with suggestions or questions.  We look forward to reaffirming the reputation of the Class of 2006 with our gift to The Citadel.

Be Well, 

Matt Guidera
2006 Class Reunion Campaign Chairman 

John Brand Casey Crumbley Lawrence Place
Drew Brooks Tyler Gibbs Mike Murphy
  Chris Swett  






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Congratulations!  We have now successfully established The Class of 2006 Scholarship.

I received a request for the specific eligibility requirements for the Class of 2006 Scholarship.  The following is a list of the award preferences that were established by our Class Board of Directors during our senior year:

(1) rising sophomore or junior;

(2) who is a cadre member;

(3) with no Class 1 offense;

(4) maintains a minimum 2.8 GPA; and

(5) is in need of financial assistance to complete his/her education.