The 2014 Hall of Fame Banquet will be held on Friday, November 14th.

The 36th annual affair will be held on Friday, November 14, at the Holliday Alumni Center at 6 pm.  We’ve had spectacular events the last five years that sold out (or came very close to it) and hope to have another successful evening this year.

The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame Membership By Induction Class


Cecil Johnson ’11 (FB) Richard King ’29 (FB) Paul Maguire ’60 (FB) H.L. “Matty” Matthews (Honorary) W.F. “Gunner” Ohlandt ’51 (Bx/FB) John Small ’70 (FB)


Larkin Jennings ’33 (FB) Richard Jones ’61 (BKB/BB) C.F. Myers ’14 (Honorary) Ephie Seabrook ’27 (FB) John Weeks ’17 (FB/BKB/BB)


William Boswick (Honorary) John Douglas ’27 (FB/BKB/BB) Charles Fabian ’51 (FB/BKB/BB) John Frost ’22 (FB/BKB/BB) Frank McNeil ’38 (TR/FB/BKB/BB) George Rogers ’10 (FB/BB/TR)


Jake Burrows ’40 (FB/BKB/ TR) David McAlister ’24 (Honorary) Jerry Nettles ’61 (FB) Jack Simmons ’22 (FB/BB/TR/TN) Ed Steers ’68 (WR) Burke Watson ’48 (FB/TR/Bx)


John Carlisle ’31 (FB/Bx) Tatum Gressette (Honorary) Louis Lempesis ’42 (Bx) Art Mussleman ’60 (BKB) Doug Pounder ’71 (BB) Herman “Kooksie” Robinson ’38 (FB)


Alvin Heinsohn ’21 (FB/BB) Tee Hooper ’69 (BKB/TN) Andrew Johnson ’76 (FB) Colin Monteith ’23 (Honorary) Orville Rogers ’38 (FB/BX) Teddy Weeks ’27 (FB/BKB)


Gary Daniels ’62 (BKB) Marion Lewis (Honorary) Brian Ruff ’77 (FB) Andy Sabados ’39 (FB/TR) F.W. “Billy” Symmes ’35 (FB/Bx/TR/BB) Billy Whaley ’62 (FB/BB)


Tony Passander ’70 (FB) Bush Peebles ’39 (FB) John Rivers ’61 (TR) Jack Rogers ’22 (FB/BB/TR) Andrew Victor ’44 (FB/Bx)


John Mamajek ’53 (FB/TR) Dale Matthews ’50 (Bx/FB) George Norwig (Honorary) E.P. Skelton ’30 (FB/BKB/SW/Bx) Charles Smith ’52 (G) Richard Wieters ’77 (BB)


Kenny Caldwell ’79 (FB) Paul Gillis ’80 (FB)


Don Bunch (Honorary) Gary Canady ’69 (SW) Wortham “Buddy” Dibble ’36 (BKB/TN) Lyvonia “Stump” Mitchell ’81 (FB) Paul Petrich ’53 (FB) Mike Regner ’76 (WR)


Rusty Holt ’73 (FB/TR) Cal McCombs ’67 (FB/TR) Eddie Teague (Honorary) Paul Wolf ’43 (FB)


Barre Butler ’81 (S) Paul Chapman ’53 (FB/BB) Gene Dotson ’76 (FB/BB) Graham Edwards ’39 (FB/BB)


Dick Almes ’61 (BB) William Elliott ’62 (TR) Bobby Schwarze ’59 (FB) Ben Varn ’62 (TN)


Buster Holland ’69 (BB) Les McElwee ’53 (Honorary) James Pugh ’61 (TR) Charles Willard ’32 (FB/BKB/TR)


Hank Foster ’41 (FB/BKB/TR) Dick Wherry ’60 (BKB)


Mack Erwin (Honorary) Ray Graves ’60 (BKB) Ray Swetenberg ’27 (FB/BB)


Bob Daniel ’49 (Honorary) Jim Ettari ’83 (FB/WR/TR) Norm Seabrooks ’73 (FB)


Budgie Broome ’57 (FB) Greg Davis ’88 (FB) Nap Vandiver ’29 (Honorary)


Chris Glaze ’79 (S) Lee Glaze ’86 (FB/BB) Tim Jones ’85 (BB) Bill Marsh ’59 (BB) Chal Port (Honorary)


Mike Cherry ’84 (BB) Tommy Clary ’59 (BB) Don Dease ’71 (FB) Jack Huddle ’51 (FB/WR) Carl Prause (Honorary)


Ed Colby ’60 (BB) Henry “Stump” Kennedy ’41 (FB)


Joe Chefalo ’59 (FB/BB) Randy Heffron ’69 (TN/BKB) Anthony Jenkins ’90 (BB) William Sickles ’63 (TR) Buddy Terry ’43 (Honorary)


Jack Douglas ’92 (FB) Will Dowden ’64 (TR) Bob Metsker ’59 (R) Carl Renken ’58 (Honorary) Lester Smith ’92 (FB)


Ken Feaster ’75 (BB) Joe Isaac ’69 (FB) 
Harvey Schiller ’60 (Honorary) Cosmo Tocci ’80 (WR/TR)


Jeff Barkley ’82 (BB) Bob Carson ’73 (FB) Joe Pipczynski ’83 (FB) Bruce Schwanda ’65 (WR) Norm Sloan (Honorary)


Ken Diaz ’69 (FB) Dick Horne ’62 (G) Billy Swails ’89 (BB) Regan Truesdale ’85 (BKB) Jerry Varn ’53 (Honorary, BKB)


Charlie Baker ’71 (Honorary, FB) Howard Mikytuck ’60 (BB) Joe Missar ’65 (FB) Everette Sands ’93 (FB) Wayne Timmerman ’64 (TR)


Carey Cash ’92 (FB/TR) Col. Harvey M. Dick ’53 (Honorary) Mike Montei ’87 (BB) J. Eric Sundstrom ’67 (Rifle) Conrad Tuza ’58 (FB)


William Altman ’31 (Honorary) Early Eastburn ’62 (FB) Jim Gabrish ’85 (FB) Jimmy King ’71 (FB) Craig Stephans ’91 (S)


Charles A. Brendle ’63 (FB & BB) William T. “Bill” Gilgo, Sr. ’62 (FB) Gettys M. Glaze ’92 (BB) Jack Hall (Honorary) David J. Kreber ’80 (FB) Jimmy “Red” Parker (Honorary)


Phil Hartig ’00 (BB) Carl J. Kilpatrick (Honorary) Walt Nadzak (Honorary) Britt Reames ’96 (BB) Thomas Slawson, Jr. ’80 (BKB) Rick L. Swing ’79 (BKB)


Ken Britt ’92 (BB) Chuck Cordell ’74 (BKB, BB) Gene Moore III ’50 (Honorary) Scott Thompson ’87 (FB) John Wood ’70 (WR)


Derek Beres ’96 (FB) Richard Farrier ’81 (FB) Donald Morillo ’95 (BB) Vince Petno ’64 (FB) Bill Schupp ’62 (Honorary)


Dallas McPherson ’02 (BB) Phillip Florence ’90 (TR, FB) Randy Nesbit ’80 (BKB) Tony Skole ’91 (BB, FB) Charlie Taaffe (Honorary) Tom McQueeney ‘74 (Honorary)


Mike Cason ’90 (TR) Travis Jervey ’95 (FB) Jim Scott ’69 (BB) Brian Wiley ’98 (BB) Les Robinson (Honorary)

Abbreviations: FB – football; BKB – basketball; BB – baseball; S – soccer; SW – swimming; TN – tennis; TR – track; Bx – Boxing; R – rifle; G – golf; WR – wrestling.

The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame Steering Committee - June 19, 1977

Herbert Wilcox ’51 – Chairman Robert A. Daniel ’49 Robert H. McDowell ’55 J. Stannard Hurteau ’65 John D. Wilcox ’56 Jimmie E. Jones ’58 – The Citadel Brigadier Foundation James L. Dodson, Jr. ’55 – The Citadel Alumni Association



Honorary Members of The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame

Honorary induction into any Hall of Fame is bestowed upon an individual who has earned the highest grade of respect, reputation and distinction. In the first 30 years of The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame, 26 men have been recognized with that honor. Of the 26, 11 were coaches, six were boosters, two were administrators (coaches Prause and Teague are included as coaches), while one was a trainer and another was the “Voice of the Bulldogs.”

Those honorary inductees will state undeniably that their recognition and induction into the Hall of Fame was a high point of their lives, to have been included among those who willingly gave blood, sweat and tears on the game and practice fields. A Hall of Fame is just that, a location where the greatest of the greats are assembled, remembered and revered, and where their place in history is firmly established. Here is the list of the honorary inductees in The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame:

William Altman ’31 (Booster)

Charlie Baker ’71 (Booster)

William Boswick (Trainer)

Don Bunch (Tennis Coach)

Bob Daniel ’49 (Booster)

Col. Harvey M. Dick (Booster)

Mack Erwin (Baseball Coach)

Tatum Gressette (Football Coach)

Jack Hall (Track & Field and Assistant Football Coach)

Carl J. Kilpatrick (Football Videographer)

Marion Lewis (Tennis Coach)

H.L. “Matty” Matthews (Boxing Coach)

David McAlister ’24 (Administrator)

Les McElwee ’53 (Administrator)

Tom McQueeney ’74 (Booster)

Colin Monteith ’23 (Booster)

Gene Moore ’50 (Booster)

C.F. Myers ’14 (Basketball Coach)

Walt Nadzak (Administrator)

George Norwig (“Voice of the Bulldogs”)

Jimmy “Red” Parker (Football Coach)

Carl Prause (Administrator & Football Coach)

Chal Port (Baseball Coach)

Carl Renken ’58 (Booster)

Les Robinson (Basketball Coach & Administrator)

Harvey Schiller ’60 (Booster)

Bill Schupp ’62 (Booster)

Norm Sloan (Coach)

Charlie Taaffe (Coach)

Eddie Teague (Administrator & Football Coach)

Buddy Terry ’43 (Booster)

Nap Vandiver ’29 (Booster)

Jerry Varn ’53 (Booster)



The Formation of The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame

They couldn’t remember if it was sunny, cloudy or rainy but they did recall meeting in Athletic Director Eddie Teague’s office on the second floor of McAlister Field House. They were certain, however, that it was hot outside. Forgive these aging men if they can’t recall minor items like the day’s weather. After all, it was a quarter century ago. On June 11, 1977, five volunteers from The Citadel Brigadier Club and two ex-officio committee members left Coach Teague’s air-conditioned office with papers in hand. Gen. George Seignious, The Citadel’s president, had endorsed the volunteers’ work and the hard-nosed Teague was pleased. Even the school’s attorney had given it his blessing. What those men walked away with on that suspected warm and humid day 25 years ago was the formation of The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame. They brought a unique way to honor, recognize and keep the legacy alive of those who proudly wore the blue and white and who excelled on a higher plane on the various athletic fields, courts, rings, pools, ranges and tracks of competition. These celebrated combatants were clearly the best of the best. And they still are. “I don’t remember how the idea came about, but several of us talked to Les McElwee (then Executive Director of The Citadel Brigadier Club) and he urged us to go ahead with it,” recalls Herbie Wilcox ’51, who, as a volunteer, chaired the Hall of Fame Steering Committee. “We got a group together and called it a ‘steering committee,’ sat down, and came up with the plans for The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame.” The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame Steering Committee consisted of Wilcox, his brother, John Wilcox ’56, Bob Daniel ’49, Bob McDowell ’55 and Stan Hurteau ’64. Jimmie Jones ’58 was the ex-officio member from the Brigadier Club and Jim Dodson ’55 represented the Association of Citadel Men. One of the first orders of business was that the Hall was to be jointly coordinated and operated by both the Association and the Brigadier Club. “We batted the (Hall of Fame) idea around and determined that we didn’t need to re-invent the wheel,” Wilcox said. “We contacted a few other schools who already had a hall of fame and created ours from the better points of theirs.” “We got information from Clemson, South Carolina, the University of Virginia and several others and we put ours together,” remembers McDowell. “I remember looking at other schools’ makeup of their halls of fame,” said Hurteau, then a downtown Charleston banker who is now the executive director of The Citadel Brigadier Foundation. “We took the best parts from a lot of other halls, and if one were to put our by-laws next to those from William & Mary’s, I suspect that he’d see a lot of similarities.” While creating the by-laws for the Hall of Fame was one chore, having correct information on those nominated was another. “I remember that Col. (David) McAlister was a very big resource person for us since he had been at The Citadel for what seemed like forever,” McDowell added. “He remembered a lot of the star players from the early years and actually knew every cadet who was nominated.” “Jake Burrows was instrumental to us, too,” recalls Daniel, a former co-owner of the local Coca-Cola Bottling Company who has been labeled as The Citadel’s best cheerleader. “He was a wealth of information, and still is.” Gen. Seignious, whom Wilcox said was “receptive” to the idea and whom McDowell recalls as having endorsed the concept “wholeheartedly,” had the school’s attorney, Ben Scott Whaley, review the proposed by-laws. With the attorney’s eventual approval, Gen. Seignious permitted the committee to proceed. “I remember going to Gen. Seignious’ office (to get the paperwork),” Wilcox said. “He came out of his office and handed the file to me. Gen. Seignious didn’t make much conversation, so I said to him, ‘Sir, this will be a good thing.’ He looked me in the eye and said, ‘Y’all did a good job.’ I took it that he was pleased.” Gen. Seignious was indeed correct in saying that the committee did a good job. Thirty years later, the initial formats for nominating and inducting are still the same. The site may have changed, but the process works. One benefit of membership in The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame is receiving two free tickets to every home athletic event for life. Evidently, that perk was something that Teague, a hawk of a businessman, was reluctant to give away. “Eddie was tight,” Daniel remembers, “though he didn’t have much to start with. But I say with all sincerity that I was blessed that I was able to work with Eddie Teague. He was a wonderful man who was somewhat embarrassed to ask for anything, but he got things done.” Teague eventually relented, and the tradition of each Hall of Fame member owning two lifetime passes to all home athletic events continues. The first Hall of Fame induction ceremonies took place in Jenkins Hall and remained there until they were moved to McAlister Field House in the mid-1990s. The format for the ceremonies pretty much remains the same. The original class of inductees included Cecil Johnson ’11, Richard King ’29, W.F. “Gunner” Ohlandt ’51, Paul Maguire ’60 and John Small ’70. “I remember that ‘Gunner’ was the first one to be voted in,” McDowell admitted. “He was the best athlete ever to come out of The Citadel.” It would seem that politics might enter the room as one classmate may try to sway a committee member to get his friend or teammate in the hall, but the original group denies that politics were a factor. “We tried to keep politics out,” Daniel remembers. “There initially wasn’t much politicking involved since in the early years we had the cream of the crop from which to choose.” Wilcox agrees. “There wasn’t much politicking at all. People would submit nominations and I don’t recall politics involved at all. It was a good and sincere effort.” Today, there are 144 members in The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame, of which 55 are deceased. Membership encompasses the sports of football, basketball, baseball, track and field, wrestling, soccer, boxing, rifle, tennis, golf and swimming. Although the school no longer offers boxing and swimming, all current sports – with the exception of women’s sports – are represented in the Hall of Fame. The Hall’s by-laws permit only four athletes and one “honorary” member to enter in each calendar year. Eighteen of the Hall’s inductees have entered as “honorary” members. Most of the honorary inductees are coaches while others are former administrators or boosters. However, one is a trainer (William Boswick) and another (George Norwig) is the first “Voice of the Bulldogs.” Those steering committee members were somewhat surprised that the Hall of Fame is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. In his own way, each takes pride in having been involved with it. “It was a rewarding experience,” McDowell admits. “It was something that needed to be done and I was glad to have been a part of it.”


