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The Citadel Young Alumni Council
Mission: Engaging young alumni to play an active role in ensuring the
continued success of their alma mater

The Young Alumni Council is the primary volunteer leadership group for young alumni. Young Alumni Council members serve as a link between The Citadel and young alumni in their regions.  The most important responsibility a Young Alumni Council member has is to encourage annual support of The Citadel with gifts to The Citadel Foundation and engage in activities that keep alumni connected to their local alumni clubs and The Citadel Alumni Association.

The 2012 Young Alumni Council

From the left: Lauren Fleming, ’10; Adam Sellers, ’06; Ryan Quinn, ’07;
Matt Elliott, ’07; Micah Lynn, ’00; Bill Casey, ’03

The Young Alumni Council is charged with improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our overall young alumni involvement.  The goals and priorities are to foster a connection between young alumni and The Citadel and to increase young alumni participation and contributions to The Citadel Foundation each year.  Young Alumni Council members represent The Citadel, The Citadel Foundation, and The Citadel Alumni Association by communicating the need for private (and public) financial support to young alumni, encouraging young alumni to become involved with their local Citadel club, and to engage young alumni to be an active alumnus in their area and with the college.

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For questions about the Young Alumni Council, contact:
Veronica Vereen
Development Officer, Reunion and Annual Giving
The Citadel Foundation
(843) 953-1861

Brent Richardson
Online Communications, Cadet and Young Alumni Programs
The Citadel Alumni Association
(843) 953-7575

2014 Young Alumni Council Members
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“Looking back at my four years at The Citadel, I am forever thankful for the opportunity to have been part of an environment where personal integrity, self-sacrifice, and time management were paramount. I sincerely believe these values that were ingrained into me during my four years helped to positively shape my own personal and professional life. In my opinion, there is no better way to show appreciation and fervor for our institution than to give back our own time and energy.”

– Adam Sellers, ’06, Young Alumni Council member, Charleston