Why Give

Growth & Community Relations

The Citadel Fund - Activities necessary for growth
In an effort to become more self-sufficient and less dependent upon revenue streams which the college cannot always influence, it is critical for The Citadel to continue its recent efforts to increase its capacity to supplement the operation of the college from private sources. Fundraising expenses for annual operations, scholarships and other unrestricted needs as well as donor relationship building events, stewardship and recognition, and governmental activities must come from unrestricted funds.

The Citadel Fund - Good community relations
The Citadel hosts Boys' State each summer with $40,000 of unrestricted funds. Boy's State was developed by the American Legion in 1935 to inspire young men to become active in government and politics. Today, every state except Hawaii conducts Boy's State. The Citadel has hosted Boy's State on its campus 33 times since its inception in South Carolina in 1940. Boy's State is a tremendously powerful recruiting tool for the college and allows hundreds of boys each year to experience the flavor of The Military College of South Carolina.