Deceased Members of The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame

(as of November 3, 2011)

William Altman ‘31 William Bostwick Don Bunch John Carlisle ’31 Paul Chapman ’53 Wortham “Buddy” Dibble ’36 Col. Harvey Dick ‘53 John Douglas ’27 Graham Edwards ’39 E.L. “Hank” Foster ‘41 John Frost ’22 Tatum Gressette Randy Heffron ’69 Alvin Heinsohn ’21 Larkin Jennings ’33 Cecil Johnson ’11 Richard Jones ’61 Henry “Stump” Kennedy ’41 Richard King ’29 Louis J. Lempesis ‘42 Marion Lewis John Mamajek ’53 Bill Marsh ’59 G. Dale Matthews ‘50 H.L. “Matty” Matthews David McAlister ’24 Frank McNeil ’38 Howard Mikytuck ‘60 Joe Missar ‘65 Colin Monteith ‘23 C.F. Myers George Norwig W.F. “Gunner” Ohlandt ’51 Bush Peebles ’39 Paul Petrich ’53 Chal Port Carl Prause Herman “Kooksie” Robinson ’38 George Rogers ’10 Jack Rogers ’22 Orville Rogers ’38 Andy Sabados ‘39 Ephie Seabrook ’27 Jack Simmons ’22 E.P. Skelton ’30 Norm Sloan Ray Swetenberg ’27 F.W. “Billy” Symmes ’35 Eddie Teague Buddy Terry ’43 Cosmo Tocci ‘80 Col. Thomas “Nap” Vandiver ‘29 Jerry Varn ‘53 Andrew Victor ’44 Burke Watson John Weeks ’17 Teddy Weeks ’27 Dick Wherry ’60 Charles Willard ’32 Paul Wolf ’43


Members of The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame By Sport

If your goal were to be inducted into The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame, your best chance would be to star in team sports such as football, baseball and basketball or run track as more than 80 percent of the Hall of Famers did.

Not surprisingly, football dominates the list of hall of fame participants as 73 members played from end zone-to-end zone. Baseball is second with 34 members while track and field ranks third with 22 inductees. Basketball finishes fourth with 19 members.

Among the individual sports, boxing has the most representation with eight and is followed closely by wrestling with seven. Tennis lends five names to the Hall of Fame while soccer supplies three. Golf, rifle and swimming, despite its past successes, each has two representatives.

The Steering Committee Did That

The concept was sound and approved and the volunteers were assembled. The Citadel, back in 1977, was prepared to launch The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame. Members of the Steering Committee desired to do it right. And they did that.

In a nutshell, a hall of fame constitution and by-laws needed to be created and the Steering Committee did that.

Constitutional items like the official name (“The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame”) and the purpose (“to preserve the traditions of Citadel Athletics, recognize outstanding athletes, and recognize persons who have made significant contribution to The Citadel Athletic Program”) needed to be written and preserved. The Steering Committee did that.

Items in the by-laws consisted of the duties of the chairman and secretary, board of directors, their responsibilities and how they were to be elected, and how the selection of the inductees was to be performed. The Steering Committee did that.

Additional constitutional items such as governance, quorums, amendments and other routine and otherwise mundane constitutional jargon and Roberts Rules of Order criteria were constructed. The Steering Committee did that, too.

Here are several highlights of The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame constitution and by-laws:

Election of the Board of Directors: The members of the Board of Directors are made up of active and ex-officio members. The active Board serves a term of three years and is comprised of seven members with terms running from July 1 – June 30. The Board is elected from the membership of The Citadel Alumni Association and The Citadel Brigadier Foundation. Five members are selected from the Association and TCBF, with the President of the Association and the President of TCBF serving as members of the Board during their elected term of office.

Ex-Officio Members of the Board of Directors: The ex-officio and non-voting members of the Board of Directors include: President of The Citadel; Chairman of the Athletic Committee for the Board of Visitors; Director of Athletics; Executive Director of The Citadel Brigadier Foundation; Executive Director of The Citadel Alumni Association; Associate Athletics Director/Communication; The Citadel Vice President for Communications.

Selection of inductees: There are two types of nominees for consideration: Athletic – Persons to be considered must have earned a letter in a varsity sport. The individual does not have to be a graduate; however, consideration should be given to his achievements after leaving The Citadel. A nominee may not be considered for selection until five years after his athletic eligibility has expired. Honorary– Persons to be considered may be a graduate or non-graduate, athlete or non-athlete. The only criteria are that the individual has distinguished himself by his association with The Citadel Athletic Program. A nominee may not be considered for selection until three years after his association wit The Citadel has expired. There will be no more than four athletic inductees and a maximum of two honorary inductees each year. Those nominees who are not inducted into the Hall of Fame in one year should be given consideration in following years. The Board of Directors may drop nominees from consideration. Nominations must be received by July 1 to be considered for induction that same year.

The nomination process is simple as any member in good standing of The Citadel Alumni Association or The Citadel Brigadier Foundation may submit a nomination. Support materials, such as statistics, records, newspaper articles and the like are desired, as is other pertinent information. Letters of recommendation are also accepted.

OK, you now know about the constitution and the by-laws, but who actually votes? Here is the list of the 2008 Hall of Fame Board of Directors.



Bill Ogburn ‘67, Chairman Gene Moore III, ‘50 Gil Pohl ‘76 Keller Kissam ‘88 Terrance Rivers ‘94 Matt Watson ‘97 (The Citadel Brigadier Foundation) Frank Gibson ‘69 (The Citadel Alumni Association)



Lt. Gen. John Rosa ‘73 (President) Larry Leckonby (Director of Athletics) Mike Rogers ’70 (Executive Director, The Citadel Alumni Association) Jerry Baker (Executive Director, The Citadel Brigadier Foundation) Andy Solomon (Associate Athletics Director)



Want To Be On The Hall Of Fame Board Of Directors?

Members of the Board of Directors of The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame volunteer their time, and The Citadel Brigadier Foundation and The Citadel Alumni Association are always looking for volunteers. But to be a member of The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame Board of Directors, one must be a member in good standing of either The Citadel Brigadier Foundation or The Citadel Alumni Association. Inform the president of the Association or TCBF and let him know that you’re interested in volunteering. You won’t be guaranteed a spot, but you can’t be assigned a position unless we know you’re interested.



Want To Nominate Someone for The Hall of Fame?

The nomination process for induction into The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame is simple as any member in good standing of The Citadel Alumni Association or The Citadel Brigadier Foundation may submit a nomination. A form is available in The Citadel Brigadier Foundation office or one can download a copy by going to the website. Support materials, such as statistics, records, newspaper articles and the like are desired, as is other pertinent information. Letters of recommendation are also accepted. If you have any questions regarding The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame, please contact Associate Athletics Director Andy Solomon at 843/953-6300 or email him at andy.solomon@citadel.edu.


The Original Class of The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame

When baseball began its Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, in 1936, the original class included Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Babe Ruth and Honus Wagner.

When The Citadel began its Hall of Fame in Jenkins Hall in 1977, the original class included Cecil Johnson ’11, Richard King ’29, Paul Maguire ’60, H.L. “Matty” Matthews (honorary), W.F. “Gunner” Ohlandt ’51 and John Small ’70.

While baseball had a plethora of nominations from which to choose for its Hall of Fame and included many who helped mold the game as we know it today, the same holds true for The Citadel and its Hall of Fame. The first class set the standard as football and boxing dominated the inductees.

Gridiron greats such as Johnson, King, Maguire and Small proved that football was king, and the legendary Ohlandt and Coach Matthews pointed that boxing was also on top of the list of intercollegiate athletics on The Citadel’s campus.

Yet while baseball had roughly 40 years from which to select their original class, The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame’s Steering Committee had approximately 70 years and multiple sports from which to choose its first class.

And was it a coincidence that The Citadel’s original class had representation from five different decades, the 1910s, ‘20s, ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s?

“The idea was to just get it (the Hall of Fame) started,” remembers Herbie Wilcox ’51, who chaired the Hall of Fame Steering Committee. “It wasn’t in the constitution or the by-laws, but each of us (committee members) agreed that we would have representation by decades for the original class so we wouldn’t forget the older ones.

“Then and now 30 years later, I think it worked out pretty well,” Wilcox added.

The second class, enshrined in 1978, also saw the same philosophy of spanning the decades as Larkin Jennings ’33 (football), Richard Jones ’61 (basketball and baseball), basketball coach C.F. Myers ’14 (honorary), Ephie Seabrook ’27 (football) and John Weeks ’17 (football, basketball and baseball) were inducted. That class had representation from the 1910s, ‘20s, ‘30s and ‘60s.

Even the third class, in 1979, had similar results with trainer William Boswick (honorary), John Douglas ’27, Charles Fabian ’51, John Frost ’22, Frank McNeil ’38 and George Rogers ’10 earning the prestigious nod.

The trend continued until 1986 when teammates Kenny Caldwell ’79 and Paul Gillis ’80, both football players and only one class apart, were the lone inductees that year. And the Class of 1990, which included Dick Almes ’61 (baseball), William Elliott ’62 (track), Bobby Schwarze ’59 (football) and Ben Varn ’62 (tennis), featured stars within a three-year period.

Yet what the Steering Committee unofficially did is begin a trend that continues today. Spanning the various decades to determine the best of the best and ultimately recognize them for eternity is what the Hall of Fame set out to do at the beginning.

And in the words of Mr. Wilcox, “it worked out pretty well.”


Richard G. "Dick" Almes ‘60 (1990) - A first-team All-Southern Conference pitcher in 1958-60 … captain of baseball team his senior season … posted 30 career wins … held the Southern Conference record for strikeouts in a season with 383 in 316 innings … won 17 consecutive games over 1959-60 … finished 40 of the 41 games in which he was the starting pitcher … the one time he was replaced was due to an arm injury after pitching three no-hit innings … graduated as a Distinguished Military Student … was listed in Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.

William M. Altman, Jr. ’31 (2006) – An honorary member who was inducted posthumously, Altman’s lead gift of more than $1 million paved the way for Phase I of the Revitalization of Johnson Hagood Stadium Project with the creation of the Altman Athletic Center which opened in 2001 … Altman served in the U.S. Army from 1942-46 with tours in Europe at the battles of Normandy, Northern France, Central Europe and the Rhineland, and was decorated with the Bronze Star and was awarded service ribbons from the European and American theaters … he received an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from the Citadel in 1991, and was a recipient of the Order of the Palmetto while serving as a leader of the Orangeburg community ... he and his wife established the William M. Altman, Jr. and Henrietta B. Altman Foundation Citadel Fund in 1984 as a charitable trust to provide educational funding for The Citadel in the form of academic scholarships.

