Join the Diamond Dogs

The Citadel Diamond Dogs Baseball Association

 The mission of the Diamond Dogs is to
organize loyal Citadel Baseball fans to work to support
The Citadel Baseball Program.

The purpose of the Diamond Dogs Club is to unite Citadel baseball fans and provide financial support to ensure continued success in the competitive Southern Conference.

The six levels of membership are Leadoff ($150), All Star ($350), RBI ($500), Championship ($1,000), World Series ($5,000), and Hall of Fame ($10,000).

Each level has entitlements that are outlined below. Please review the benefits of membership and complete the online registration form or download and return the completed brochure.

Fans should be proud of The Citadel baseball program because of our long-standing championship tradition. We recruit the top-notch student athletes who will continue our winning legacy and represent our school well after graduation.

Please spread the word about the club because additional membership support and financial participation are critical to our success. If you have any questions please contact Andy Solomon at The Citadel Brigadier Foundation:

Andy Solomon
Development Officer, Athletics
171 Moultrie Street
Charleston, SC 29409
(843) 953-6300

We thank every member of The Citadel Diamond Dogs Club for your help in making us a successful Division 1 baseball program.

The Diamond Dogs Club Officers

Tony Skole, ‘91, Head Coach
Jim Scott, ‘69, President
Tom O’Brien, ‘78, Vice President
Rusty Hughes, ‘95, Vice President, Membership
Ricky Sanders, ‘94,Vice President, Marketing/Events

“I’ve always been impressed at the many successes that The
Citadel’s baseball team has accumulated over the years. They
always seem to have a team that challenges for the conference
title and they always play with real student-athletes...those
who play hard, graduate and become successful in whatever
endeavor they choose.”
- Bobby Cox, Former Atlanta Braves Manager


Join the Diamond Dogs

Looking to be an active supporter of Citadel Baseball? Simply fill out the form below to join the Diamond Dogs at the club level you prefer.  You may also download our print brochure and mail it back to us.

Leadoff ($150)

Benefits: Diamond Dog decal, email from coaches, Citadel baseball hat and t-shirt.

All Star ($350)

Benefits: All of the above, plus a Citadel long sleeve t-shirt.

RBI ($500)

Benefits: All of the above, plus a Citadel full button polo.

Championship ($1,000)

Benefits: All of the above, plus a Citadel short sleeve quarter-zip jacket and access to the Club Suite at Riley Park during a conference series, and upon request, an opportunity to throw a ceremonial first pitch at an agreed-upon game.

World Series ($5,000)

Benefits: All of the above, plus dinner with the coaching staff and Diamond Dog Club officers,  and one complimentary foursome in the annual Alumni Golf Tournament.

Hall of Fame ($10,000)

Benefits: All of the above, plus lifetime privileges in the Diamond Dogs Club.

Note:  Though you may enter your preferred hat, shirt, and jacket sizes on the form below, you will receive only the benefits that correspond with the Diamond Dog Club level you select for the current season.

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