The Citadel Parent Philanthropy Program


To educate parents of Citadel cadets about the importance of  private giving to The Citadel and solicit their philanthropic support.

Parents are a vital resource whose strong support will enable the tradition of the Long Gray Line to march forward, as it has since 1842.  Annual gifts have a direct and immediate impact on the quality of a Citadel education— past, present, and future. Gifts to The Citadel Foundation support The Citadel’s greatest immediate needs and have a direct impact on each cadet’s experience on campus.

SC Corps of Cadets

A strong parent foundation…

…Supports academic excellence. Generous annual gifts to The Citadel Foundation allow The Citadel to hire and retain outstanding faculty who are renowned as experts within their discipline.

…Expands beyond the classroom. Your generous gift allows cadets the opportunity to have new experiences outside the classroom, earn valuable knowledge through internships and career planning,  participate in study abroad programs, and become actively engaged in serving the greater community.

…Makes a substantial impact. The state contributes roughly 8.6% of The Citadel’s total operating budget, and tuition and fees account for approximately 37.3%. As a result, the remaining 54.4%—more than half the cost of a Citadel education— must be generated through competitive grants, sales and services, and the loyal philanthropic support of alumni, parents, and friends.

 …Offers evidence of your faith in the Corps of Cadets and in the future. Your generous gift reaffirms your pride as a parent and shows your commitment to The Citadel and its values. Each cadet educated at The Citadel can positively impact the lives of thousands.


Parent Philanthropy Priorities

The Parent Philanthropy Program focuses on five priorities that fall within the college’s Foundation for Leadership campaign.  It is important to remember that  The Citadel Foundation welcomes gifts of all sizes. Every gift, when added to the contributions of others, amounts to major support for Citadel cadets, faculty, and staff.  Though these priorities are highlighted, gifts can be made to any area on campus that you wish to support.

Cadet Relief Fund

The Cadet Relief Fund provides additional financial resources for cadets who display evidence of immediate financial need, with priority given to rising or standing seniors who, without aid, could not remain enrolled through Commencement. The Citadel family believes that it is unacceptable for a worthy cadet not to graduate due to the inability to afford tuition or other necessities on campus.  Therefore, the Parent Philanthropy Program strongly supports gifts to the Cadet Relief Fund.

Career Center

The Citadel Career Center has a mission to provide the education and resources that enable students to make well-informed career decisions. Philanthropic support enhances and expands career-related programs to help students become properly prepared to enter and succeed in meaningful career paths upon graduation.  A gift to the Career Center is an investment in the future success of countless cadets.

The Cadet Activities

The Cadet Activities Fund provides on-campus and off-campus opportunities for all cadets.  Gifts to support cadet activities will afford more resources for cadets to decompress and enjoy many of the educational and cultural experiences The Citadel and Charleston have to offer outside the classroom and beyond the gates.

Athletic Memorial Fund

The Athletic Memorial Fund aims to increase the financial independence of The Citadel’s athletic programs by fully funding athletic scholarships in all sports. Doing so will help to maximize the full potential of Citadel athletics and provide academic and athletic opportunities to deserving young men and women. In addition to enhancing the quality of cadet athletes being recruited, athletic scholarships have been shown to enhance the overall diversity within the Corps of Cadets.

The Citadel Fund

Donations to The Citadel Fund provide flexible support for essential objectives and may offset unanticipated expenses and shortfalls that would otherwise need to be funded from The Citadel’s overall operating budget. In any given year, unrestricted dollars are allocated strategically to fund vital needs of the college. Gifts to The Citadel Fund continue the college’s longstanding tradition of providing cadets and graduate students with an exceptional education in a disciplined environment, advancing The Citadel’s mission to educate and develop students to become principled leaders in all walks of life.

The Citadel Parent Fund Donations
$ 10,000.00
$ 5,000.00
$ 2,500.00
$ 1,000.00
$ 500.00
$ 250.00


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If you have questions or comments regarding the Parent Philanthropy Program, 
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Propst, RiviereRiviere Moody
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Annual Giving, Leadership Gifts