Charlie Baker ’71 (2004) - An honorary inductee primarily for his work with the Alumni Football Association … was instrumental in the formation of the organization and served as president from 1984-2002 … was a fierce competitor on the gridiron from 1968-70, and teamed with All-American John Small to give the Bulldogs a tremendous linebacking corps.

Jeff Barkley ’82 (2002) – A standout pitcher on the baseball team from 1979-82 … was twice named first-team All-Southern Conference … continues to hold school record for complete games in a season (9) and career (23) … during a career in which he recorded 24 wins, he pitched 280.2 innings with 38 starts … his 237 strikeouts and five shutouts continue to rank among the best in school history … played on two SoCon championship teams (1979 and ’82), and was the winning pitcher when the Bulldogs defeated North Carolina, 9-4, in the 1982 NCAA East Regional in Columbia.

Derek Beres ’96 (2010) – The consummate scholar-athlete who excelled equally in the classroom and on the field of play, Beres was an offensive tackle that started all 44 games from 1992-95 and earned a NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarship in 1997 ... a first-team All-Southern Conference pick in ’95 after twice earning second-team recognition, Beres was selected by The Citadel faculty to participate in a Model NATO Conference in Demark ... a co-captain his senior year, he earned Gold Stars four times and was six times a Dean’s List student and graduated in 3½ years … a GTE Academic All-American, he was one of 16 recipients of the National Football Foundation / College Football Hall of Fame Scholar-Athlete Achievement, Leadership and Citizenship Award, and was one of three from the I-AA (now FCS) level.

William M. “Billy” Boswick (1979) – An honorary inductee ... was the first athletic trainer at The Citadel and set the standard … cared for literally thousands of cadet-student-athletes ... a native of Columbia who coached football at the High School of Charleston … came to The Citadel in 1946 as director of intramurals and athletic trainer, and later served as the wrestling coach.

Charles A. Brendle ’63 – (2007) - An honorable mention All-America end in 1962 … earned first-team All-Southern Conference recognition that season and All-State honors the previous season … he was the team’s top receiver on the best back-to-back teams in Citadel history, playing on the 1960 Tangerine Bowl squad and the 1961 Southern Conference Championship team … was the ’62 team co-captain and most valuable player … established a Southern Conference record for 170 receiving yards (on four catches) in a single game (vs. Furman in ’62) … as a baseball player, the first baseman batted .311 with a team-leading four home runs, second on the team with 21 runs scored, and tied for second in team leadership with 19 RBI.

Ken Britt ’92 (2009) - The Southern Conference’s pitcher of the year in 1990, Britt led the Bulldogs to the SoCon regular season and tournament championships, the NCAA Atlantic Regional Championship, an appearance at the College World Series and a 46-14 record … with 46 career starts and 25 games won, he played on two SoCon Championship teams and recorded 14 career complete games with four shutouts … threw a total of 294.2 innings and fanned 230 batters, and twice led the team in wins, games started and complete games … led the ’90 team to upset wins at the Atlantic Regional at Miami, beating the Hurricanes twice and then pitched in the CWS, where the Bulldogs beat Cal-State Fullerton but lost twice to LSU.

Leonard H. "Budgie" Broome ’57 (1995) – A football team member who held The Citadel's single-season record for punt return average (17.6 in 1955) ... an All-Southern Conference selection, he led the ‘55 team in total offense, rushing, kickoff returns, interceptions and scoring.

Donald C. Bunch (1987) - Head tennis coach at The Citadel for 30 years … was dean of Southern Conference coaches until his death on April 20, 1987 … compiled a 282-235-2 overall record for the Bulldogs and a winning percentage of .545 … was at the college for 38 years and was a retired professor from the business administration department … his teams won one league title in 1961 and he produced two singles champions and four doubles championships … during one 10-year stretch, the Bulldogs never finished lower than third place in the Southern Conference … on three occasions, his team finished only one point out of first place … an honorary inductee whose name bears the school’s courts.

John E. “Jake” Burrows ’40 (1980) - The only member of the Hall of Fame who was both Regimental Commander and First Honor Graduate of his class ... in three years of competition, he earned eight total letters ... lettered in football three times, basketball three times and twice in track ... all-state pick in basketball three times and twice was named All-Southern Conference ... in his three years of basketball, he averaged 11.5 points per game, equating to 31 percent of the team’s total points ... in his three years on the hardwood, The Citadel defeated South Carolina and Furman six straight games each ... retired as an assistant athletic director at The Citadel.

Barre M. Butler ’81 (1989) - The school’s first soccer inductee into the Hall of Fame … was a four-year letterman … earned honorable mention All-Southern Conference honors in 1977, his freshman year, despite missing half of the season due to injury … played in eight matches, scored eight goals and had three assists … was first team all-conference selection from 1978-80 … scored 15 goals, and added four assists and was named team MVP in 1979 … tallied 17 goals and three assists and was again named team MVP in 1980 … is the first soccer player at The Citadel to be named All-SoCon four times.

Kenneth M. Caldwell ’79 (1986) - Magnified the true meaning of "student-athlete" … was named first team academic All-American during the 1976, 1977 and 1978 seasons … collected 412 tackles during his career as a linebacker … lettered all four seasons … also a standout punter … was an All-Southern Conference selection twice … had a four-year punting average of 40.75 yards (235 career punts) … played for both Coach Bobby Ross and Coach Art Baker … continues to serve as the team’s physician.

Gary L. Canady ’69 (1987) - Holder of six school swimming event records … first Bulldog swimmer ever to qualify for an NCAA meet … lost only one dual meet in the butterfly in four years … captain of the team his last two seasons … established the Southern Conference 100-yard butterfly record in 1967.

John P. Carlisle ’31 (1981) - Was an end on the football team and captain of the boxing squad … led his team to the conference boxing title in 1930 … was undefeated in 1931 and won the league’s middleweight championship … recipient of the Willson Ring.

Robert “Bob” Carson ’73 (2002) - Began his football career as a walk-on and was awarded a full scholarship after his freshman year … was the 1972 team captain who was also voted the team’s most valuable player … for 24 years, he held the school record for the longest run from scrimmage (95 yards) … accumulated six games in which he rushed for more than 100 yards … his personal high was 205 yards that came in a 52-35 home win over Chattanooga … The Associated Press recognized Carson as a second-team All-Southern Conference performer and as an honorable mention All-American … the S.C. Coaches Association pointed to Carson as the runner-up for the Jacobs Blocking Award.

Carey Cash ’92 (2005) - A key member of The Citadel’s offensive line that captured the 1992 Southern Conference football championship, Cash was the right tackle and was considered the most dominating lineman of the Coach Charlie Taaffe era … a member of the all-time winningest class with 30 victories, he earned four football letters and six in track and field (three indoor and three outdoor) … after the ’92 season, Cash was recognized as an Associated Press First Team All-American, Walter Camp First Team All-American, The Sports Network First Team All-American, twice First Team All-Southern Conference and twice First Team All-State … as a member of the track teams, Cash was an eight-time All-Southern Conference member in the indoor shot put (three times, including a conference championship), outdoor shot put (twice) and three times in the outdoor discus (including a conference championship).

Mike Cason ’90 (2012) - A seven-time All-Southern Conference selection who earned eight letters, he garnered The Brigadier Foundation President’s Award for the 1989-90 school year, the first track and field/cross country athlete to achieve the honor in modern times … holding the rank of Cadet Regimental Public Relations Officer and team captain in 1990, he was the 1989 and 1990 SoCon indoor 800m champion and the 1989 and 1990 SoCon outdoor 800m champion … was a member of the squad that held the school mark in the outdoor distance medley relay, indoor 4x800m relay and outdoor 4x1500m relay … continues to hold the second-fastest indoor 800m time in school history and the third-fastest outdoor 800m time, and remains a member of one of the three fastest indoor 4x800m relay teams in school history … was a member of the second-fastest outdoor 4x800m relay team and third-best indoor 4x800m relay teams in school history.

Paul A. Chapman ’53 (1989) - Former two-sport athlete, lettering in football and baseball … was all-state in baseball and football … was the nation’s second leading punter in 1952 and batted .537 on the baseball team … was the head coach at Dillon High School beginning in 1969 and retired after the 1989 season … amassed a 157-62-3 high school coaching record … also coached at Hartsville and Chesterfield.

Joseph “Joe” Chefalo ’59 (1999) – Lettered in both football and baseball ... served as co-captain in both sports as a senior ... honored as The Citadel’s top senior athlete in ‘59 ... named All-Southern Conference in football in 1958 ... helped the baseball team to 19-5 record in 1959 by leading the squad in runs scored and stolen bases ... had successful careers in the Air Force and FBI.

Michael K. “Mike” Cherry ’84 (1997) - Earned First Team All-America honors in baseball as a pitcher in 1983 after setting school single-season records for wins (13) and strikeouts (132) ... voted the Southern Conference's Player of the Year as a junior in 1983 … was a member of back-to-back SoCon championship teams in 1982 and 1983 … was a second round draft pick of the Los Angeles Dodgers ... continues to rank among The Citadel's all-time leaders in wins and strikeouts.

Tommy G. Clary ’59 (1997) - A four-year starter on the baseball team as a third baseman and outfielder ... in 1960, he earned All-Southern Conference accolades after hitting .421 … established a new league single-season record with 32 runs batted in ... led The Citadel to the 1960 Southern Conference championship while pacing the squad in doubles … also earned team most valuable player honors that season ... following graduation, he spent two years with the Chicago White Sox organization.

Everett “Ed” Colby ’60 (1998) - Posted a 25-7 career record as a pitcher ... a co-captain on the 1960 team that won the Southern Conference championship … tossed 29 career complete games and helped The Citadel to a four-year ledger of 62-30-1.

Chuck Cordell ’74 (2009) - Lettered all four years in basketball and baseball (eight total) ... Cordell, in 1974, served as captain for both teams while being named to the Outstanding College Athletes of America list and receiving the Sportsmanship Award, as voted by the senior class … finished among the nation’s best free throw shooters, connecting on 90.5 percent in 1972-73 (bested by the national leader who finished at 91.0%) … named to the Southern Conference’s All-Tournament Team in ’74, Cordell was second in team scoring as a junior with a 15.3 average … recorded 44 points in a freshman game against Furman … on the diamond, he batted over .300 for his career as an infielder and was selected to the ’74 All-South team, which includes all conference in the 13 Southern states.

Robert A. "Bob" Daniel ’49 (1994) – An honorary inductee … former president of The Citadel Brigadier Club and alumni member of The Citadel Board of Visitors … voted "Best Cheerleader in Citadel History" … served on the committee that developed The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame.

Gary L. Daniels ’62 (1983) - Three-year basketball letterman who ranks as school’s sixth leading career scorer (1,394 points) ... at one time, he held or shared 11 individual school records ... selected twice to the All-Southern Conference team and once to all-conference tournament squad ... co-captain of 1961-62 team ... a member of the “Blitz Kids” ... holds the school mark for highest career scoring average (19.7) ... twice led the team in scoring and rebounding – both in the same season.

Gregory B. “Greg” Davis ’88 (1985) - The Citadel's all-time kick-scoring leader after posting 181 total points on 76 PATs and a school-record 35 field goals ... holds the school mark for longest field goal (53 yards) as well as records for punting average in a game (51.3 vs. Clemson in 1986), season (44.6 in 1986) and career (42.1) ... was a ninth round draft pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and also played for the Atlanta Falcons and Oakland Raiders.

Donald F. Dease ’71 (1997) - Was a three-year letterman as an offensive lineman on the football team ... in 1970, he was an honorable mention All-American and earned All-Southern Conference and all-state honors … served as a team co-captain.

Ken Diaz ’69 (2003) - Was a hard-nosed defensive end who earned three letters playing football … named to the all-state team and All-Southern Conference team during his senior year in 1968 … also earned honorable mention All-American citation that season ... somewhat overshadowed by playing on the same defense as first-team All-American John Small.

Wortham W. "Buddy" Dibble ’36 (1987) - Three-year varsity basketball player … won the South Carolina Intercollegiate Tennis Championship in 1935 and 1936 … played tennis three years.

Col. Harvey M. Dick ’53 (2005) - Col. Dick enters the Hall of Fame as an honorary inductee primarily for his work with The Citadel Brigadier Foundation … serving as the long-time treasurer of the Brigadier Foundation and the college’s former Assistant Commandant of Cadets, Dick was the first recipient of a Citadel football scholarship from the Brigadier Club … he has spent a majority of his life helping to raise funds for athletic scholarships, endeavoring to repay what he received as a student-athlete … he has twice been selected by Citadel alumni to represent them on the college’s Board of Visitors.

