The Class of 1976 40th Reunion Campaign - Join Us!

The Citadel Foundation is working hand-in-hand with each class to create a reunion model that competes with our peer schools and academics. Through this new tradition, known as Class Reunion Campaigns (CRC), those classes celebrating significant reunions will have an opportunity to rally together in support of The Citadel and its greatest needs. Please join the class in leaving a legacy at The Citadel. 

In November 2016, the Class of 1976 will return to The Citadel to celebrate a 40th Reunion. To mark this momentous occasion the class has set a goal of $1,076,000 for The Citadel which includes support for a project on campus. 

Class of 1976 Class Reunion Campaign

Overall Goal: $1,076,000 

Class of 1976 Project
Class of 1976 Wrestling Locker Room Renovation 
Goal: $ 250,000

**Deadline for gifts to count in Homecoming presentation is October 21, 2016**

Fellow classmates,

The Citadel has arranged for us to use "BlueJeans" web services (similar to Skype) in order to contact our classmates that could not attend our 40th reunion.The web conference will take place at 1000 on Saturday the 5th of November in Bond Hall room 165. Please help us get the word out to all classmates attending the reunion and, those not able to attend so that they can link-in to this service. Please follow the below instructions and, as we're the 1st class to test "BlueJeans" web service, lets make this a success for our class and The Citadel.

1.Go to

2.On the "Select your audio and video options", choose the Computer option.

3.The next screen will allow you to preview your Web cam and microphone, to make sure it is working.

4.Click the "Join Meeting" button.

5.Note #1 - Make sure your Web cam is plugged in before launching BlueJeans session.

Note #1 - Make sure your Web cam is plugged in before launching BlueJeans session.

Note #2 - The browsers may prompt you to download an app in order to launch BlueJeans.  Follow any prompts provided. If you would like to test your computer connection to BlueJeans BEFORE Saturday, you can connect to Jean the Parrot's test session.  He will mimic anything you say so that you can check your microphone audio.

All the best - Chip and Mike


To thank you for your generous commitment to The Citadel in honor of your reunion, 

You and your family are cordially invited to attend

 The Citadel Class Reunion Campaign
Recognition Ceremony
Classes of 1966, 1976, and 2006 

Friday, November 4
2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.
Daniel Library

Please contact Ashley Shinta, Special Events Coordinator, with any questions
(843) 953-0525 or

September 2016

Dear Classmates:

On behalf of our Class of 1976 Reunion Campaign Committee, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support of The Citadel. It is only with the support and dedication of alumni and friends like us that thecollege continues to excel as a distinguished institution.

We have been working hard on our 40th Reunion Campaign for some time now, and it is time for a final push and update to make sure we achieve our goals. The good news is that thanks to a few generous individual contributions, we have exceeded our overall goal of over $ 1,076,000. However, our classproject, The Class of 1976 Wrestling Locker Room Renovation, needs our collective attention, as weare approximately $138,000 below our $250,000 goal.

At our last committee meeting, we determined that if classmates who have already contributed to the project increase their contributions to a total of $4,000, we would meet the goal. At that meeting, six classmates on the committee joined me to meet the $4,000 challenge. A great start to be sure, but we stillneed your help!

A $4,000 pledge would entitle the donor to naming rights on a locker in the newly renovated locker room. Remember, the pledge does not have to be a lump sum payment; it may be paid over four years in various ways, including $1,000 per year or $100 per month. There are only 30 lockers available, so act quickly!

A word on the project: I know that the locker room renovation may not be as glamorous as some class gifts in the past. Well, that was the past. Because of The Citadel’s increasingly challenging financial situation, private philanthropy is more important than ever to fill the gaps left by the reduction of state funding, which is currently less than 8% of the college’s annual budget. For this reason, we were asked to choose aproject that would directly affect the cadet experience. The condition of the locker room, in our opinion,does not meet NCAA standards and certainly not the standards of a world-class organization like The Citadel.

I implore you to remember how we all matriculated together and how we all made it through together, largely because of the teamwork that was instilled in us. Let’s pull together as a team one more time and do our part to ensure that the cadet experience at The Citadel remains world class.

In the coming weeks, a member of our Reunion Campaign Committee will be contacting you to ask for your consideration of an outright gift or pledge to meet the project goal of our Class Reunion Campaign.

If you have contributed to the project, please consider increasing your gift to $4,000. If you have not yet contributed, please consider doing so. Of course, a contribution to support any interest on campus is morethan welcome and will count toward our overall class giving. Participation is extremely important and 66% of our class has yet to join in!

The committee will be assisted by Chris Murray with The Citadel Foundation. Please contact him with anyquestions you may have regarding our Class Reunion Campaign at 843-953-5893 or via e-mail at Many thanks for your consideration and financial support of The Citadel.


