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AT&T Foundation presents 2009 matching gift contribution totaling nearly $8,000

Thursday, 03 June 2010

On June 3, representatives of the AT&T Foundation visited The Citadel campus bearing a check for $7,975, representing the company's matching gifts for AT&T employees who contributed to The Citadel in 2009. On behalf of the AT&T Foundation and the company's generous employees, Jack Mitchell, Regional Director of AT&T South Carolina, presented the contribution to Dennis Bergvall, CEO of The Citadel Foundation; Colonel Tom Philopkosky, Executive Assistant to the President; and Brigadier General Sam Hines, Provost and Dean of the college.

Since 1980, the AT&T Foundation has contributed close to $40,000 to The Citadel to match the gifts of at least 35 alumni and other employees who have personally supported the college.  Matching gifts are one of the best ways to double or, in some cases, triple the value of your  personal gift.  If your company (or your spouse's) has a matching gift program, simply obtain the proper forms from your human resources department, enclose it with your contribution, and we will take care of the rest! 

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Dennis Bergvall, left, accepts AT&T's generous contribution from Jack Mitchell,
along with Colonel Tom Philopkosky and Brigadier General Sam Hines.

Dennis Bergvall shares his deep appreciation with Jack Mitchell for AT&T's generous matching contributions.