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Spring 2016

 Dear Classmates,

We recently attended the annual Volunteers’ Conference for Class Chairmen for two days. Again, we wish all of you could have been there and heard all of the Citadel leaders that spoke to us. You would have been proud as we were of the accomplishments that are being made with limited funds. The percentage of Operating Funds provided by the State continues to be less than 9%. However, due to planned giving from alumni and friends and with good management of those funds, The Citadel continues to receive very high rankings when compared to other colleges in its category while achieving excellence in the education and development of principled leaders.

We heard from a panel of five scholarship recipients made up of 3 seniors, a junior and a sophomore. Each cadet gave their individual story and took questions from the conferees. This was a good cross-section of our cadet Corps and what an impressive group. You would have been proud as we were.

Some other highlights of presentations by The Citadel leadership are:-Our Commandant of Cadets spoke to us about the Cadet Corps leadership programs working as a team effort, formalizing our officer and NCO academies, Corps loyalty to Company, Class and Institution, one Corps mentality, and the high demand of time and expectations of our cadet athletes. The Corps is now 5 battalions and 21 companies, with a Regimental Commander goal of 16,000 hours of community service (13,000+ already completed) and weekly physical fitness with 2 days PT for all cadets and 5 days for ROTC contract cadets.

  • Our new Provost is planning to review and make appropriate changes to The Citadel core curriculum which has been the same forever. Additionally, new programs in Engineering and Management curriculum will be introduced. Plans for more diverse majors will include a new 2+2 program for Nurses in conjunction with technical colleges as well as a four year Nursing Program on campus (planned to start in Fall of 2017). Also a course in Homeland Security and Federal Law Endorsement will be included in future programs.
  • Our new Athletic Director, Jim Senter, gave us updates on athletic programs. We have 350 cadet athletes on campus and 56 are engineering students. Athletes continue to match average GPA with the remainder of the Corps. Cost of athletic scholarships is $3.5 million per year and continues to rise each year. To remain competitive, our Athletic Department needs our financial help.
  • Our buildings are getting old. Capers Hall needs to be replaced, and there continues to be much deferred maintenance needed for many of our older buildings. On the positive side, an alumnus has made a sizeable contribution toward building a new building for our Business Administration Department and plans are underway to build this facility, which will be named Bastin Hall.

There are many very positive things taking place at our college but are too numerous to tell you in this letter. General Rosa and his supporting staff have developed a Strategic Financial Plan that can assure that we meet our objectives and goals for the future of The Citadel. This plan cannot be successful without the alumni of each class stepping up and giving their very best support. As we consider how we can give that support to the Citadel, we should each examine ourselves and contemplate how being a graduate has affected our lives. Personally, we feel it has largely been a compass for how we have lived our lives. Therefore, we feel compelled to give what we can back to The Citadel. It is our hope that each of you have similar feelings as you determine how you will support our college now and in the future. 42% of our class participated in giving last year. We can and must do better than that.  We would like to challenge you to reaching the goal of 50% participation.  Everybody give something and we can reach 100% participation! 

The enclosed contribution card is available to choose your method of giving. You may also securely make your gift online at Additionally, please consider making a tax deductible gift to The Citadel Fund.

Again, thank you for your support of The Citadel and if we can be of any service to you, please contact one of us.


Jack R. Yielding & J. Clarence Hopke

P.S. Homecoming and Mini-reunion is weekend of November 5, 2016. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. More info will be given later.


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