J. Eugene "Gene" Dotson ’76 (1989) - A two-sport standout who lettered four years (1972-75) in football and baseball … became the first four-year letterman in 17 years when he received his fourth football letter … was among the top-10 all-time in total offense (2,256) and in rushing (1,185) … lettered in baseball from 1973-76, playing the outfield and pitching … in 1974 and 1975, he led the team in home runs in a season (8) … an All-Southern Conference baseball performer in 1975 … received the Sportsmanship Award as the best all-around senior athlete … signed with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1976 and played rookie league ball in Sarasota, FL.

Jack Douglas ’92 (2000) – A local product who quarterbacked one of The Citadel’s most successful teams ever, as the Bulldogs were ranked tied for No. 1 in the final NCAA I-AA poll in 1992 … was the all-time leading rushing quarterback in I-AA football with 3,674 career yards … led The Citadel to memorable upsets over South Carolina (1990), Arkansas (1992), Army (1991 & ’92), and to the school’s second-ever Southern Conference championship in 1992 … was selected the South Carolina Male Amateur Athlete of the Year and South Carolina Offensive Player of the Year … served as co-captain for the 1991 and 1992 seasons … his jersey No. 14 was retired … continues to hold many of The Citadel’s career offensive records ... was inducted into the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame in 2007.

John “Johnny” William Douglas ’27 (1979) - Lettered in basketball, baseball and football … was an all-state and all-conference basketball selection for three years … team won state title in 1927 … played for coach Benny Blatt … started on the 1927 team that won the school’s lone basketball championship, the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association, by defeating Kentucky Normal, Chattanooga and Mercer in succession … coached the Bulldogs’ basketball team from 1931-33 and had an 18-31 record.

Will Dowden ’64 (2000) – Captured five Southern Conference championships in his junior and seniors years … was named all-conference six times … remains in the top-10 among best performances in school history in the long jump and the 110m high hurdles … served as team captain his senior season … was the conference champion in the long jump and intermediate hurdles, second in the conference in 120-yd. high hurdles … broke school records in the high hurdles and intermediate hurdles and established Southern Conference records … was the SoCon champion in the long jump and the 120-yd. high hurdles as a junior, and during his sophomore year, he broke the school record in the 120-yd. high hurdles.

Early Eastburn ’62 (2006) - The left halfback on offense and defense for The Citadel’s best back-to-back football teams of all time … a three-time letterwinner who once held the college’s career rushing record … his play led the Bulldogs to a 27-0 victory over Tennessee Tech in the 1960 Tangerine Bowl and the college’s first Southern Conference football crown in 1961 … a lieutenant colonel in the Corps of Cadets, Eastburn was a first-team All-Southern Conference and All-State selection, and earned an Honorable Mention All-America citation … Eastburn starred on teams that won 23 of 31 games, including a 0-0 tie with Florida State at Johnson Hagood Stadium … a tri-captain his senior season, he was The Citadel’s first player ever to participate in the annual Senior Bowl Game.

C. Graham Edwards ’39 (1989) - A football and baseball standout for the Light Brigade … was killed in an Army Corps plane crash in 1945 … helped pace the football team to the South Carolina Championship in 1938 with a perfect 4-0 record … was an All-South Carolina and All-Southern Conference performer … captained the baseball team, earning three letters … earned two letters in football and served as acting captain for the first five games of the 1938 season.

William W. “Bill” Elliott ’62 (1990) - Won seven Southern Conference track titles in the long jump and triple jump … earned all-conference honors twice … won four league titles his senior year.

Malcolm M. “Mack” Erwin, Jr. (1993) - A 1950 graduate of Davidson who is an honorary inductee … coached Citadel baseball from 1957-60 and also coached football on Eddie Teague’s staff … compiled the best record based on winning percentage in school history (62-30-1, .672) … led the Bulldogs to the 1960 Southern Conference championship and to The Citadel’s first trip to NCAA post-season action … led the 1960 team to a final ranking of 17th in the nation - the highest ranking of any Citadel athletic team at that time.

James "Jim" D. Ettari ’83 (1994) - Earned nine varsity letters in three sports (wrestling, track and football) … was an all-Southern Conference performer in each sport … received Kodak I-AA All-America honors in 1982 as a defensive lineman … recognized with all-state and all-conference honors twice (as a nose guard in ’81 and in 1982 as a defensive tackle) … two-time all-conference track member at shot put … was the 1983 conference heavyweight wrestling champion and competed in the 1983 NCAA national tournament.

Charles T. Fabian ’51 (1979) - Earned four letters apiece in football, basketball and baseball … captain of 1951 basketball team … selected as the school’s Best All-Around Athlete.

Richard Farrier ’81 (2010) - An offensive tackle that was recruited and played for Coach Bobby Ross and later Coach Art Baker … teamed with Hall of Famer David Kreber to open holes for All-American and The Citadel’s all-time rushing leader, Stump Mitchell ... a team captain who earned first-team All-Southern Conference honors as a senior, he won the Joe Missar Trophy that signifies the team’s best lineman ... behind him, the Bulldogs rushed for 3,066 yards, the most-ever by a Citadel team to that point in addition to 4,138 passing yards and 269 total points, the second-most by a Citadel team at the time.

Kenneth “Ken” Feaster ’75 (2001) – Lettered four years on Chal Port-coached baseball teams, and was the first African-American baseball player in school history … earned All-Southern Conference recognition three times - twice at second base and once at shortstop … captained the ’75 team that won the Southern Conference championship … held the school single season and career stolen base record and ranked among the top-15 nationally in stolen base percentage … a Dean’s List student … earned all-district and all-state recognition and led the 1974 team in seven offensive categories and the ‘75 team in five categories.

Phillip Florence ’90 (2011) - A six-time All-Southern Conference pick in outdoor and indoor track and field, Florence was the 1990 league champion in the 100m dash (10.61; outdoors) … three times he earned all-league honors in the 55m indoors and twice captured all-conference honors in the 200m … remains among the school’s top 10 in the 55m and 200m (indoors), the 100m and 200m (outdoors) and is also a member of the sprint medley relay, 4x200 relay and 4x100 relay teams … a Dean’s List student, Florence was a three-year member of the football team as a wide receiver where he twice led the team in receptions and once in kick returns … at one point, he held the single-game school mark for 160 kickoff return yards and two of the college’s 21 times that a receiver caught 100+ yards in a game … was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 1990.

E.L. “Hank” Foster ’41 (1992) - Lettered in football four times from 1937-40 … alternate captain of the football team in 1940 … lettered in basketball three times (1939-41) … also lettered in track three times (1939-41) … selected as the school’s Outstanding Athlete in 1941 … earned 10 total letters.

John D. Frost ’22 (1979) - Earned four letters apiece in football, basketball and baseball … was twice all-state in football … basketball teams won three state titles in four years ... played for Coach Frank Myers.

Jim Gabrish ’85 (2006) - A right tackle, Gabrish was a four-year letter-winner (1982-85) who played for coaches Art Barker and Tom Moore … a two-time team captain, he earned Associated Press and United Press International First-Team All-America honors his senior year in addition to being named a Kodak First-Team All-American, First-Team All-Southern Conference, First-Team All-State and All-America by The Football News … as a junior, he garnered first-team honors from UPI, Kodak, the Southern Conference and earned All-State honors, and was a second-team AP All-American …. he was signed by the San Francisco 49ers and eventually spent time with the Miami Dolphins and the Cleveland Browns.

William T. (Bill) Gilgo ’62 (2007) - An offensive and defensive end on The Citadel’s best back-to-back teams ever – the 1960 Tangerine Bowl team and the 1961 Southern Conference Championship team … earned honorable mention All-America honors, as well as first-team All-Southern Conference and first-team All-State honors his senior year … established a league-record 43-yard field goal in ’61 … tied a league mark having converted 17 of 18 PATs in SoCon games (20 of 21 overall), including three in the Tangerine Bowl (he scored 9 of the Bulldogs’ 27 points that game) … he was second in scoring on the ’60 team with 35 points, 23 of which came from kicks.

Paul J. Gillis ’80 (1986) - A four-year football letterman … collected 441 total tackles during his career … was recognized three times as an All-South Carolina and All-Southern Conference performer … ended his career with 33 consecutive starts in the secondary … was the only Bulldog to earn all-state honors in 1978 and 1979 … won the "Savage Bulldog Award," which recognized the most aggressive player of spring practice … led the team in tackles in 1977 with 165.

Christopher L. “Chris” Glaze ’79 (1996) - Holds the school’s soccer record for most goals scored in a game (5 vs. NC Wesleyan) … his 17 goals in 1977 is also a school record … totaled 40 career goals, second best in school history … a three-time All-Southern Conference selection … led the 1978 squad to the school’s best record ever for the soccer team (10-4-1).

Gettys M. Glaze ’92 (2007) - A multi-talented athlete who played pitcher, catcher and designated hitter … was the 1992 Southern Conference Pitcher of the Year and the league’s Freshman of the Year in 1989 … remembered for catching and then pitching in a game against Cal-State Fullerton during the 1990 College World Series … twice earned all-conference honors at two different positions (designated hitter and pitcher) … member of two Southern Conference championship teams … led the ’92 team in complete games, innings pitched, wins, shutouts, strikeouts, times at bat, hits and runs batted in.

Lee M. Glaze ’86 (1996) - Standout on the football and baseball teams … named Southern Conference Athlete of the Year in 1986 … first-team all-conference selection in football in 1985 … earned third-team Division I All America honors in baseball in 1986 … two-time first-team All-SoCon selection in baseball … is listed among The Citadel’s all-time players in runs, hits, total bases, doubles, runs batted in, batting average, at bats and games played … caught 43 passes for 555 yards his senior year … recorded 12 assists from centerfield as a junior.

Ray A. Graves ’60 (1993) – Among the top all-time leading scorers in Bulldog basketball history with 1,160 points ... a member of the famous “Blitz Kids” team coached by Norm Sloan ... played in 95 games from the 1956-60 season ... successful on 296-of-440 (.673) free throw attempts over the course of his career ... opened his career by scoring 402 points during the 1956-57 season ... eclipsed the 20-point plateau on 15 different occasions in his career, including a career-high 30 points against Davidson on Feb. 20, 1960.

Tatum W. Gressette (1981) – An honorary inductee who was the head football coach and athletic director from 1932-39 … coached for eight seasons … had an overall record of 34-41-3 (.442) … his 1937 team went 7-4 and 1938 team was 6-5 … officiated several major bowl games.

Jack Hall (2007) - An assistant football coach (1960-65) who guided The Citadel’s track and field team to the 1961 and ‘62 Southern Conference championships … his ’61 team finished first in seven of 16 events, and six members of that ’61 team are in The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame … as a football coach, he led the freshman team three years and his ’63 defensive backfield helped the Bulldogs to a No. 10 national ranking in pass defense … was voted the league’s track and field coach of the year in 1961 and ’62.

Phil Hartig ’00 (2008) - The most prolific hitter in Citadel baseball history as he established 14 offensive records and earned first team All-Southern Conference honors all four years ... the league’s Player of the Year in 2001, he was also the 1998 SoCon Freshman of the Year and twice earned All-America honors from Collegiate Baseball (second team in 2000; third team in 2001) ... finished his career ranked fourth in the NCAA career total bases and seventh in career hits … among his many school records, he holds the career marks in games played (239), runs (230), hits in a season (99) and career (360), doubles (76), RBI in a season (86) and career (290), slugging percentage (.673) and fielding percentage (.989) … owning a career batting average of .367, he holds the mark with 17 home runs in a season and for his career, he belted 64 home runs (second best is Anthony Jenkins’ 32) … played on Fred Jordan-coached teams that went a combined 155-88 and started on teams that advanced to three NCAA regionals, won three Southern Conference Tournament titles and two SoCon regular season titles … drafted in the 24th round by the Florida Marlins.

Randall “Randy” Heffron ’69 (1999) - Captured four Southern Conference tennis championships and was a two-year tennis team captain ... recipient of the Marion S. Lewis and Senior Class Sportsmanship Awards ... served in the U.S. Army and later as a faculty member at MUSC’s College of Dental Medicine.

Alvin F. Heinsohn ’21 (1982) - An outstanding football lineman for four years … selected All-South Carolina three times … also played baseball … received honorary Doctor of Law degree in 1963.

Wallace G. "Buster" Holland ’69 (1991) - All-Southern Conference second-team catcher as a junior … All-Southern Conference first team and honorable mention all-America in 1969 after leading the league in hitting with a .413 average … lifetime batting average was .353 … led the ’69 team in hits (38), doubles (8), triples (3, tied with Mike Rose), RBI (18) and slugging percentage (.500) … as a cadet, earned Gold Stars (3.7 or higher GPA), was on Dean’s List, and was a Distinguished Military Student.

H. L. "Rusty" Holt ’73 (1988) - A two-sport standout performer for the Bulldogs from 1969-73 … played four football seasons and lettered three times … was an honorable mention All-Southern Conference safety in 1972 and ’73 … named to the all-state team in 1973 … in track, lettered four seasons, including two years under fellow Hall of Fame inductee Cal McCombs … captain of the track team in 1972 and ‘73.

Tecumseh "Tee" Hooper Jr. ’69 (1982) - Top dual sport athlete … two-time All-Southern Conference basketball selection … upon his graduation, he was one of the top 10 career scorers in school’s history … also won five conference tennis crowns (two singles and three doubles).

