Why Give

Faculty Support

Faculty Chair
Endowed Faculty Chairs provide resources to recruit and retain outstanding professors who are dedicated to student educational achievement. Chair holders will seek to advance research and scholarship in their academic discipline and enhance The Citadel's educational environment. Chairs will conduct research, publish findings, and participate in scholarly activities. While each named Faculty Chair is unique and requirements will vary, the minimum endowment for a chair is $1,500,000. A truly outstanding scholar, teacher, executive, or leader in his or her field as judged by rigorous nationally accepted standards, will fill the endowed chair designation.

Available chairs include the following:

• Chair in Organizational Leadership in the School of Business
• Chair in Engineering Leadership
• Chair in Education Leadership
• Chair in Leadership & Diversity in Humanities & Social Sciences
• Chair in Professional Ethics in Science & Mathematics

Faculty Professorship
Endowed Professorships provide supplemental resources for recruiting and retaining the best faculty available and will be used to enhance teaching, research, publication, and other scholarly activities. Each named Faculty Professorship requires an endowment of $500,000. An exceptionally gifted and promising scholar will occupy the named professorship, as determined by the dean of the associated school.

Faculty Fellowship
Endowed faculty fellowship funds enable the college to offer annual fellowships to support the teaching and research efforts of exceptional faculty members. Such funds will provide resources to: allow deans to offer competitive compensation to professors who are showing promise within their field; promote the long-term professional development of the faculty at The Citadel; and provide the flexibility to augment compensation through supplementary salary grants in order to reward and retain outstanding faculty members and thereby remain competitive with other leading institutions. Faculty fellowships will be awarded to eligible professors as determined by the dean of the associated school.

Faculty Leader-in-Residence
The Faculty Leader-in-Residence Fund allows the college to bring renowned scholars, executives, or leaders in a designated field to campus to enhance academic programs and enrich the quality of campus life. Each named Faculty Leader-in-Residence requires an endowment of $500,000. Gifts to the fund may be made at any time and in any amount. An individual with a successful background in the relevant discipline will be named Leader-in-Residence. Candidates will be selected by the dean of the associated school, with the period of residency determined by the level of income generated from the endowed fund.

Faculty Excellence Fund
The Faculty Excellence Fund is an endowed fund at The Citadel Foundation designed to support the continuous education, research, academic enhancement and retention of faculty members. The Citadel must enable professors to enhance their effectiveness in teaching, learn new and innovative teaching/learning approaches, and promote academic scholarship through research and publication. Gifts to the fund may be made at any time and in any amount.