Why Give

Academic Endowment 

The Academic Endowment Fund at The Citadel Foundation plays a critical role in underwriting academic programs at the college. Each year, a distribution of the Academic Endowment Fund is made to the college for academic enrichment opportunities for faculty and students.

Typically, The Citadel Foundation's annual academic endowment grant to The Citadel totals several million dollars.  These funds vary from year to year because they are derived from a five-year rolling average of the investment returns earned by the Academic Endowment Fund.  This grant supplements the new resources contributed by donors to The Citadel each year.

A gift to the Academic Endowment provides funding for:

  • Research and teaching support for faculty
  • Academic program enhancement
  • Technology upgrades and improvements
  • Recruitment and retention of students
  • Scholarship support for cadets with academic merit or financial need

Each day, Citadel faculty and staff enjoy first-hand the significant impact the Academic Endowment has on the educational experience the college has to offer. Gifts to the Academic Endowment Fund allow The Citadel to continue to advance as a world-class learning institution offering exceptional academic and leadership development opportunities.

Currently, the corpus of The Citadel Foundation's total endowed funds stands at approximately $159,000,000. For the 2015-2016 academic year, The Citadel Foundation has approved an academic enhancement grant of $2,464,390 to advance The Citadel's academic programs and provide vital student and faculty resources. This grant will significantly enhance the college's ability to achieve excellence in the education of principled leaders by supporting the following program areas and objectives:

Academic Scholarships $1,800,000
Student Learning Opportunities $431,000
The Academic Environment $100,000
Faculty Recruitment and Retention $3,390
Special Opportunities for Academic Improvement $130,000
Total: $2,464,390


The annual grant from The Citadel Foundation's academic endowment represents only a portion of TCF's support of the college each year.  When combined with unrestricted annual operating contributions and other gifts and grants from alumni, corporations, foundations, and friends of the college, the Foundation generally provides in excess of $10 million each year to support and advance The Citadel's mission.

Acknowledging "the invaluable role played by The Citadel Foundation in the health of our great institution," Lieutenant General John Rosa, president of the college, asserts that "the generosity of the Foundation is THE difference in the college's ability to fulfill its mission to educate and prepare graduates to become principled leaders."

Each academic year, grant funds generated from the Foundation's academic endowment enable The Citadel to award scholarships to recruit quality students into the South Carolina Corps of Cadets.

Likewise, the TCF academic grant award enhances the learning and intellectual environment by providing resources to support for faculty and students, improve technology on campus, meet accreditation standards and the assessment of academic programs, and fulfill special needs and opportunities to enrich the academic experience of Citadel cadets and graduate students.