Dick Horne ’62 (2003) – Is one of the best-ever golfers in Citadel history by virtue of his capturing the 1961 South Carolina Intercollegiate Championship ... served as the team captain … tied for the Southern Conference (Individual) Championship in 1962 with a 71 average … since graduating from The Citadel, Horne’s list of many accomplishments includes enshrinement in the South Carolina Golf Hall of Fame.

Jack P. Huddle ’51 (1997) - Was a four-year letterman in football and three-year letterman in wrestling ... served as captain of both the football and wrestling teams while serving as Block "C" Club president during his senior year … advanced to the finals of the 175-pound weight class at the Eastern Regional as a junior ... was an all-state honoree on the gridiron … was a member of the 1948 Bulldog football team that opened Johnson Hagood Stadium ... in 1950, he helped The Citadel to one of its seven wins over South Carolina — a 19-7 decision in Charleston.

Joe Isaac ‘69 (2001) – Lettered in football from 1966-68 and was a member of the baseball teams from 1967-69 … was a defensive back who was named All-Southern Conference his junior and senior seasons in addition to earning all-State and honorable mention All-America recognition … after the Arkansas State game in 1967, he was named Southern Conference and South Carolina Defensive Play-of-the-Week … continues to hold the school record for most punts returned (8) in a single game, a 10-6 victory over Furman in 1966 … as a baseball player, he served as a utility player for coach Chal Port.

Anthony L. Jenkins ’90 (1999) – Lettered in baseball and football ... named First Team All-America and Southern Conference Male Athlete-of-the-Year in 1990 having led the baseball team to a 46-14 record and appearance in the College World Series … is remembered for “The Slide” in the 8-7 World Series come-from-behind victory over Cal State-Fullerton … a four-year letterman on the diamond … had a .719 slugging percentage during the ’90 season … scored a then-school record 70 runs in ’90 … held the school record for hits in a season (89), total bases (161) and home runs (16) ... inducted into the Charleston Baseball Hall of Fame in 2007.

Larkin H. Jennings Jr. ’33 (1978) - Starting quarterback and defensive back on the 1930 through 1932 football teams … was twice named all-state and was a two-time All-Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association selection.

Travis Jervey ’95 (2012) - A local product, he waited his turn to play after backing up All-American Everette Sands for three seasons, but when his time came he had six 100-yard rushing games in 1994 and his 224 yards against VMI is the fourth-best effort in school history … his 96-yard run on the opening play in the 1994 Oyster Bowl against VMI in Norfolk, Va., remains the longest running play in school history … in 1994, he gained 1,171 yards, good for fifth in school history, and no one has rushed for more yards since … Jervey averaged 7.7 yards per carry that season – tops in school history – and had 12 touchdowns … ranked third in the SoCon in rushing and sixth in scoring in 1994 and was named second team All-Southern Conference by both the coaches and media … for his career, he rushed for 1,490 yards … played professionally for nine years with the Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons, and is the first Citadel player ever to win a Super Bowl ring (1996) … earned Pro Bowl honors in 1997.

Andrew J. Johnson ’76 (1982) – An all-state and All-Southern Conference selection in football in 1974 and 1976 … upon his graduation, he was the leading rusher in Citadel football history … was named the state’s Player of the Year and Southern Conference Player of the Year in 1974 … All-Southern Conference and all-state his senior year … had a school record 47 rushes in a game against William & Mary in 1974 … had 241 yards in that game, the school’s second best single game record … also had 240 yards against Davidson his junior year … rushed for 2,792 career yards, the school’s fourth-best effort … had 1,373 yards rushing during his senior season …is eighth on the school’s charts in scoring with 132 points on 22 touchdowns.

Cecil Johnson ’11 (1977) - A tackle-guard on the 1907 through 1910 football teams … played both ways … was a standout in 5-0 win over South Carolina in 1910 - the Bulldogs’ first win over the Gamecocks … a member of the Hall of Fame’s inaugural class.

Richard L. “Dick” Jones ’61 (1978) - A two-sport standout on the 1958-61 basketball and baseball teams … captained the basketball team his senior year and averaged 16.1 ppg … a member of the famed “Blitz Kids” … was All-Southern Conference in baseball as a junior and senior with batting averages of .367 and .375.

William Timothy "Tim" Jones ’85 (1996) - A third-team All-American selection in 1985 … an All-Atlantic Region pick in 1985 … voted All-Southern Conference in 1984 and 1985 … had a career batting average of .352, fourth highest in school history … batted .429 in 1985, second best in school history … held the school record for stolen bases in a season with 46 … drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the second round … his best year in the major leagues was 1989 when he batted .293 in 43 games for the Cardinals including .414 following the All-Star break.

Henry A. "Stump" Kennedy ’41 (1998) - A four-year letter-winner on the football line and served as team captain his senior season ... was a finalist for the prestigious Jacobs Blocking Trophy in 1940.

Carl Kilpatrick (2008) - “Iron Man,” a native Charlestonian, has literally “seen it all” as he filmed Citadel football for a half-century (1957-2006) … tenure covered a span of 10 head coaches and he missed only five games during those 50 consecutive years … an Air Force veteran, he served as a photographer at Shaw and Eglin Air Force bases … returned to Charleston and served as a filmer for WUSN-TV (forerunner to WCBD) for two years before spending the next 20 years at WCSC-TV … working along side of “Voice of the Bulldogs” George Norwig at WCSC, it was Norwig who told then-Director of Athletics Eddie Teague about Kilpatrick, and filming Citadel Football for the next 50 years was on Kilpatrick’s fall schedule ... inducted as an honorary member.

Jimmy King ’71 (2006) - A member of the football team who played from 1968-70, King was a defensive back on Red Parker-coached teams ... an all-Southern Conference first-team member who also earned honorable mention All-America honors in 1970, King called the defensive coverage for the backfield ... the native of Raleigh, NC led the 1969 team with six interceptions that tied a then-school record, and continues to be in a five-way tie for the school mark with three picks in a single game (vs. VMI in 1970).

Richard T. “Dick” King ’29 (1977) – Offensive and defensive end on the 1926-28 football teams … earned All-SIAC honors as a senior on a squad which defeated Clemson 12-7 … captained team in 1928 … a member of the Hall of Fame’s inaugural class.

David J. Kreber ’80 (2007) – An offensive guard who lettered four times (1976-79) … opened holes for Hall of Famer Lyvonia “Stump” Mitchell, who became the college’s all-time leading rusher … twice named the team captain (’78 and ’79) … was an Associated Press Honorable Mention All-American in 1979 as well as a first-team All-Southern Conference selection, and a second-team all-league pick in ’78 … a two-time recipient of the college’s Joe Missar Memorial Trophy for the top offensive lineman … was a Dean’s List student who graduated with Gold Stars for academic excellence within the Corps of Cadets.

Louie J. Lempesis ’42 (1981) - Had one of the most outstanding boxing records in Citadel history … was never knocked down or defeated … defeated opponents from South Carolina, Maryland and North Carolina (in the finals) to capture the Southern Conference Welterweight Championship in 1941 … was a member of the ’41 team that won the SoCon title … eventually won two conference championships in the 145-pound class … was ruled ineligible for the national tournament because of boxing in the Gold Glove division … later inducted into the Carolinas Boxing Hall of Fame … was a member of Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.

Marion S. Lewis (1983) – An honorary inductee who was The Citadel’s tennis coach for 17 years before retiring in 1962 … an award is named in his honor that is presented annually to most valuable player on the tennis team … also head of the college’s business administration department for 31 years.

Paul L. Maguire ’60 (1977) - Offensive and defensive end on the 1956-59 football teams … chosen Southern Conference Freshman of the Year in 1956 and Player of the Year in 1959 … named third team Associated Press All-American his senior year … was also the punter who continues to hold the school record with an 83-yard punt against West Virginia in 1959 … a member of the Hall of Fame’s inaugural class … currently a football analyst for a major television network.

John C. Mamajeck ’53 (1985) - Lettered in football and track … twice named all-state in football and was co-captain of both the track and football teams … was the state broad jump champion and led the state in touchdowns scored.

William S. "Bill" Marsh Jr. ’59 (1996) - Twice named to the All-Southern Conference baseball team … led the Southern Conference in hitting in 1959 with a batting average of .405 … won the Coca-Cola Baseball Award that was given to the Outstanding Squad Member … named the team’s Most Valuable Player.

G. Dale Matthews ’50 (1985) – Was a standout in boxing and football … won the Southern Conference championship in boxing three times while competing in the 165-pound class … was 22-1 overall in boxing and beat the national champion in 1952 ... served as team captain his senior year … retired from the U.S. Air Force with the rank of Colonel.

H. L. “Matty” Matthews (1977) – An honorary inductee … was a Citadel coach for almost a quarter of a century and brought the college national recognition in a boxing program he inaugurated and headed from 1923-53 … started in 1926 as baseball coach … a member of the Hall of Fame’s inaugural class.

David S. McAlister ’24 (1980) - Served The Citadel for 48 years in a variety of capacities … was an outstanding track and baseball performer … served as faculty representative to the Southern Conference and was the executive secretary-treasurer of the league … McAlister Field House is named in his honor as is the conference’s sportsmanship award.

William Calvin "Cal" McCombs II ‘67 (1988) - A longtime assistant football coach who earned five letters playing football and track … was an All-Southern Conference and all-state selection in football in 1966 … served as the head football coach at VMI and was the defensive coordinator at the United States Air Force Academy … earned a United States Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service Award for saving the lives of two people in January, 1981.

T. Leslie "Les" McElwee ’53 (1991) - Long-time director of The Citadel Brigadier Club (1971-1991) who entered as an honorary member … club met its goal each year but one under his guidance … considered a pioneer in the athletic fund-raising industry, McElwee developed a nation-wide network of club directors which has enabled The Brigadier Club to collect from around the country … was a two-sport athlete and earned one letter each in football and track.

Frank T. McNeill ’38 (1979) - Earned 11 letters in football, basketball and baseball … one of the founders of the Brigadier Club (Foundation) … twice earned all-state accolades in basketball … was second team all-conference.

Dallas McPherson ’02 (2011) - A third baseman-pitcher from 1999-01, McPherson earned all-league honors in 2000 and ’01 … was selected by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the second round (57th overall) of the 2001 First-Year Player Draft, becoming the college’s second-highest draft pick at the time … a career .322 hitter, McPherson was tied for seventh on the school’s charts with 21 home runs and continues to rank among the top-10 in slugging percentage … a well-rounded athlete, he won 17 games on the mound during his three-year career … after garnering several minor league player of the year honors, McPherson was a September (2004) call-up by the Angels and made his Major League debut on September 10 against the Chicago White Sox … started 11 games down the stretch and was the Angels' starting third baseman in their playoff series against the Boston Red Sox … has also been a member of the Florida Marlins, San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics and Chicago White Sox’s organizations.

Tom McQueeney ’74 (2011) - One of six McQueeney brothers to graduate from The Citadel, this native Charlestonian served as chairman of the Johnson Hagood Stadium Revitalization Committee (2003-08) and worked very closely with governmental agencies to secure the college’s partnership with the South Carolina Army National Guard to complete the project … a recipient of the Southern Conference Distinguish Service Award, McQueeney has served as chairman of the Charleston Metro Sports Council and was directly involved with his hometown hosting the Southern Conference Basketball Championships … selected by the General Assembly to serve on The Citadel’s Board of Visitors, McQueeney is a 2009 recipient of the Order of the Palmetto, the highest civilian award presented by the SC governor … a major donor to many, he was the sports editor of The Brigadier, the college’s student newspaper where he was recognized for his journalistic abilities … an honorary member.

Bob Metsker ’59 (2000) -A celebrated member and captain of The Citadel’s rifle team … is acknowledged as the college’s initial first-team All-American in any sport … the rifle team won most of their Southern Conference matches and non-conference battles, including an outstanding upset victory over West Point, and a first place finish in the National Hearst Trophy Match … he established many new school and conference records … was designated as a Distinguished Military Student, elected to The Arnold Air Society, a member of the Block “C” Club in addition to being a Dean’s List student.

Howard Mikytuck ’60 (2004) - A member of The Citadel’s baseball teams in 1958-60 that won 52 of 72 games and that were coached by Mack Erwin … was a shortstop for one season before moving to third base for his junior and senior years … serving as the team captain in 1960, which was the first Citadel baseball team ever to appear in the NCAA Regionals, he is remembered for slamming two home runs in the 8-6 victory at Clemson en route to his All-Southern Conference citation … a career .340 hitter.

Joe Missar ’65 (2004) - The last Citadel football player to earn first-team All-Southern Conference recognition for offense and defense … was a standout on both sides of the ball, playing guard on offense and linebacker on defense … a three-year letter winner who served as co-captain his senior season … earned first-team all-state and Associated Press Honorable Mention All-America honors … twice named the Southern Conference Lineman of the Week (for his play against Army, despite losing 34-0) … received several league Player of the Week awards … shortly after graduation, he joined the Marines as a 2nd Lieutenant and was killed in action on May 6, 1966, at Quang Nam Province in Vietnam.

