The Citadel Wrestling Association

Joining the Family

Looking to be an active part of the family? Great!  Simply join “The Citadel Wrestling Association.”  To get involved, please see the membership levels below and determine which category is best for you. We hope that you will see this opportunity as a chance to re-engage, or for the first time step up, with The Citadel wrestling team. We want to unite Citadel alumni and fans and begin to create the following that will deepen our program and create a strong Citadel wrestling community.

One way to get involved is by joining The Citadel Wrestling Association at your preferred club level.  To join, fill out the form below or download our print brochure and mail it back to us.

Takedown Club ~ $75  

    Membership Card – free admission to home wrestling events
Email, Newsletter, and Updates

Near Fall Club ~ $125

Takedown level plus:
Team Polo

Pin Club ~ $400

    Takedown & Near Fall level plus:
Jacket Club

Champion Club ~ $1000

Takedown, Near Fall & Pin levels plus:
Golf tournament entry

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will keep us up to date with your lives. Please help us maintain a great Citadel Wrestling Association by staying visual and connected. We hope to bring tremendous success from the association and are excited about continuing to build The Citadel wrestling community.
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$ 75.00
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