Parent Philanthropy Council

Spotlight:  David Wonn, The Citadel Foundation Parent Advisory Council Member 

Name:  David M. Wonn, CFA
Hometown:  Acton, MA
Occupation:  Investment and Product Strategist, TIAA-CREF                     
Cadet Name: Brendan Wonn , Oscar Company, Class of 2010 (pictured below) 



1.  Why do you serve on the Parent Advisory Council?

The Citadel has done so much for our son and family it is important to help assure the future success of this fine school.
Brendan Wonn, Class of 2010

2.  As a parent of a cadet, why do you feel it is important to give back to your son’s/daughter’s college?

The success and reputation of your college or university reflects on you throughout your life.  While The Citadel has a distinguished and nationally-recognized reputation, it is important to future students and past students that we continue to build the reputation of The Citadel into the future.

3.  What does The Citadel mean to you and your family?

Every time that I walk onto the campus of The Citadel, I am impressed with everyone around me, from the cadets and the faculty and staff to the military officers and enlisted personnel who work or attend classes at the college.  The commitment, pride, self-discipline, and motivation of these people speak volumes about the quality of this institution.

4.  What advice can you give to parents of cadets, especially knob parents?

This is a time in your child's life where they will put to good use all that you've taught them, enabling them to mature and grow into responsible adults.  They will make mistakes and they will correct them.  They will have problems and they will solve them.  It is important for you to support your child, but it is equally important that you let them find their own way and trust in their judgement of those responsible for their care.  This is their chance to grow into responsible adults in their own time and on their own terms.  Don't take this chance away from them.

5.  What other activities are you involved in—boards, community service, church, etc?

I am involved in variuos activities with our local church and have spent many years helping with the fundraising efforts for a local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity.