Class Chairmen Information

Annual giving class chairmen at The Citadel Foundation are the backbone of effective relationships with our growing alumni base.  Serving as frontline fundraisers, you are a key liaison between The Citadel and your classmates.  Thank you for all you do for your alma mater.  Our fundraising success can greatly be attributed to your hard work and efforts.

Important Class Chairmen Information
Name Owner Date  
Spring Citadel Fact Sheet   Lori C. Tuttle 3/19/2013 1:08:51 PM    

Volunteers' Conference Break Out Session Agenda   Ryan P. Kasyan 2/28/2013 2:54:13 PM    

Cadet Call Center Schedule   Ryan P. Kasyan 2/28/2013 2:45:59 PM    
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  2013 Class Chairmen Awards

Each year, The Citadel Foundation’s annual giving class chairmen are honored at Volunteers’ Conference for their class fundraising achievements in the previous year.  Four awards are given to those class chairmen in each decade who fall into the following four categories below.  Congratulations to the 2012 awards winners!


1. Latimer Award - Most Money to The Citadel
2. Harris Award - Largest number of NEW donors
3. Daniel Award - Greates increse in class participation
4. Lott Award - Most money given to The Citadel overall

1940's Tom Mann (The War Years 1945-1948)
  • Harris Award: 1 new donor to Class of 1948
  • Daniel Award: 5.56% increase for the Class of 1945
1950's Latimer Award: Mr. I.B. Early (1951) - $25,454 to The Citadel Fund
Harris Award: Mr. Jack Yielding (1958) - 4 new donors
Daniel Award: Mr. Russ Parker (1955) - 1.79% increase
Lott Award: Col Bill Palmer (1950) - $149,090 to The Citadel
1960's Mr. Dudley Saleeby (1966)
  • Latimer Award: $55,159 given to The Citadel Fund
  • Harris Award: 6 new donors
  • Daniel Award: 1.81% increase

Lott Award: Mr. Chris Hoffman (1968) - $190,375 to The Citadel

1970's Mr. Willis Tisdale (1977)
  • Latimer Award: $41,764 given to The Citadel Fund
  • Harris Award: 22 new donors
  • Daniel Award: 7.07% increase

Lott Award: Mr. Buddy Brand (1978) - $255,137 to The Citadel

1980's Fred Whittle
  • Latimer Award: $38,434 given to The Citadel Fund
  • Lott Award: $463,436 to The Citadel

Daniel Award: Col Kenny Braddock and Mr. Bill Yaeger (1983) 2.94% increase

Harris Award: Mr. Kelly Jackson (1986) - 13 new donors
1990's Mr. Heath Verner (1997)
  • Harris Award: 26 new donors
  • Daniel Award: 6.58% increase

Latimer Award: Mr. Jay Ward (1994) - $15,586 to The Citadel Fund

Lott Award: Mr. Kent Workman (1991) - $66,007 to The Citadel


Mr. Adam Basch and Mr. Scott Savage (2005)

  • Harris Award: 8 new donors
  • Daniel Award: 2.02% increase

Latimer Award: Mr. Russ Touchberry and Mr. Ben Sweatman (2001) - $13, 558 to The Citadel Fund

Lott Award: Mr. Ryan Ellmers (2000) - $70,104 to The Citadel

Your Gifts at Work

The Citadel Fund is an essential component in maintaining the college's academic excellence and fiscal stability. Your unrestricted gift enables The Citadel to: 

  • Enhance the classroom experience and library resources
  • Support cadet research and travel initiatives
  • Provide scholarships and financial aid resources
  • Engage and retain the most talented faculty and staff
  • Expand leadership and character development opportunities
  • Keep pace with cutting-edge technology advances