Thank you for supporting The Citadel's Parent Philanthropy Program

The Citadel Foundation's Parent Philanthropy Program allows parents to support The Citadel's greatest immediate needs and have a direct impact on their cadets' experience on campus.  Parents are a vital resource whose strong support will enable the tradition of the Long Gray Line to advance, as it has since 1842.

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It is important to remember that  The Citadel Foundation welcomes gifts of all sizes. Every gift, when added to the contributions of others, amounts to major support for Citadel cadets, faculty, and staff.  Though these priorities are highlighted, gifts can be made to any area on campus that you wish to support.  You may use the search option below to find the fund that best fits your needs.
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The Citadel Parent Fund Donations
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Parent Philanthropy Program Donor Honor Roll
Results: (1 - 23) of 23
Primary Addressee
Mr. Steven W. Adkins
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Boyd
COL and Mrs. Kenneth C. Braddock, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brown
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Campsen, III
Mr. Vil Caroso
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cothran
Ms. Leslie Francis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Hajek, III
Dr. and Mrs. James S. Harrell, III
Mr. Franz Howard
Mr. Eric R. Hubbs
Mr. and Mrs. Korey W. Markle
Mr. and Mrs. Dickson Martin
Mr. and Mrs. John McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murray
Mr. Raymond Nardone
MAJ and Mrs. David F. Sidman
Mr. Warren D. Sisson, Jr.
Mr. Mark Spence
Mrs. Angela Thompkins
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson N. Walker
Results: (1 - 23) of 23


The Citadel greatly appreciates your support!

If you have questions or comments regarding the Parents Philanthropy Program, 
please contact:

Propst, RiviereRiviere Moody
Assistant Director of 
Annual Giving, Leadership Gifts