Class Chairmen Conference Call Wrap Up

The Q3 class chairman conference call was held on Wednesday, September 5th.  Below are follow up notes from the call, please let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you to everyone who could be on the call!

Fall Class Letters

  • The deadline for fall class letters was Friday, September 14th. Any class chairman who did not submit a letter will have a letter to their class on their behalf from Lori Tuttle, Director of Annual Giving. An updated fall fact sheet was provided to all class chairman to assist in writing your letters. Letters will arrive in mailboxes by the last week of October.

Spring class letter number update

  • All class chairmen received an email from one of the members of the annual giving team with those classmates who made a gift in response to your spring class letter. This is not reflective of all classmates who have made a gift this year, just those who made a gift with the contribution card enclosed with your spring class letter.

Volunteers' Conference

  • TCF’s annual Volunteers’ Conference will be held February 22nd – 23rd. Mark your calendars!

Chairman reports

  • You have all received the new monthly class chairman reports. These reports do not show the number of solicitable alumni in your class or class participation, but we are working with a third party to reflect that information on your reports. The information on the new reports provides the same information as the old reports.

Donor honor roll

  • Ryan is working to get each classes annual giving donor honor roll up on TCF’s website. These will be reflected on your individual class pages and display the same names you see on your monthly progress reports. These are donors who have made a cash gift to the college year to date. A great way to encourage classmates to give so their name can be on the honor roll! 

Leaders in Philanthropy

  • TCF hosted its 4th annual Leaders in Philanthropy weekend September 7-8. Donors who have given $100,000 or more in their lifetime were recognized in our lifetime giving societies, donors who have left a planned gift to The Citadel were recognized in our True Blue Legacy Society, and those consecutive donors who have made an annual cash gift for 25 years or more were recognized in our new society, the Order of the Tartan.