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Spring 2016

 Dear Members of the Class of 1960,

Hello, my name is Cadet Spencer Lukas. I am a Political Science major and the 2016 Regimental Executive Officer.

Whether you have been a graduate for less than a year or for decades, I wish to express my deepest thanks not only for your financial contributions, but for the example you have set to current cadets as mentors and leaders in all walks of life.

I have been fortunate through your generous donations to experience the best of our nation’s education and leadership opportunities. In my academic department, I have studied under engaging professors, met major policymakers, and experienced internships in the halls of Congress. Furthermore, study abroad grants allowed for new perspectives on the world through programs in London and Mexico City. Back here in the campus’s crucible of leadership, I experienced the priceless lessons of peer leadership as a First Sergeant and demanding responsibility as a cadet officer. Yet most of all, the lifelong friends who have shared in the memories, the tough times, and the long days are undoubtedly the greatest reward of all. 

We have achieved a number of successes this past year in the name of our alma mater. As a Corps we have performed over 14,000 community service hours so far this year, making a difference in the lives of those in need throughout Charleston. Our finest cadets are studying abroad across the map, exemplifying the best of our nation and absorbing the knowledge of the world. The college’s ROTC programs put forth America’s best service men and women. Every cadet here is pushed to his or her limits as a student, an athlete in physical training, and a citizen of virtue under the discipline system and the Honor Code. 

As my time here draws to a close, I hope to share what I’ve learned. Our institution is a unique organization in that its successes are not measured in great military victories or in the construction of vast monuments. Rather, our invaluable export is the Long Gray Line, a parade of principled leaders armed with knowledge, guided by honor, driven by a hunger for achievement, and branded with the famous Band of Gold. I’m humbled soon to count myself among such numbers, and I am proud of every step that each of us has taken on this four-year journey. As you can think back upon your own cadet days, you too will realize there’s nothing quite like a Citadel graduate.

With respect, I ask of you to give generously today to contribute back to The Citadel, to invest in our future through the men and women who will next march through Lesesne Gate. The experience we share is possible only because of the foundation that your gifts have laid. Thank you for your time, and for your service to community and country. We eagerly look forward to your return to The Citadel. 


Spencer Lukas
Regimental Executive Officer
Class of 2016

Class of 1960 Donations
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Class of 1960 Chair

Jimmy Dishner

November Company




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