My Citadel Story

My name is David Alger, Citadel Class of 2007.  As I sit down to reflect on all that I have learned over the years, I am amazed how much began within the gates of The Citadel campus.   As you read my Citadel story, I ask that you think about the experiences you had at The Citadel, whether first hand or those that you heard from a loved one, and remember what made those experiences possible.  
The opportunities I was afforded as a cadet were made possible through the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends of The Citadel through the benefit of scholarship support.  As a cadet, I was indoctrinated in the ways of discipline and instilled with a military sense of urgency that has led me to have great success following my time at The Citadel.  During my time as a cadet I served at both the company and battalion level, participated in the NROTC Marine Unit, and worked in The Citadel Foundation’s Cadet Calling Center.  As a cadet caller I was in awe of how many alumni, spouses, parents, friends, and widows had so much devotion to the school that they gave monetary support each year.  

Now, as an alumnus, I have continued to give back to my alma mater by serving as the Class of 2007 class chairman and consistently donating to the school that has given me so much.  Thanks to the skills I developed at The Citadel, such as time management and an enhanced work ethic, I have the honor to serve my country as a First Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, while also completing the course of study to receive my M.B.A.  The ability to manage and lead, which are both characteristics I learned at The Citadel, have been crucial to my success in training Marines, taking them into combat, and successfully returning them home.  

This is my Citadel story.  I invite you to reflect on your personal Citadel story and what The Citadel has done for you.  Please join me in supporting our fine institution with a gift to The Citadel Fund or one of the many scholarships held at The Citadel Foundation.  A gift to The Citadel Foundation will allow future cadets to continue the legacy and ensure that The Citadel maintains its ability to inspire reverence.

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