Cadet Calling Center

What We Do

The Citadel Foundation’s Cadet Calling Center is an important part of fundraising at The Citadel. Our current  Cadet Caller staff is composed of 22 cadets, of which 2-4 serve in leadership roles as Cadet Supervisors. With shifts running five nights a week for the majority of the calendar year, our cadet callers are able to reach out to 18,000 members of our Citadel family while also raising roughly $260,000 on an annual basis. Each caller is tasked with the responsibility of representing their college well on every call as an Ambassador for both The Citadel and The Citadel Foundation. Aside from securing much needed and critical gifts for The Citadel Fund, each call made is a way to connect with our alumni, friends of the college, and parents by sharing news and updates from campus, while also giving both members of the call an opportunity to share stories and memories.

 Beyond simply serving as a part-time job  for our cadets, these positions also become a way for them to give back to their alma mater long before their graduation. Our cadets embrace the motto that before we can ask others to donate to a cause we believe in, we must be willing to do the same ourselves. We are excited to report that for the second year in a row we have 100% participation from our cadet staff. We hope you’ll enjoy your time on the phone with one of our callers and newest members of the donor family soon!

Will you join our cadet staff in making a gift to The Citadel Fund today?