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In Memoriam

The individuals listed below have given their lives to preserve the freedoms and values that we as a nation hold dear.  The Citadel War Memorial is designed to honor their sacrifice.

Speak softly in the company of heroes.

Class of 1967 Citadel War Casualites

SGT Thomas Duckett O'connor, USMC 1968-01-03
2LT Frederick Young Holjes, USA 1968-03-22
1LT Bruce Richard Welge, USA 1969-01-26
HM2 William Livingston McCormick, USN 1969-03-07
CPT George Louis Miner, USA 1969-08-17
CPT Glenn Richard Cook, USAF 1969-10-21
1LT Fred Joshua Carter, USAF 1969-11-05
1LT Keneth Martin Schlie 1970-10-20
1LT Richard William O'Keefe 1971-02-11
CPT George Thomas Taylor, Jr., USA 1971-05-21