Lyvonia "Stump" Mitchell ’81 (1987) - A third team football Associated Press All-American his senior year … holds the bulk of the school’s rushing records … is the all-time leading rusher with 4,062 yards … was the Southern Conference Player of the Year in 1980 … was the all-time leading rusher in the Southern Conference until the 1986 season … rushed for 1,647 yards in a single season … was the 1980 State Amateur Player of the Year … had his jersey No. 35 retired … played in the Senior Bowl in 1980 and the Blue-Gray Classic that same year … was a star running back with the NFL’s St. Louis/Phoenix Cardinals … continues to coach running backs in the NFL.

Mike Montei ’87 (2005) - A two-time member of the All-Southern Conference baseball team and a four-year letterman … his 30 victories, along with Hall of Famer Dick Almes ’60, set the standard for all Citadel pitchers … when he graduated in 1987, Montei was tied as the second all-time winningest pitcher in military college history … also upon his graduation, he held school records for most innings pitched in a season (99.1 in ’87) and career (315), and most career appearances (64) … regarded as a control pitcher with the breaking ball as his bread-and-butter pitch, Montei, as a freshman, was the winning pitcher for Coach Chal Port’s 400th career victory … averaging a miniscule 1.3 walks per 9 innings, Montei defeated Furman in Greenville four consecutive years and was the winning pitcher against North Carolina three straight years.

Colin S. Monteith Jr.’23 (1982) – An honorary inductee who was a member of the 1920 state championship basketball team … served on the school’s athletic committee, was president of The Citadel Alumni Association and member of the Board of Visitors … awarded honorary Doctor of Law degree … retired Brigadier General in the South Carolina National Guard.

Donald Morillo ’95 (2010) – A local product who was named the 1995 Southern Conference Tournament’s most valuable player and helped lead the Bulldogs to a pair of NCAA Regional appearances (’94 at Clemson and ’95 at Knoxville, Tenn.) ... the league’s top reliever with 13 saves in ’95, Morillo also paced the SoCon that season with 32 appearances and a 1.60 ERA ... he was an All-Atlantic Region pitcher as selected by the ABCA and also earned NCBWA All-America honorable mention recognition ... upon graduation, Morillo held the school record for most appearances in a season (35), most career appearances (98) and most saves in a season (13) ... for his career, the right-handed relief pitcher/outfielder/designated hitter posted a 14-9 record and 2.73 ERA with 202 strikeouts in 214.2 innings while batting .327 with 14 home runs ... he signed with the Texas Rangers as a free agent and played for the Charleston RiverDogs, and in 2009, he was inducted into the Charleston Baseball Hall of Fame.

Gene Moore III ‘50 (2009) - A prominent civic leader in Boynton Beach, Fla., including stints as mayor and town attorney, Moore, an honorary inductee, was a member of Citadel basketball and baseball teams in the late 1940s and ’50 … served as the baseball team captain in 1950 and signed a pro contract with the Philadelphia Phillies but opted for law school ... graduated from the University of Florida College of Law in 1953 and served on active duty for two years as a 1st Lt. on the U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General’s Staff … the 2008 recipient of the Southern Conference Distinguish Service Award, the former attorney for baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams provided a seven-figure gift for the revitalization of Johnson Hagood Stadium during Homecoming on November 9, 2002.

Arthur C. “Art” Musselman Jr. ’60 (1981) - Key player in the “Blitz Kids” era ... was three-time, All-Southern Conference and all-state selection ... voted the state’s Outstanding Basketball Player in 1957 ... was the college’s all-time leading scorer (1,506) from 1960-85 and is now third ... converted 587 field goal attempts over the course of his four-year career ... paced the team in scoring in 1958 (15.7) and in 1959 (16.1) ... scored 20 or more points on 28 different occasions over the course of his career ... established a career-high in points (36) during a victory over Furman in the opening round of the 1959 SoCon Tournament ... averaged 15.9 points per game during his illustrious career, the fifth-best effort in school history ... his 332 made free throws ties for the sixth-best mark in school annals.

C. Francis “Frank” Myers Jr. ’14 (1978) - A letterman on the 1913-14 track and baseball teams … coached the 1919-25 basketball teams … posted a 51-26 (.662) won-loss record in seven seasons as the Bulldogs’ head basketball coach … inducted as an honorary member.

Walt Nadzak (2008) - The Citadel’s ninth director of athletics (1985-2000) was inducted as an honorary member … oversaw tremendous growth and success in the Department of Athletics as the football team, in 1992, won the Southern Conference championship, advanced to the NCAA I-AA playoffs and finished the season in a tie for the No. 1 spot in the national polls … baseball advanced to the 1990 College World Series, won five Southern Conference Tournament crowns and four regular-season titles, and he is credited for bringing the SoCon Baseball Tournament to Charleston where it became a successful fixture for 19 years (1990-08) … led the department in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo, and guided the department when it added women’s athletics … laid the groundwork for the creation of the Altman Athletic Center and the future of Johnson Hagood Stadium … oversaw the renovation of McAlister Field House in 1989 and the Earle Tennis Center in 1990, and the opening of Vandiver Hall in 1991 and led The Citadel’s interests in the creation of Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park in 1997 … under his leadership, The Citadel captured the SoCon Graduation Rate Award three times.

Randy Nesbit ’80 (2011) - A three-year starting point guard on Les Robinson-coached basketball teams, Nesbit was a key member of The Citadel’s 1979 team that won 20 games, a first for the college … the captain of the ’80 team, Nesbit was selected to the 1979 and ’80 All-Southern Conference second team and paced the ’78 team with a 54.0 field goal percentage and a 92.5 free throw percentage in 1980, which was the second-best in the NCAA … tied a school mark with 13 assists in a 1979 game against Marshall, and established the school’s season record of 120 dishes that season … holding the school’s record for most career assists (324), Nesbit played only three years having transferred from Gulf Coast Community College … he later served as an assistant to Robinson, and coached the Bulldogs from 1986-92.

Jerry A. Nettles ’61 (1980) - Lettered four years in football at quarterback and safety … led team to school’s then-best record in football history, 8-2, in 1959 … served as co-captain of that team which was coached by Eddie Teague … was named Most Valuable Player in the 1960 Tangerine Bowl in which Bulldogs shutout Tennessee Tech, 27-0 … paced the team in total offense and passing three consecutive years … ranks eighth on the school’s all-time passing list with 1,900 yards (122 completions and 264 attempts).

George W. Norwig (1985) – An honorary inductee who served as "Voice of The Citadel Bulldogs" for 37 years (1948-85)… one of the most recognized names in South Carolina broadcasting circles and witnessed many great moments in Citadel sports history, including the Bulldogs’ 19-7 victory in 1950 over South Carolina in Johnson Hagood Stadium, the 1960 Tangerine Bowl victory and the 1961 Southern Conference Football Championship season … also announced basketball and baseball games from “The Armory” and College Park, respectively.

Frederick William “Gunner” Ohlandt ’51 (1977) - Was a football and boxing star … started both ways at end on the Bulldogs’ 1947-50 teams … was the Bulldogs’ No. 1 light-heavyweight four years … was two-time Southern Conference champion … considered to be among the best-ever athletes to attend The Citadel and was a member of the Hall of Fame’s inaugural class.

Jimmy “Red” Parker (2007) - Credited with transforming the face of Citadel Football … coached the Bulldogs from 1966-72 and compiled a 39-34-0 (.534) overall record and 25-20-0 (.555) mark in the Southern Conference … on two occasions (1968 and ’70), his teams finished second in the league and twice (’69 and ’71) finished third … his squads were known for their hard-hitting and stingy defenses, and a high-powered option offense with his signature “Citadel Veer” … coached 26 All-Southern Conference performers, 25 who attained All-State honors and 11 who are in The Citadel Hall of Fame … left The Citadel after the ’72 season to coach at Clemson … honorary inductee.

Anthony "Tony" J. Passander ’70 (1984) - Set a number of football school records as a quarterback from 1967-69 … held the school mark for most touchdowns responsible in a season (22) … team’s top passer three straight years … ranks among the top-10 on the college’s career passing charts (3,109 yards) and in total offense (3,552 yards) … had four games in which he passed for more than 200 yards … played professional football for the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League.

E. Bush Peebles Jr. ’39 (1984) - All-state quarterback in 1938 … also an all-conference football choice … runner-up in the voting for the prestigious Jacobs Blocking Trophy … served as president of the Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL from 1985-2001.

Paul J. Petrich Jr. ’53 (1987) – Played four years of varsity football … made the All-State team in 1951 and 1952 … earned a spot as a member of the Collier’s Little All-American team.

Vince Petno ’64 (2010) - An end on Eddie Teague-coached teams, the prototypical scholar-athlete earned Third Team Associated Press All-America honors his senior year while also attaining First Team Academic All-America recognition ... the First Team All-Southern Conference selection also attained All-SoCon Academic honors as well as being named to the All-State team ... voted the 1963 team’s most valuable player, he played on the 1961-63 teams where he caught 67 passes for 905 yards and six touchdowns … a rank-holder in the Corps of Cadets.

Joseph “Joe” Pipczynski ’83 (2002) - Played offensive tackle and served as team captain in 1982 … earned All-Southern Conference honors in 1982 and was honorable mention all-conference the previous year … a Dean’s List student, he was recognized as an all-state performer his senior year and was listed as an honorable mention All-American in 1982 … that same season, he was a member of the “Leonard’s Losers All-American Team” and captured the Joe Missar Outstanding Offensive Lineman Award … at one time, his bench press of 550 pounds was a state and school record.

Chalmers M. "Chal" Port (1996) – An honorary inductee who spent 27 years (1965-91) as the head baseball coach … compiled a 641-386-2 (.624) overall record … remains the winningest coach in the school’s history at any sport … led The Citadel to five postseason NCAA Regional Tournaments … his ‘90 team advanced to the College World Series in Omaha … that squad was the first and still only military school ever to reach the World Series … posted a winning record in 24 of his 27 season … led the Bulldogs to seven Southern Conference championships … named Atlantic Region Coach of the Year in 1983 and 1990 … named Southern Conference Coach of the Year five times … voted state of South Carolina Coach of the Year three times … honored by The Sporting News as the National Coach of the Year in 1990 … coached the ‘90 team to a school record 26-consecutive wins … finished the ‘90 season with a No. 6 ranking by Collegiate Baseball … graduated all but three of his players in 27 years … coached 12 future professional players … voted into the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) Hall of Fame in 1995 and inducted into the Charleston Baseball Hall of Fame in 2006.

Douglas E. “Doug” Pounder ’71 (1981) - One of the first recipients of full baseball grant-in-aid … was one of the top pitchers in Citadel baseball history … held career records for games (52), games started (35), complete games (20), and innings pitched (257 2/3) … led 1971 team to Southern Conference title with 10-1 record and 1.28 ERA.

Carl T. Prause (1997) - An honorary inductee … served as head football coach and director of athletics from 1922-29 … compiled an eight-season overall record of 41-32-4 (.558) ... guided the Bulldogs to winning records in six of eight years … went 7-3 in 1926 as the Cadets defeated both Clemson and South Carolina ... the seven victories in 1926 marked the most wins in a season for a Bulldog team until 1959 when The Citadel posted an 8-2 ledger ... a decorated combat soldier in World War I, Prause was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the Purple Heart, the British Military Cross and the French Croix de Guerre.

James H. “Jim” Pugh ’61 (1991) - An 11-time Southern Conference champion in track … was a member of three Southern Conference championship teams (1959-61) … a two-time Southern Conference champion in the 100- and 200-meter dashes … was a member of the school-record mile relay team (3:16.5).

Britt Reames ’96 (2008) - A hard-throwing right-hander who finished his career with an 18-7 record and 2.03 ERA … after his senior season, he was second in school history with 296 career strikeouts, having established the mark for strikeouts in a season (135 in 1994) and game (18, vs. Marshall in 1995 during the SoCon Tournament) … was a member of the 1994 pitching staff that set the mark with 531 strikeouts and he recorded 10 wins in 1995 … a two-time All-Southern Conference performer (first team in 1995; second team in 1994), he earned All-SoCon Tournament honors in 1994 and 1995 … in 1994 he had the best league ERA (2.16) and in 1995 was tops in the league in strikeouts per 9 innings (11.3) … played on two SoCon Tournament championship teams, one team that captured a regular-season title, and pitched in the 1994 East Regional at Clemson and the 1995 Mideast Regional at Knoxville … was drafted in the 17th round by the St. Louis Cardinals and in 2000 pitched for the Cardinals in the Division Series against Atlanta and the National League Championship Series against New York … he played six years in the Major Leagues for the Cardinals, Montreal Expos, Oakland Athletics and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Michael R. Regner, Sr. ’76 (1987) - Earned four letters from 1973-76 in varsity track … also earned three more letters from 1974-76 in wrestling … was the wrestling team captain during that time … was third in the Southern Conference wrestling championship and team MVP … twice named wrestling team MVP (1975 and ’76) … was the league’s most outstanding wrestler and champion in 1976 … had a 72-13-0 overall wrestling record.

