Parent Philanthropy Council

Spotlight:  MIke Marcus, The Citadel Foundation Parent Advisory Council Member 

Name:  Mike Marcus
Hometown:  Greenville, SC
Occupation:  Technical Principal
                        Environmental Engineering & Sciences Consulting Firm
Cadets' Names: Townes Marcus, Palmetto Battery, Class of 2013 (pictured below) & 
                              JT Marcus, Charlie Company, Class of 2009


  1. Why do you serve on the Parent Advisory Council?

    To contribute to this college that has provided, and is providing, so many good things to my sons’ development and passage from youth into manhood.

    M. Townes Marcus, Class of 2013
  2. As a parent of a cadet, why do you feel it is important to give back to your son’s/daughter’s college?

    Because the skills, knowledge and principles that they are learning at The Citadel, taken together, comprise the best investment package that we, as parents, can give them for their future. As important as this is to give to our own children, it is equally so to give back now… to ‘pay it forward’ … so that The Citadel remains strong for future classes and generations.

  3. What does The Citadel mean to you and your family?

    The Citadel is more than a physical setting, more than an array of majors and courses, more than an accumulation of academic teaching and leaning. To us, The Citadel teaches a way of approaching and learning to live one’s life in a holistic fashion. Servant leadership is often used  as a catch phrase by many of our societal institutions. The integrated principle of servant leadership that is inculcated by The Citadel means the most to us.

  4. What advice can you give to parents of cadets, especially knob parents?

    Trust the college and its institutions, traditions and demands. And trust your sons and daughters to succeed. Don’t look at the journey of a knob through the eyes of a parent…. we would never make it. Look at it through the eyes of our youth, where everything is possible.

  5. What other activities are you involved in—boards, community service, church, etc?

    Communicant and former vestryman at St. James (Episcopal); former president of homeowners' association; former assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 9/Blue Ridge Council.

  6. Any other advice/feedback you would like to share?

    Don’t wait to be asked to help out, get involved in the way that works for you. Our sons and daughters have committed themselves to a different type of college experience. And that commitment is 100%, because anything less doesn’t survive on the banks of the Ashley River. We, as parents, should do no less in the ways that are open to us.