The Citadel Minority Alumni Association


The purpose of the Citadel Minority Alumni Association (CMAA) is to promote the interest of The Citadel by helping it to fulfill its mission of educating and developing principled leaders in all walks of life by encouraging members of our minority alumni community to individually and collectively invest their time, resources and ideas in order to enhance the cadet experience of minority students.


The CMAA recognizes the importance of supporting the Citadel Alumni Association (CAA) and encourages all CMAA members to join the CAA as a requirement for CMAA participation.  Minority alumni are strongly encouraged to become active members of alumni boards and clubs in their respective cities.  Alumni are also encouraged to voluntarily participate as mentors for minority cadets in addition to financially donating to one of the four scholarship funds created in support of these students. The CMAA, with the support of the CAA, will serve as a vehicle to achieve five very important objectives:

  1. To encourage alumni to join and become officers and voting members of the CAA.
  2. To encourage alumni to be volunteer mentors.
  3. To encourage alumni to donate to scholarships in support of our minority cadets.
  4. To encourage alumni to become active members of alumni clubs in their respective city.
  5. To encourage alumni to become active members of the CMAA.

The Citadel Minority Alumni Scholarships and Fund

The Citadel Minority Alumni Scholarship
Goal:  $100,000
The primary purpose of this endowment is to provide academic scholarship funds to support a minority cadet or cadets who have demonstrated financial need.  First preference is for minorities; however, in the absence of a qualified minority, consideration will be given to any eligible cadet.  The scholarship is not available to students majoring in a STEM-related field (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

The Citadel Minority Alumni Excellence Fund
Goal:  $150,000
The purpose of this fund is to establish an endowment which will support the current Office of Multicultural Student Services and International Studies.  The Office provides minority students with academic, social, and personal support while at The Citadel.  Should the Office cease to exist, the funds will be split equally between The Citadel Minority Alumni STEM Scholarship and The Citadel Minority Alumni Scholarship.

The Citadel Minority Alumni STEM Scholarship
Goal:  $100,000
The purpose of this fund is to provide scholarship awards to a minority cadet or cadets majoring in one of the STEM-related fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).  First preference is for minorities; however, in the absence of a qualified minority, consideration will be given to any eligible cadet.

The Ronald K. “Bulldog” Gilliard, ’82, Athletic Memorial Scholarship
Goal:  $100,000
The Ronald K. Gilliard Scholarship was established in 1997 as a way for Michael Allen, ’82, to give back to his alma mater.  Mr. Allen believes that much of his success in life is a result of his Citadel education—from his experiences both in the classroom and as a minority member of the Corps of Cadets.  The scholarship is named in memory of his friend, CPT Ronald Gillard, ’82.

Commonly known as “Bulldog,” Gilliard was well known on The Citadel campus.  Bulldog, whose smile was contagious, grew up two blocks from campus and graduated from Burke High School in Charleston.  Although Bulldog was a cadet athlete and Michael was not, they were friends during their time at The Citadel; however, it was not until they were both temporarily assigned to Fort Benning, Georgia that they got to know each other well.  Mr. Allen fondly remembers his friend as a caring individual with a big heart, and as someone who was loved by everyone who knew him.  

After Bulldog’s sudden death in 1990, Mr. Allen felt compelled to establish an athletic scholarship in memory of his friend and to provide a minority cadet athlete the opportunity to experience the type of education The Citadel offers.  Preference will be given to a minority cadet-student-athlete.

Note:  The college’s office of Financial Aid and Scholarships administers the scholarship program at The Citadel.  Endowed scholarships will be awarded on a year-to-year basis.  Students who are recipients one (1) year are eligible for consideration in subsequent years; however, they must again comply with the selection criteria.

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