Carl Renken ’58 (2000) - Inducted as an honorary member … has been a tremendous supporter of The Citadel’s athletic program and its alumni association having served as president of both The Citadel Brigadier Foundation and The Citadel Alumni Association … started on the line as a freshman on the varsity football team, but back problems caused him to give up playing … his love for the game continued, and he volunteered his skills and served as a student-assistant coach … made the varsity tennis team, and was later recognized by capturing the Marion S. Lewis Tennis Award … was included in “Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities” … was a distinguished military student and served as vice-president of the Block “C” Club his senior year.

John F. Rivers (1984) - Standout track performer from 1959-61 who was a three-time All-Southern Conference and All-State performer … SoCon 400-yard dash champion all three years of competition … undefeated in conference 400-yard competition during his three years on team … helped The Citadel claim consecutive conference track championships from 1959-61 and ’60 state championship … held school 440 record (48.0) in ’61 (also state champion) and was a member of the school-record mile relay team (3:16.5) in ’61.

Herman C. "Kooksie" Robinson ’38 (1981) – An all-state performer in football who was a triple threat … nicknamed "Mighty Mite" … company commander and honor ROTC graduate.

Les Robinson (2012) - Guided Citadel basketball teams from 1974-85 and led the Bulldogs to their first-ever 20-win season in 1979, earning recognition by the NCAA as the second-most improved team in America … also directed teams that won a record 23 consecutive games in McAlister Field House and was voted Southern Conference Coach of the Year … served as director of athletics from 2000-08 and was recognized as the 2007 Southeast Region’s AstroTurf Athletics Director of the Year … facility improvements included the revitalization of Johnson Hagood Stadium and Willson Field, and under his tenure the Altman Athletic Center and Inouye Marksmanship Center opened … spent six years as a member of the prestigious NCAA Men’s Basketball Committee and became the only individual in NCAA history to serve as basketball coach and director of athletics at three Division I institutions (The Citadel, NC State and East Tennessee State … was recognized by The Citadel Alumni Association in 2006 as a Lifetime Honorary Alumnus.

George C. Rogers ’10 (1979) - Earned 12 letters in football, baseball and track … captained each team … coached Citadel football for 20 years, including four seasons as head coach (1913-15, ’19), and had an overall won-loss record of 14-16-3 (.470).

John "Jack" E. Rogers ’22 (1984) - Earned 10 letters in baseball, football and track from 1918-22 … served as captain of the baseball team for two seasons … was all-state his freshman season … was an assistant coach for the Bulldogs for six years.

Orville L. Rogers ’38 (1982) – A multiple-sport athlete who was The Citadel’s first Southern Conference heavyweight champion … also an honorable mention All-America choice as a football tackle … selected to Who’s Who in Colleges and Universities of America in 1938.

Brian J. Ruff ’77 (1983) – An aptly named linebacker who was the Southern Conference Player of the Year and South Carolina Player of the Year in 1975 and 1976 in football … named First Team Associated Press as a senior, the school’s first to make the first team … three-time All-Southern Conference selection … was the first player to have his jersey (No. 51) retired … was drafted in the 11th round by the Baltimore Colts … played in the Hula Bowl and Japan Bowl ... inducted into the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame in 2006.

Andrew "Andy" Sabados ’39 (1983) – An all-state guard on the football team and recipient of the Jacobs Blocking Trophy as a sophomore … selected the best lineman in the state following his junior season … served as captain of both the football and track teams while holding rank in the Corps of Cadets … played pro football with the Chicago Cardinals in 1939 and 1940.

Everette Sands ’93 (2004) - A second-team All-American fullback in 1992 who was twice named first-team All-Southern Conference … is the school’s second most-prolific rusher (3,926 yards) and scorer (204 points) … surpassed the 100-yard rushing mark 16 times during his career and was a major force running between the tackles when The Citadel captured the Southern Conference championship in ’92 … started 47 consecutive games, averaged 5.29 yards per carry for his career that included 34 touchdowns … a four-time letter winner, he teamed with quarterback Jack Douglas to form only the second duo in school history to rush for 1,000 or more yards in a single season … during his career, he was never tackled for a loss while never missing a game or practice.

Bruce Schwanda ’65 (2002) - Compiled a 34-4 overall record as a wrestler, winning the Southern Conference championship in the 147-pound class in 1964 and 1965 … served as team captain … co-winner of the 1965 Outstanding Wrestler Award … in 1965, he won the Carolina AAU Tournament and was again selected as the Outstanding Wrestler … off the mats, he served as Company 1st Sergeant as a junior, Cadet Company Commander his senior year and member of the Block “C” Club … he was named to “Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.”

Harvey Schiller ’60 (2001) – An honorary member and is one of The Citadel’s most famous graduates … was a combat pilot in Vietnam and earned an appointment as a Permanent Professor at the Air Force Academy … served as the commissioner of the Southeastern Conference and was executive director/secretary general of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) … served as vice president of sports programming for Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS), president of Turner Sports, Inc., and president and governor of the NHL expansion franchise Atlanta Thrashers … was responsible for the production of all sports programming on TBS SuperStation, TNT and Turner South … oversaw The Goodwill Games and World Championship Wrestling, Inc. … was chairman and CEO of YankeesNets, an integrated sports-based media company that combined the ownership of the New York Yankees, the New Jersey Nets and the New Jersey Devils.

Robert C. "Bobby" Schwarze ’59 (1990) - Started at quarterback and defensive back his first three years … all-Southern Conference quarterback in 1957 … first player to gain more than 1,000 yards (1,017) total offense in one season in modern day SoCon history … also set the league’s mark for most yards passing (919) … honorable mention Associated Press All-American in 1957 … first recipient of the Brigadier Club Athlete of the Year Award … drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers, but opted for marriage and the Marine Corps.

Jim Scott ’69 (2012) - A hard-throwing left-hander who played for Coach Chal Port … appeared in 40 games from 1967-69, posted a 15-8 overall mark and recorded 14 complete games with five shutouts … allowed just 43 earned runs in 199.1 innings for a career ERA of 1.94 … led the Southern Conference in ERA in 1967 with a 1.76 (12 earned runs in 61.0 innings) while earning all-conference accolades and continues to rank among the school’s top 10 in complete games (14), shutouts (5) and ERA (1.94) … after graduation, he joined the US Air Force where he eventually became a fighter pilot and the Commander of the 507th Tactical Air Control Center at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter who later flew missions in Operation Desert Storm … Col. Scott was named Commander and Professor of Aerospace Studies for the AFROTC unit at The Citadel and Assistant Commandant … is the founder and first president of the Diamond Dogs Club, an association that raises funds for the baseball team.

Ephriam C. “Ephie” Seabrook ’27 (1979) - Was a four-year starter at guard on the 1923-26 football teams and assistant coach on the 1927-35 and 1949-53 football teams … was two-time all-state and two-time All-SIAC choice.

Norman Seabrooks ’73 (1994) - A three-year starter on the football team … earned first-team All-Southern Conference recognition in 1972 … served as team co-captain while playing for coach Red Parker … a Dean’s List history major who obtained the rank of first lieutenant … was the first African-American to play football at The Citadel.

Bill Schupp ’62 (2010) – An honorary inductee, he was The Citadel’s 2010 recipient of the Southern Conference’s Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes those that have provided exemplary leadership and support ... known as the "go-to” guy whenever any coach from any Citadel sport needs help, Schupp is the founder of the highly-successful Citadel Basketball Association …. he served as a director of The Citadel Football Association, and established and personally funded "The William F. and Elaine Moore Schupp Scholarship” through The Citadel Brigadier Foundation at a cost of $100,000 .... he is regarded as the ultimate Citadel fan and is a co-founder of The Citadel Alumni Club at the exclusive Harbour Club.

William H. “Bill” Sickels III ’63 (1999) - Ran both cross country and track, and earned a total of nine varsity letters … served as captain of both during his senior year ... helped The Citadel to the Southern Conference Track and Field team titles in 1960 and 1961, and a pair of state championships ... was a member of the school-record mile relay team (3:16.5) … captured three individual league crowns, earning All-SoCon championship titles.

Jack W. Simmons ’22 (1980) - Earned 13 letters in football, baseball, track and tennis … coached the freshmen and varsity backfield … served on school’s athletic council.

Edwin Polk Skelton ’30 (1985) - A four-year football letterman who played basketball one season … member of the college's swim team and participated on the boxing squad … captured the heavyweight division title in South Carolina in 1930 … voted “Best Athlete” by his classmates.

Tony Skole ‘91 (2011) - One of the most popular athletes on campus, Skole, who was considered the “ultimate teammate,” was a baseball player who also played defensive back on the football field … a third baseman, Skole was a member of The Citadel’ 1990 World Series team and is remembered for recording the game-winning hit in the 12th inning to score Anthony Jenkins in the win over Cal State Fullerton … he also slammed a game-clinching home run in The Citadel’s second victory over Miami in Miami during the ’90 NCAA Regionals … he twice earned second team All-Southern Conference honors (1991, ’92) at third base and when he graduated, he held the school record for most career games (206) and at bats (731) … on the gridiron, he started 35 consecutive games and helped lead the Bulldogs to the 1988 and ’90 I-AA playoffs … a football team captain, he led the league in interceptions his senior season.

Thomas Slawson, Jr. ’80 (2008) - Finished his career as the fourth-leading scorer in Citadel basketball history with 1,408 points ... paced the team in scoring as a junior (17.1 ppg) and senior (15.4 ppg), and was twice named to the All-Southern Conference second team ... led the team in rebounding three consecutive seasons ... was a member of the Les Robinson-coached team that went 20-7 (10-4 SoCon) in 1979, the first Citadel team to post a 20-win season and second-best league finish in school history ... member of the All-SoCon Tournament second team in ‘79 ... finished his career ranked third in field goals made (567), seventh in rebounding (662) and ninth in field goals made in a season (192).

Norman Sloan (2002) – An honorary inductee who guided Citadel basketball to its heyday in the late 1950s with the famous “Blitz Kids”… coached the Bulldogs for four seasons (1957-60) and had a 57-38 (.600) record … after his first season, the U.S. Rubber Company named The Citadel the “Most Improved Team” in the country and presented the Bulldogs with the George Mikan Award … the South Carolina Sportswriters Association named him the 1959 Coach of the Year … the 11-14 mark in 1957 was the school’s best in 18 years and The Citadel improved from being the 750th best team in America to No. 34 … in 1959, The Citadel made its lone appearance in the Southern Conference Championship game, losing to West Virginia, 85-66, and the Mountaineers’ standout performer, Jerry West … under Sloan, the Bulldogs played in the school’s first-ever television appearance, a 60-57 Citadel victory at Clemson … he later coached at NC State and won the national championship in 1974.

John K. Small ’70 (1977) - Linebacker on the 1967-69 football teams … earned All-Southern Conference honors as a sophomore and a senior … was second team Associated Press All-American … captained the ’69 team … also earned all-state honors his sophomore and senior seasons … Named to The Sporting News’ All-America Team … named to United Press International’s All-America Third Team … participated in the 1969 East – West Shrine Bowl Game, the 1970 College All-Star Game and the 1970 Senior Bowl … a first-round draft pick of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and later played for the Detroit Lions … a member of the Hall of Fame’s inaugural class.

Charles B. Smith ’52 (1985) – An outstanding golfer who was the South Carolina Intercollegiate champion in 1952 and served as the Bulldogs’ co-captain … was the South Carolina Intercollegiate Champion in 1952 … named the 1952 Golfer of the Year … led the ’51 team to the state tournament championship … a Masters participant four times … won the Southern Amateur, Eastern Amateur, Carolinas Amateur, and was a member of the Walker Cup team on two occasions … first golfer in the Hall of Fame.

Lester Smith ’92 (2000) - Led an effective defense that helped the Bulldogs earn a No. 1 final ranking in I-AA in 1992 ... three times in 1992, the Smith-led defense recorded shutouts, and the defense allowed 14 points or less in 10 of 13 games that season … was a consensus I-AA first-team All-American … also named South Carolina Defensive Player of the Year in 1992 … earned first-team Associated Press All-American, first team Kodak All-American, first-team Walter Camp All-American, twice first-team Sports Network All-American, and became only the seventh player in Citadel history to play in the Senior Bowl … served as co-captain for the 1991 and 1992 seasons … his jersey No. 15 was retired … played on the professional level, starting for the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League.

Edward W. Steers ’68 (1980) - Led the wrestling team to its first Southern Conference title in 1967 … was never defeated in a dual-match during his college career … the league’s outstanding wrestler in 1967 … three-time Southern Conference champion … had successful coaching career at Army, William & Mary and East Carolina after graduation … also served as The Citadel’s Associate Athletics Director for Compliance and Student Services.

Craig Stephans ’91 (2006) - A four-year letterman and midfielder on Citadel soccer teams from 1987-90 … the native of Edmond, OK started in 66 of the 68 games he played and recorded 37 goals and nine assists for his career … a three-time, first-team All-Southern Conference selection … in 1990, he earned third team All-South honors from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America … a member of the 1990 All-SoCon Tournament Team, he appeared regularly in the league’s scoring statistics and was once named the league’s player of the week … a Dean’s List and Gold Star student who played for coach Bill Barfield, Stephans held rank in the Corps of Cadets, was a member of the Honor Court and served as editor of The Shako, the college’s student literary magazine.

