2011 Senior Class Gift: Leave Your Mark


This year, The Citadel Class of 2011 is embarking on a class gift campaign to raise $11,000.00.  This gift will go towards renaming the Billiards room in Mark Clark Hall to The Class of 2011 Cadet Lounge.

In order to reach this goal, full class participation is strongly encouraged.  Just think, this amount can be reached if every cadet in the 2011 Senior Class donates $40.00

Seniors are encouraged to give during their senior year to the class campaign and, by doing so, are made aware of the institution's needs for private giving.  It is The Citadel Foundation's goal to educate seniors on the importance of annual giving and, by making their first experience positive and meaningful through the Senior Class Giving campaign. 

Do your part and donate today.  Leave Your Mark on an institution that has already given you so much! 

Thank you in advance for your participation and congratulation on making your first gift as an alumnus of The Citadel! 

Leave Your Mark and Donate to the Senior Class Gift Campaign
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Primary Addressee
Cadet Alexander S. Allendale
Cadet Alex J. Angerman
Mr. Jose R. Araujo-Morales
Cadet Joshua S. Bateman
Ms. Angelica May S. Bautista
Mr. James D. Becherer
Mr. James R. Becker
Mr. Richard A. Belcher
Miss Bianca Z. Bermudez
Cadet Regis J. Bigness
Cadet Garrett A. Blais
Mr. Jon Blanchard
Mr. Sean R. Bolivar
Ms. Frances Bramlett and Mr. Russell T. Wallace, II
Mr. Robert T. Branch
Mr. Matthew A. Brown
Cadet George A. Brumbalow, II
Cadet Adam R. Bruneau
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Bruneau
Cadet Craig A. Cardin
Cadet Benjamin A. Carriere
Cadet Jonathan P. Carroll
Mr. Joshua M. Clarey
Cadet Sebastian G. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Cobb
Mr. Tanner J. Cobb
Cadet Jerrod E. Collier
Mr. Charles A. Cooper, Jr.
Cadet Aaron M. Crosby
Cadet James M. Culp
Cadet Douglas S. Davis
Cadet Richard S. Dinnan
Cadet Jake A. Dopson
Mr. Jacob L. Dreibelbis
Ms. Cindy Eberhard
Ms. Rebecca L. Edwards
Mr. Zachary N. Embry
Mr. John B. Erwin
Mr. Miles S. C. Evans
Mr. Bradley L. Felder
Mr. Victor M. A. Ferguson
Cadet David T. Ferrell
Mr. and Mrs. James Filan
Cadet Erik A. Fish
Cadet John A. Fogle
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A Frontz
Cadet Charles P. Fyfe, II
Cadet Jonah J. Gadbois
Mr. John S. Gargano
Cadet David E. Giammarella
Results: (1 - 50) of 179