The CGC Dean-Love Family Leadership and Ethics Program

The Dean-Love Family Challenges YOU! 

New Leadership Program for Citadel Graduate College Students

CGC Alumnus, Allison Dean Love ’93 has generously agreed to offer a matching gift of up to $50,000. Your contribution effectively doubles the impact of your giving. If you give $50, it's matched by another $50 and the program receives a total of $100. 

Dean-Love Family Challenge Match: September 1 – December 31, 2015

Challenge Update: As of December 31, 2015, $60,000 was raised for this effort! THANK YOU to all who generously donate. We recognize you in the Donor Honor Wall to the right.

Funds provided through this endowment will support expenses associated with the CGC Dean-Love Family Leadership and Ethics Program. Overall Goal is $100,000 ($50,000 to be matched by the Dean-Love Challenge). The Program provides an opportunity to be certified by the Institute for Global Ethics and topics include recognizing why ethics matters, understanding trust, tasking leadership with trust, defining ethical values, and analyzing and resolving ethical dilemmas. 

Certified students are equipped to:

  • Understand the changing role of ethics in a technologically driven world
  • Use ethics terminology in a clear and consistent manner
  • Broaden understanding of the difference between right and wrong 
  • Analyze right-versus-right dilemmas
  • Define moral courage and identify the role it plays in decision making
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