Mark Clark Society


The Mark Clark Society recognizes lifetime support of $500,000 or more in outright gifts. General Mark W. Clark (1896-1984) became president of The Citadel after a career seldom equaled in the United States Army. During his tenure (1954-1965), The Citadel achieved international recognition and the Corps of Cadets increased to the maximum capacity of the barracks. One of General Clark’s most enduring accomplishments was the founding of the Cadet Honor Code, whereby a cadet does not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.


Leaders in Philanthropy Event Program

Mark Clark Society
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Primary AddresseeClass ofCadet Co
Lt Col William M. Altman, III, ANG, Ret.1976Delta Company
Mr. H. Walter Anderson1961November Company
Mr. David D. Aughtry1975Bravo Company
Mrs. Dewise Bailey
Dr. Barry G. Bartow1963Echo Company
Mr. G. William Beale, Jr.1971Charlie Company
Mr. Dalton K. Brasington, Jr.1962Oscar Company
Dr. Edward W. Bray, III1965Alpha Company
COL Claude W. Burns, III, SCM1980Charlie Company
Mrs. Patsy A. Cole
Mr. J. Kinson Cook, Sr.1961Charlie Company
Mrs. H. Barbara Croft
Mr. Harold G. Cushman, Jr.1951Delta Company
Mr. William R. Daniel1959Kilo Company
Lee C. Detenbeck, M.D.1961Charlie Company
Mr. V. Lee Faircloth, Jr.1967Delta Company
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Fitzgerald
Mr. Denton K. Flahault, AUS1967Band Company
Mr. William W. Gaffney, Jr.1973
MG Joseph G. Garrett, III, USA (Ret.)1969Romeo Company
Mr. Lenson W. Graves, Jr.1970Mike Company
Mrs. Paola C. Groverman
Mr. Benjamin A. Hagood1949Regimental Staff
Mr. Allen W. Hale
Mr. Theodore A. Hargrove, III1971Kilo Company
Mr. E. Cantey Higdon1961Kilo Company
Dr. F. Gregg Horne1947Band Company
The Honorable James M. Ideman1953Echo Company
Mr. Russell L. Jeter1963Delta Company
Dr. Brad L. Johnson1983Echo Company
LCDR Allen J. Kanuch, USN1980Delta Company
Mr. Charles A. Laffitte, Jr.1961Romeo Company
Mr. Charles L. Land, Jr.1976Band Company
Mr. William Lowndes, III1951Regimental Staff
Mr. Thomas J. Mann1948Charlie Company
Mr. H. Stephen McManus1964Bravo Company
Dr. S. Dean McPhail, AUS1959Foxtrot Company
Mr. Harry M. Mims, Jr.1963Charlie Company
Mr. Albert M. Nixon1966Alpha Company
Mr. Frank R. Poole, III1969Romeo Company
LTC Edward A. Ramsaur, USAR, Ret.1970Band Company
Mr. James W. Reed1966Bravo Company
Mrs. Kathleen P. Salerno
Mr. Robert Y. Scott1981Delta Company
Mr. John M. Settle1955Lima Company
Dr. Wade H. Sherard, III1966Bravo Company
Mrs. Rita H. Smith
Mr. Charles H. Sotire1959Romeo Company
COL James E. Townes, Jr., USA
Mr. Harmannus van Bergen1957Delta Company
Results: (1 - 50) of 50