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The Gold Star Journal is celebrating its 21st anniversary this year!  It continues to feature six to eight cross-disciplinary nonfiction papers and ten photographs by Citadel students, members of the Corps of Cadets and the Citadel Graduate College.  The publication reflects the high level of scholarship in which our students are engaged in the classroom, the library, and the laboratory.  Issues are always available for Corps Day each academic year.  All previous issues of The Gold Star Journal are available on-line at:

Please consider making a charitable donation to support The Gold Star Journal.  All donations along with funds from the Office of the Provost cover printing costs and small monetary awards to students for the Best Overall Submission, the Best Undergraduate Submission, the Best Graduate Submission, and the Best Photograph.

All those who contribute $30 or more will receive a complimentary copy of the forthcoming Gold Star Journal upon its publication in the spring, coinciding with Corps Day.

Thank you for your support! 

Reflections from The 2016-2017 Editors of The Gold Star Journal

Lauren A. Seedor, Editor-in-Chief, Class of 2017, Political Science



“The Gold Star Journal has been an incredible experience in opening my eyes to all that The Citadel has to offer. Being able to work with peers to edit their papers, and work with a tight-knit staff to create a product that showcases the best works of Citadel students has proven that there is a diversity of interests and research on campus. As a future Army Officer, this experience has helped expand my interests outside of my major to become more aware of issues and ideas in multiple disciplines.”


John S. Clark, Class of 2018, Business Administration



“Working as an editor on The GSJ has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I love reading all of the fascinating papers that come to us every fall. You never know what interesting paper topics might be submitted by Citadel students in all academic departments across campus. Serving as an editor has exposed me to several new disciplines that I likely would not have come across in my studies as a Business-Accounting major.”


Grant N. Miller, Class of 2018, English and Spanish



“The Gold Star Journal has helped me immeasurably in preparing for my future career.  As an Army contract and aspiring JAG Corps officer, my publication in the Journal in spring 2016 will not only help me towards my goal of receiving an education delay for the Army, but will also serve as an advantage when I can show law schools that I have been published and possess superior writing skills.”

Hunter E. Crawley, Class of 2019, Biochemistry


“Seeing the exceptional work of my fellow cadets featured in The 2016 Gold Star Journal most definitely inspired me last year.  Being a member of the Citadel Honors Program and prospective medical student has placed research very close to my heart. I am more than excited to see what The Gold Star Journal will be able to offer me in the coming years, as well as what I will be able to offer in return.”


Matthew G. Lanetti, Class of 2019, Chemistry


“The Gold Star Journal features interesting and compelling research from all disciplines at The Citadel. As a truly curious student, I want to be aware of papers written by Citadel students in all departments and not solely the work produced within my own area of study. The Gold Star Journal provides the opportunity for me to not only learn of the work of other students, but to contribute and to help foster such study.”

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