Young Alumni Give Back

Do you think as a young alumnus you can’t make a difference at your alma mater?

Well, you can!!

It’s called the Power of Participation – when you and hundreds of other young alumni give, it makes a BIG difference at The Citadel!  As young alumni, our strength is in our numbers and our collective philanthropy can make a difference in the lives of current Citadel cadets.  The fact that you give is more important than the amount. 


... is part of a cumulative impact – no matter what area you decide to support, your gift combines with others to help provide the The Citadel experience for today’s cadets.

 ... is a great way to show that you believe in the value of a Citadel education.

... will continue the progress The Citadel has made in building a truly unique and distinguished college

 When you say you went to The Citadel, people are impressed!  The Citadel’s reputation is well-known - Let’s keep it that way.  The fact that you give is more important than the amount.  EVERY GIFT COUNTS!  Join fellow young alumni in showing your Bulldog Pride by making a gift today.

Don’t know what fund you would like to support?  Utilize the “Search” function below and type in key words of your interest to find funds at The Citadel that are available. 


The Guidon Circle recognizes those who graduated in the last 15 years who provide philanthropic support at a leadership level to The Citadel annually.  The Citadel Foundation honors generous and loyal donors at all levels through giving societies that provide customized communication programs, special invitations, honor rolls, and other courtesies. 

The Guidon Circle offers giving levels that graduate over time as our donors advance towards the Palmetto Regiment, the society recognizing annual donors who give $1,000 or more.  

Donors who make an annual contribution at the Guidon Circle level receive a Citadel Annual Giving Decal, recognition on the TCF Website Honor Roll of Donors, a signed acknowledgement letter from the Director of Annual Giving, the President’s Annual Report, plus access to The Citadel Beach House.

The class breakdown is as follows:

Classes of 2013-2017     $250 annual donation    $21/month for 12 months

Classes of 2008-2012     $500 annual donation    $42/month for 12 months

Classes of 2003-2007     $750 annual donation    $62.50/month for 12 months

A donor’s annual contribution can be divided into monthly installments.

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We appreciate your support of The Citadel!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact  your Citadel Foundation representative:

Propst, Riviere
Riviere Propst Moody
Assistant Director of
Annual Giving, Leadership Gifts