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The Class of 1982 Scholarship


The Birth of a Scholarship

By LTC Robert R. Clarke, Ret., ‘82


It is not often that a young Army officer is invited to his senior non-commissioned officers home for dinner. Back in the spring of 1985, I found myself enjoying a home cooked meal and fielding lot of question from my NCOs twelve-year-old son about The Citadel. How was I to know that, six years later, this young man would be crossing Lesesne Gate to begin his knob year! His father proudly explained to me that after that 1985 visit to his home, his son had made up his mind that The Citadel was the school for him.


Unfortunately, the story does not have a happy ending. After successfully completing his knob year, his family was faced with overwhelming financial problems that forced their son to leave our alma mater and enlist in the Marine Corp. He went on to complete his enlistment with honor and today, that young man is a successful consultant living in Atlanta.


The idea for The Class of 1982 Scholarship was born on the day I heard the news that lack of financial resources had kept my young friend from returning to The Citadel. What a tragedy! I contacted The Citadel and asked about setting up a scholarship that would help cadets facing financial hardship to stay in school. LTC Legare walked me through the process and the Class of 1982 Scholarship was brought to life.


I then recruited fellow alumni Dr. Roy Little ‘82 and Bob Marcrum ’82 to help raise the funds needed to fund the scholarship. We wrote letters, bought stamps, hand addressed and stuffed envelopes and watched the fund grow. Today, it sits at $48,000 and I do believe that someday, it will reach a cool million. We have steady contributors and can take pride in knowing that our class scholarship has helped cadets stay in school.


I believe every Citadel class should have a scholarship fund. Look at it as your class’s legacy. Scholarships are for perpetuity—a “signature” gift bearing your class name that will never die.


Thanks to each and every one of my classmates and friends of the Class of 1982 for bringing the scholarship to life. This scholarship guarantees that The Class of 1982 will never be forgotten.


For more information about this scholarship, please contact LTC Robert R. Clarke, Ret., ‘82, at

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