William M. Altman
1976 Reunion Campaign Committee Chair

 Class of 1976 Class Reunion Campaign Company Representatives

B Company
James Harnett
(843) 662-9106

B Company
Gilbert Pohl
(757) 877-4663

B Company
Drury Nimmich
(843) 509-0535 

Band Company
Vollie Bailey
(864) 579-3241

C Company
Richard Jacobs
(215) 361-1721

C Company
Kurt Weaver
(703) 897-9720

D Company
James Burnett
(864) 373-9989

D Company
James Koon
(704) 864-7557

D Company
William Altman
(803) 548-0858

E Company
Michael Hussey
(843) 449-5554

G Company
Kevin Ryan
(410) 750-7560

I Company
Miles Martschink
(843) 881-1877

K Company
Herbert Sass
(843) 884-0653

L Company
Michael Regner
(703) 472-2471

R Company
William Midgette
(757) 244-1771

T Company
Charles Williams
(912) 234-2340


April 2016

Dear Classmates:

I hope you all are well and, have plans to attend our 40th class reunion this fall; the dates will be Friday, November 4th – Sunday, November, 6th .  As a member of our reunion team, I believe our initial plans will provide all of us, and our families, a great opportunity to catchup and share a few “true stories” about how tough the Corps was back in our day!  If any of you have any recommendations for the reunion team, please forward them to Chip Nimmich at via phone at (843) 509-0535 or Herb Sass at via phone (843) 693-8305 and we’ll get right back to you with a response.  Your interaction with the reunion team will be greatly appreciated.

The Citadel has certainly made some very fine changes in the past few years.  I’m sure you’ll be impressed with these upgrades to our academic buildings as well as our athletic facilities.  A few of the infrastructure upgrades are in response to classes celebrating their reunions. The Class of 1964 reunion project was to purchase a new scoreboard for McAlister Field House, which has been used for ceremonies and speaking engagements. The Class of 2004 reunion project was to designate monies to deferred maintenance, they raised over $95,000 to address immediate deferred maintenance needs on campus. These upgrades were made possible through contributions in honor of their reunion. I want to congratulate our class for reaching one of our two Reunion Campaign goals.   This first goal was an overall goal of $1,076,000, in cash, pledges and legacy gifts. Our project goal of $250,000, which so many of us can certainly appreciate, is for improvements to an athletic facility – The Class of 1976 Wrestling Locker Room Renovation.   

Many of you participated in athletics while at The Citadel; we all came to believe in the value of “whole man” concept.  Mind, body and spirit strength / wellness, certainly helped many of us get through Knob year as well as the remaining three years.  It is for this reason and, with the advice and recommendation of The Citadel’s athletic and leadership departments, that we have endorsed making improvements to the wrestling locker room.   Yes, I spent many a painful day in the wrestling room but, perhaps, as our family and friends reassured us – what does not kill you will certainly make you stronger!!   Our project goal, of which we have raised over $90,000 thus far, will certainly be met if we all can send in even a small contribution.  

Thank you all for your continued support to The Citadel and all the great leaders and patriots that our beloved college has produced over the years.  The Citadel is in fine shape and with your continued and much appreciated support; we’ll keep it that way.

All the very best and Go Dogs!

Major General Mike Regner ‘76
United States Marine Corps (Retired)
Class Reunion Campaign Volunteer 
(703) 472-2471

Class of 1976 Class Reunion Campaign Volunteers
Bill Altman, Class Reunion Campaign Chairman
(704) 661-2608 

 Vic Bailey
Rusty Burnett
Jim Harnett
Michael Hussey
Rick Jacobs 
Jim Koon
Miles Martschink
Keith Midgette
D. Chip Nimmich  
Gil Pohl
Mike Regner
Kevin Ryan 
Herb Sass 
Kurt Weaver 
Charles Williams 



Class of 1976 Donations
$ 10,000.00
$ 5,000.00
$ 2,500.00
$ 1,000.00
$ 500.00
$ 250.00
$ 100.00
Class of 1976 Volunteers
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NicknameLast NameCadet Co
MikeRegnerLima Company
KurtWeaverCharlie Company
Results: (1 - 2) of 2

Class of 1976 Reunion Campaign Project

The Class of 1976 CRC Committee has chosen the Class of 1976 Wrestling Locker Room Renovation Project for the Class of 1976 Class Reunion Campaign. 

Class of 1976 Wrestling Locker Room Renovation

The Citadel’s Wrestling Team currently uses the last locker room that requires renovation and updating. Gifts will provide funding for a state-of- the art facility, along with a perpetual maintenance fund named for the Class of 1976. 

To learn more about The Citadel’s Wrestling team, click

 Class of 1976 Contribution Form 



The Citadel is thankful for the generous commitment of the Class of 1976.

If you have questions, please reach out to your class Development Officer:

Murray, Christopher

Chris Murray
Development Officer, 
Class Reunion Campaigns
(843) 953-5893