Why Give

Grant Money & Legal Expenses

The Citadel Fund - Federal matching grant money
The Citadel occasionally receives grants from the Federal Government which by law require matching funds from uncommitted, unrestricted funds. By definition, these funds must be secured from outside of the college's existing operating budget; therefore, unrestricted contributions to The Citadel Fund serve a vital purpose as matching funds to enable the college to capitalize on new opportunities and external sources of support.

The Citadel Fund - Covers legal expenses
Every college in America, like any other business, is faced with lawsuits from time-to-time. The Citadel has successfully thwarted large financial judgments from lawsuits by settling out of court. This is not necessarily because the college was at fault, but because in court an institution of the size and stature of The Citadel is perceived by some as an appealing target. The funds used to settle out of court must come from our unrestricted funds.