About The Citadel Foundation


“Build a preeminent Foundation at The Citadel for tomorrow’s principled leaders.”


To secure, manage, and steward philanthropic support for The Citadel.

What is TCF?

The Citadel Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, was established with the primary purpose of providing financial assistance and support exclusively for The Citadel. Founded in 1961 as The Citadel Development Foundation, the organization was initially tasked with raising money exclusively for educational purposes through the academic endowment fund.

The Citadel Foundation, as it is known today, emerged from a campus-wide consolidation of fundraising entities in 2000 and is now responsible for raising funds for all purposes except athletic scholarships, which remain primarily under the purview of The Citadel Brigadier Foundation.

Donations to The Citadel Foundation go to a variety of programs including academic scholarships, faculty support, athletic facilities, individual academic schools, program funds, and vital expenses not covered by tuition or fees.

The Citadel Foundation's endowment provides funds each year for an academic enhancement grant to The Citadel. This grant significantly enhances the college's ability to achieve excellence in the education of principled leaders .

The annual grant from The Citadel Foundation's academic endowment represents only a portion of TCF's support of the college each year.  When combined with unrestricted annual operating contributions and other gifts and grants from alumni, corporations, foundations, and friends of the college, the Foundation generally provides in excess of $10 million each year to support and advance The Citadel's mission.