Eric Sundstrom ’67 (2005) - The only four-time All-American in Citadel history, Sundstrom was a member of the college’s rifle team from 1964-67 … he earned first team All-America recognition as a sophomore, and garnered second team laurels the other three times … as a freshman, Sundstrom was a member of The Citadel’s national championship team and winners of the coveted William Randolph Hearst Trophy … as a sophomore, the Bulldogs finished second nationally, and during his senior season, Sundstrom was part of the team that captured both the state and Southern Conference championships.

Billy Swails ’89 (2003) – A local product that lettered four times for Chal Port-coached baseball teams … received All-Southern Conference honors three times as a second baseman … earned a spot as a member of the American Baseball Coaches Association All-America Team in 1989 … as a senior, he batted .420, one of only seven modern-day players to reach the coveted .400 mark and the last to do so ... at the end of his career, was first on the school charts in runs scored (159), walks (127) and assists (445), third in games played (176), at-bats (579), hits (195), total bases (265) and doubles (53), and fifth in stolen bases (58).

Raymond L. Swetenburg ’27 (1993) - Lettered in football and baseball and was an All-Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association selection in 1926 … was voted the best athlete in his senior class of 1927.

Rick L. Swing ’79 (2008) - Led the Les Robinson-coached 1979 team to a 20-7 (10-4 SoCon) record, the only Citadel team to post a 20-win season and second-best league finish in school history … Co-captained that 1979 team that recorded the second-best turnaround from the previous season in the NCAA (8-19 in 1979; 20-7 in 1979), and finished his career as the school’s second leading scorer with 1,421 points (second to Art Mussleman’s 1,504 points) … earning first team All-Southern Conference recognition in 1979 and second team in 1977, he paced the league in field goal percentage (55.5 percent) in ’79 … leading the ’77 team (16.0 ppg) and the 1978 team (13.3 ppg) in scoring, he completed his career with 13.2 points scoring average, 48.3 field goal percentage and 76.9 free throw percentage … a member of the 1979 All-Southern Conference Tournament first team, he was a fourth-round draft pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers, one of only two Bulldogs ever drafted.

Frederick W. "Billy" Symmes ’35 (1983) – A four-sport athlete in football, boxing, track and baseball … was selected all-state in football both his junior and senior years … served as captain of the football team … served as the regimental executive officer his senior year.

Charlie Taaffe (2011) - The Citadel’s winningest football coach in terms of victories (55), Taaffe is credited with resurrecting the football program as he served as coach from 1987-95 … twice named the Southern Conference Coach of the Year (1988, ’92), the Taaffe-led Bulldogs captured the 1992 SoCon Championship, only the second in school history … that ’92 team finished with an 11-2 record and tied for No. 1 (with Northeast Louisiana) in the final I-AA national poll … he was named 1992 I-AA National Coach of the Year by The Sports Network and by the American Football Coaches Association while receiving the Eddie Robinson Award (as the I-AA National Coach of the Year) … his teams defeated I-A programs a total of six times and include memorable victories over Army (twice), Navy (twice), Arkansas and South Carolina … an honorary inductee.

Edward “Eddie” L. Teague (1988) - Longtime athletic director and head football coach … served as head football coach from 1957-65 and had a record of 45-44-2 (.505) … was named Southern Conference Coach of the Year in 1961 and South Carolina Coach of the Year … led the Bulldogs to their first Southern Conference football title in 1961 and also coached The Citadel to a victory over Tennessee Tech in the Tangerine Bowl in 1960 … … inaugurated and coached the school’s first soccer team from 1972-76 compiling a 30-24-4 overall record … under his leadership of 28 years as athletic director, The Citadel won 23 Southern Conference championships and nearly 60 percent of all contests … inducted as an honorary member.

Col. Charles L. "Buddy" Terry ’43 (1999) – An honorary inductee who was a member of The Citadel Board of Visitors beginning in 1971 and instrumental in the progress of The Citadel Athletics Department ... presented The Order of the Palmetto by Gov. Carroll Campbell in 1990 for outstanding service to his alma mater and to the state of South Carolina.

Scott Thompson ‘87 (2009) - A first-team Associated Press All-America defensive lineman in 1986 and a third team member in 1987, Thompson was named the Southern Conference Defensive Player of the Year in ’86 … considered one of the best defensive linemen in Citadel history, Thompson, who played in the ’87 Senior Bowl, was a three-time All-SoCon selection who led the league with an astonishing 183 tackles in ’86, a school record for down linemen … an All-State pick who served as team captain in ’86, he received the ’87 President’s Award from The Citadel Brigadier Foundation ... was named to Sports Illustrated’s “Best and Brightest” team and Southern Living Magazine’s All-South Team, and while participating in the Senior Bowl, he was named the South Team’s top academic player which yielded a $1,500 donation to The Citadel … signed a free agent contract with the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons.

Wayne Timmerman ’64 (2004) - A member of The Citadel’s track and field teams in the early 1960s … was a three-time letter winner and served as team captain his senior year … in April 1963, in a dual meet with the University of Miami, he established the school record in the 100-yard dash (9.6 seconds, several tenths of a second from a world record) … in the same meet, he tied the school mark of 21.3 seconds in the 220-yard dash … also participated in the school’s seldom-defeated relay teams, including the quarter-mile (440 yards), half-mile (880 yards) and mile … was named to the All-Southern Conference team, and was a consistent Dean’s List student and was a Distinguished Military Student.

Regan Truesdale ’85 (2003) - The Citadel’s second all-time leading basketball scorer with 1,661 points ... held the all-time scoring record for 25 years, 315 days (1985-11) ... a two-time recipient of the Malcolm U. Pitt Award, signifying the Southern Conference’s player of the year ... was twice named first team All-Southern Conference ... continues to hold the school record for points in a season (624), field goals in a season (242), field goals attempted in a game (32), season (477), and free throws made in a game (22) ... made 638 field goals over the course of his career ... his 688 career rebounds remains as the second best effort in Citadel history.

Conrad Tuza ’58 (2005) - Nicknamed “Ol’ Reliable” by then coach John Sauer, Tuza was an offensive guard, linebacker and kicker for Citadel football teams from 1954-57 … he started in the fourth game of his freshman year and ran a string of 35 consecutive starts afterwards … as the kicker, he recorded 42 extra points and 12 field goals – including a then-school record 44-yarder against Wofford in 1956 … a four-year letterman, Tuza served as team co-captain in 1957 and was the first president of the school’s Block C Club … twice a member of the All-Southern Conference first team and once as a second-team member, Tuza earned Honorable Mention All-America honors his junior year … he was also named to the all-state squad after his senior campaign.

Cosmo Tocci ’80 (2001) – Competed for four years as a member of the indoor track and field team and three seasons on the outdoor team … in eight semesters, he earned All-Southern Conference honors seven times … was a three-time conference champion capturing one indoor and two outdoor titles … continues to hold the conference indoor shot put record with a throw of 56’5" (1980), ranking as the oldest individual indoor record in the league … established the school’s indoor (56’7.5") and outdoor (56’1.5") school records in the shot put, and his freshman indoor mark of 52’7.5", set in 1977, continues to be a record.

Col. Thomas C. "Nap" Vandiver ’29 (1995) – An honorary inductee, he served on the Board of Visitors from 1953 until 1977 ... became the only person in Citadel history to be designated as "Vice-Chairman Emeritus" ... was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree for his dedication to The Citadel in 1979 ... as a cadet, he was a three-sport athlete, playing baseball, basketball and football … Vandiver Hall is named in his honor.

Benjamin "Ben" F. Varn Jr. ’62 (1990) - Led The Citadel’s tennis team to championships including the state and one Southern Conference title … captured the Southern Conference No. 1 doubles championship his senior season … a Distinguished Military Graduate and recipient of the Marion S. Lewis Award … returned to The Citadel as an Air Force Tactical Officer and tennis coach from 1975-78 … retired as a lieutenant colonel from the USAF after 23 years of service.

Jerry Varn ’53 (2003) - A 6-10 center on the basketball team in the early 1950s … entered the Hall of Fame in the honorary category … although scoring a school record 51 points in a single game (Jan. 31, 1953, vs. Piedmont College), he established an annual sporting clay tournaments at his Broxton Bridge Plantation with the proceeds going to The Citadel Brigadier Foundation … over the years, thousands of dollars from these tournaments have gone directly toward athletic scholarships.

Andrew A. Victor ’44 (1984) - Participated in both football and boxing … played three offensive backfield positions while also starring on the defensive unit … team co-captain and honorable mention Associated Press All-American as a junior in 1942 … All-South Carolina choice both his sophomore and junior seasons … record of 232 yards rushing in a single game stood for 32 years.

W. Burke Watson ’48 (1980) - Lettered in football, track and boxing his final two years … won the Southern Conference’s light heavyweight title his senior season … was 3-0 against Clemson and the same against South Carolina … has served as athletic director, vice-president of the Brigadier Club and on the Athletic Advisory Committee … is also a member of the Sumter Hall of Fame (1984), and Carolinas Boxing Hall of Fame (1989).

John L. Weeks ’17 (1978) – Was a three-sport star, starting four years in football (1913-16) and three in basketball and baseball … was two-time all-state quarterback … served as captain for both the football and basketball teams … is a member of the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame.

Teddy L. Weeks, Sr. ‘27 (1982) – Was a top quarterback and outstanding basketball player … All-South Carolina in both sports for three straight years … was an outstanding high school coach in Charleston following his graduation.

Billy W. Whaley ’62 (1983) - Earned six letters in football and baseball … a quarterback on the 1959-61 teams, he directed The Citadel to its first Southern Conference football championship in 1961 … was tri-captain of that team … led the ’61 team in total offense with 1,030 yards and passing with 1,083 yards …selected all-conference as third baseman in 1962 when he led the league in runs batted in.

Richard "Dick" J. Wherry ’60 (1992) - Lettered in basketball from 1957-60 and captained the 1960 team ... was among the all-time top-15 leading scorers in school history with 1,186 points ... among the top-10 all-time in free throws made with 289 ... career scoring average was 12.5 points per game ... played for Norm Sloan and recorded a 46-24 record over his final three seasons ... a member of “The Blitz Kids” ... also lettered in track.

Richard F. Wieters ’77 (1985) - Four-year letterman in baseball and was an All-South Carolina performer … was twice named South Carolina Player of the Year at two different positions and was a third-team All-American as a designated hitter …earned Academic All-America citations … twice named the Southern Conference’s Player of the Year … led the team in hitting three consecutive years … paced the team in wins two straight seasons … captured the Senior Class’s Sportsmanship Award in 1977 … played minor league ball for the Atlanta Braves and Chicago White Sox organizations ... inducted into the Charleston Baseball Hall of Fame in 2008.

Brian Wiley ’98 (2012) - The 1999 Southern Conference Pitcher of the Year … led the Bulldogs to the 1999 regular-season title and tournament crowns and NCAA Regional appearances in 1998 and 1999 … earned second team All-America honors from CoSIDA and third team All-America honors from Collegiate Baseball … a Gold Star student who graduated in 3½ years, he finished with the school career record for games started (53), innings pitched (316.1) and strikeouts (431), which also established a SoCon record … led the nation in strikeouts per nine innings in 1998 with an average of 14.1, a mark that ranked tied for fifth in SoCon history and tied for first in school history … his 159 strikeouts during the 1998 season ranked second in league history … named All-Southern Conference in 1999 … was listed as the 1999 SoCon Preseason Player of the Year by Baseball America and Collegiate Baseball.

Charles R. Williard, Jr. ’32 (1991) - Lettered all four years in football, basketball and track … captained the basketball team his senior year … earned all-state accolades on the gridiron as a senior … only track athlete to enter state meets and win a place in all events he entered … cadet captain and commanded "D" company … was the varsity track and basketball coach (14-16 record) and assistant football coach at The Citadel from 1934-36.

Paul Wolf ’43 (1988) - A four-year letterman on the gridiron … started three seasons and was named to the Carolina Bowl (a game pitting all-stars from North and South Carolina) … played both offense and defense at guard and tackle.

John Wood ’70 (2009) - The recipient of the first full scholarship for a Citadel wrestler, Wood, who battled at the 123-pound weight class, had a spectacular 78-4 career record that included qualifying for the NCAA Tournament as a sophomore and junior ... named the Southern Conference’s Most Outstanding Wrestler in 1969, he never lost a home match ... twice qualifying for the Olympic tryouts, he twice won the Southern Open, Georgia Tech Open, First Colonies Tournament and twice won AAU Tournaments ... served on the Regimental Staff as a Cadet Captain, was a Dean’s List student, listed in Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities and was a Distinguished Military Student ... had a successful 30-year teaching and coaching career at the NC School for the Blind where he won 25 of 28 Eastern Athletic Association for the Blind Championships ... also officiated numerous amateur wrestling tournaments in NC for more than 25 years and in 2008 was inducted in the North Carolina Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

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